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This is the End, My Friend

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Final Chapter *SOB*

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This is the final chapter guys, and I'm sad to see another one of my stories ending. This one was probably the most fun one I've ever written, and I'm hoping it was fun for you all to read also!

PanicFOBAcademy26: Sorry I made you cry, but it had to be done! I needed the truth out there. And come on, admit it, I did leave huge clues in all past chapters about where I was taking it!

One note before we start. This chapter was incredibly hard for me to write, as some events that occur in this chapter have happened to me repeatedly. I hope that I can set it aside and deliver you a fantastic final chapter of 'Because I'll Never Stop Watching Over You'.

The final chapter awaits:

Ember, Alexia and I arrived at Angels and Kings about two hours after deserting the Cobra house. I was wearing my favourite red singlet, pink tartan mini-skirt and fishnets and my knee-high converses; Alexia was wearing the same as me except it was varying shades of blue, and Ember was stealing the limelight in the sexiest red dress you have ever seen. As I clasped tightly onto Ember's hand, Alexia broke apart from our group and ran to Brendon as soon as he was visible, and planted a kiss firmly on his lips.

"Did someone put her up to doing that?" I whispered to Ember as we followed in Alexia's wake.

"No... we have no tricks planned for tonight. Well, except for the relighting candles we're placing on his cake, but that's it."

"I can't wait to see his face then," I replied, giggling as we stopped in front of Brendon, Alexia, Spencer, Alex and Pete.

"Hey Emmi, how are you feeling? I mean after the funeral and all?" Pete sincerely asked.

"Yeah, not bad thanks. I had great friends and family surrounding me, and they helped me through it. And I think Brendon's party tonight is just what I need to recover from a traumatic... well, life I suppose," I replied, looking into everone's eyes as I noted on the friends and family. I truly wouldn't have gotten through anything without them.

"Oh, by the way, Ryan's looking for you Emmi. It seemed important," Spencer announced. I could feel all colour draining from my face, and Ember beside me squeezing my hand.

"Go on honey, go talk to him. We'll be right here if you need us."

"Wh-where is he?"

"In the room upstairs, the one normally reserved for guests who are crashing the night." I gulped at this news, knowing truly that Ryan didn't need to tell me something important, he just wanted to verbally abuse me; and that the presence of a bed will more than likely play another part in his plan to kill my insides and cut, bruise and shatter my skin. I left the group with a false smile, which Ember, Alex, Alexia and Brendon picked up on. They took it as cue to slowly follow me to the stairs, and be on standby, just incase something unimaginable happened.

As I rose the stairs, one by one, slowly but surely, I got a gut feeling that I should turn around and run into Gabe's arms. But I persisted, for the sake of my sanity, for the sake of mine and Ryan's falsetto relationship, and even possibly for the sake of my life.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I meekly opened the door and let it swing inwards, giving me an open view of Ryan, sitting hunched over on the bed, a bottle of beer in one hand, the other rubbing his forehead as if he were in deep concentration.

"Y-you wanted to see me?" I stuttered, making him look up at me. Only then did I notice how bloodshot his eyes were - clearly that beer in his hand wasn't his first for the night.

"Get your ass over here Emmi." He was slurring his words and swaying a little as he stood, beckoning me over with a wave of his hand. I complied, shakily walking to him and sitting on the bed.

"I didn't tell you to sit down slut!" He yelled, and slapped me hard across the face.

"Well how am I supposed to know what you want me to these days? You're either too drunk to care or not drunk enough to notice I'm missing." Wrong decision. I should not have spoken.

"Did you just say that? What have I told you before?" He questioned, slapping the other cheek, making tears spill from my eyes.

"Never defy your judgement. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Ryan." I was openly sobbing, and that made him slap me again.

"And what have I told you about crying?" I was getting worked up over the way he was treating me.

"You know what Ryan? I don't need to take this from you. I shouldn't be treated like a piece of shit you found on the bottom of your shoe. I have feelings too you know, and I don't think you should be allowed to exploit them." And that's when he grabbed my wrists and threw me onto the bed, pinning me down with the weight of his body. I tried screaming, but he conveniently covered my mouth with his, kissing me into silence. He tore my singlet off my torso and removed my bra with hot hands; with one hand holding my wrists still, he massaged my chest with his other hands, painfully pulling them. Tears were leaking from my eyes, and I wanted to scream.

Hang on, my mouth was free. I screamed out at the top of my lungs; a high pitched piercing scream which made Ryan slap me once more. I was openly bawling, thick rivers of tears running down my face, pooling in the hollow of my collar bone. Ryan moved on to remove me of my skirt, and pulled down my tights and pants, unbuckling his own.

Just then, someone burst through the door and pulled Ryan off me. I looked up to see Ember, Brendon, Michael, Gabe and Alexia rushing through the door, and Pete had Ryan's arms locked with his own. I covered myself up with a hoodie Gabe threw me, and Alexia rushed over and helped me re-dress myself. After I got my skirt and bra back on, I broke down crying in my sister's arms. She slowly comforted me as everyone helped to sort Ryan out. Soon I was cimpletely redressed and found solace in Gabe's strong arms.

"Come on, lets go back down there and have a bit of fun before Brendon's cake comes along, and then we can watch him get drunk," Gabe whispered to me as everyone filed out and left us alone in the apartment.

"No. I'll stay for the cake bit, but then I want to go home. With you." Gabe nodded, and I held him tight before we went downstairs and joined in the fun.

Within half an hour, Brendon's cake came out and we all sang him happy birthday. The first two slices of cake were handed to me and Gabe - I imagine Brendon knew that I'd want to get away quickly - and we ate the delicious chocolately goodness, before saying our goodbyes and leaving.
As we reached Gabe's room, I stripped down and donned one of his baseball jersey's, before sliding under the sheets and falling asleep in Gabe's arms.

I awoke at 6am the next morning to a silent house. This way my plan could work perfectly. I picked up my bag which had all I needed - a purse, iPod, cell phone, and other odds and ends before leaving the house and did what I do best. I ran for it. It was the only thing I knew how to do well. So I ran; not knowing where I was going, but most likely reconciling with Gabe at a later point in my life.
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