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Lecacy of Jafar:Book 1 The Beginning

by johnnysteps 3 reviews

This story is mainly about jafar but has some of the other charaters.Sorry about putting Wil as a main charater.

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In the land of Tellius, darkness was about to rise. In Daein, Nergel, Daien's dark king, was preparing for war. He was also preparing a boat for a trip to Dragon's Gate, one of his bases of operation. Before he left, Jafar, his fateful servant and Black Fang Leader, entered Nergel's room. Jafar is 5 10" and looks like he is 25 years old. He has red hair, dark skin, and a gray shirt, pants, and a short cape, but wears black boots. Nergel, also 5 10" wears a huge black drape that covers his entire body and a turban covers his left eye and head where is hair should be."It is done my Dark Lord," Jafar said in an almost whisper."Good. You may leave," Nergel answered in a voice that sounded like the hiss of a snake. Jafar then left the room and began to run to the Mercenary Fort in Renais. Renais was to the north of Daien and was going to be attacked by Daien. That couldn't be stopped. But Jafar was betraying Nergel and trying to defend Renis anyway he could. As strong has he was, he would not fight alone. His "army" was at Mercenary Fort, which was located near the town of Senfew, the fist town before Renis castle. Just then, Jafar reached the Mercenary Fort. Well, he reached "The Hatch"."The Hacth" is the only way to enter the Mercenary Fort without magic. Jafar open the hatch and jumped into the blackness inside it. He fell for about a minute, landed on a springboard, bounced up, flipped in the air, and landed on his feet."God I love doing that," Jafar though to himself."Welcome back, sir" one the Mercenary Fort's guards said, in a gruff voice. Jafar replied" It's great to be back." As he started to walk toward the Mercenary Fort, Jafar saw Scar, his best friend and second-in-command. He was wearing a black robe, much like Nergel's, but not as sinister. Scar is 5 8" with pale skin and a blade that could also be used as a staff. He is considered an arch sage by many people who know him. On his left eye there is a huge scar running down his eye. With a huge scar on his eye like that, you would think that eye was unusable, but he can use it perfectly well."Hello Jafar. Have you learned anything about Nergel's plan of attack?"Scar said."Right to work, that Scar" Jafar thought. Jafar responded "Yes, I have learned that Nergel attacks tonight. You must fight them off as mush as you can, while I find Mikaya, Drake, Nils, and Ninan. Geril and Ike will assist you in defending the town." "But aren't they," Scar started, but Jafar cut him off and said" I will fill you in later. After we feast!" After they ate, everyone started to get ready for a huge battle. After a while, people started to use the Warp Point to leave the Mercenary Fort and enter the town. Scar and two Faceless Mages came over to Jafar. (They have faces, it's just that not many people know who there are and are they are like shadows.) They were working on a Warp Point that could take you anywhere. Scar said, before he warped using magic "It should be done by next month."Jafar then readied some food and water because he knew that the 4 children were being hunted by the Black Fang and that they wouldn't stop till they were done with the job. When he was ready, he warped, using magic, to the surface and began his run to the town of Senfew. Meanwhile, Ephdel, Nergel's right hand black mage, also cloaked like his master, walked over to Nergel, as the army of Daien was preparing for battle." We are ready to attack the town, my Lord" Ephdel said. Nergel answered" They shall be the first to fall to our might. We strike tonight!"
Coming soon: Legacy of Jafar, Book 2, The Battle of Senfew
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