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Jack Bauer vs. The Undertaker

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(24/WWE crossover) When two worlds come to getter. PleaseR&R.

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Chapter I

It is a windy Thursday night in Anaheim CA.

“Welcome to the Honda Center in Anaheim for this Thursday nights Smack Down, folks. I’m Jim Ross, sitting to my right is King, we will be your host for tonight show.”

“JR. who do we have for the first match of the night?”

“I think we have Boogeyman V.S Matt Hardy for the first match of evening.”

“When is that match up, between Boogeyman and Matt, JR?”

“It’s coming up next, King.”

After Jr. was done talking. The Boogeyman theme song hits the air in the Honda Center. ‘The Boogeyman is coming to get you.’ He turns around and looks up the ramp, to see Matt Hardy running down to the ring for the match.

Boogeyman and Matt have a face off, in the middle of the ring. The bell sounds to signal the start of the mach. Matt got the upper hand first. He punched Boogeyman in the face. Boogeyman blocks the punch from Matt. He backed up Matt into the ropes. The referee saw this and started to count to five. Before the referee can count to five, Boogeyman broke the hold.

From out of nowhere Booker, gets into the ring. The referee saw Booker in the ring and turns to him to say “you need to leave right now!” Bookers disagrees with the referee and gave him a hard right hand for his troubles. He turns to Matt and punched him in the stomach. Matt doubled over with a grunt and grabs his middle. Another referee came from the back and got Booker out of the ring, after the damage was done. He turned to Matt to see if he was ok to contiue with the match. After a few minutes checking out Matt, the referee decided to restart the match.

After five minutes into the restarted match up between the two, Matt rolled up Boogeyman. Pinned him to the mat, but Boogeyman kicked out at two in a-half.

Boogeyman got up and goes for Matt. He gets to him and picks him up off the mat and throws him over the top rope. He goes after him and slams him into the ring side steps and picks up Matt.

Boogeyman is so angry with Matt, he put him in a sleeper hold. But Matt still had some more fight left in him; broke out of the sleeper hold by pushing hard on Boogeyman’s hands.
As soon as he broke out of the hold Boogeyman had on him, he did a running close line and pinned Boogeyman to the mat for the three counts.

Ring side anouncer:” the winner of this match is Matt Hardy.”

We hear some fans booing the winner of the match. Some of the fans are cheering for the winner of the match, because he is one of their favorite superstars.

“Well it look’s like the match is over, King.”

“Yes it is, JR. what a match up between these two!” “JR, do you know who we have up for the next mach up?” King asked JR.

“Well if you have to know who is coming up next. It’s Undertaker and a newbie.”

“Do you know the name of this newbie, JR?”

“King, His name is Jack Bauer.”
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