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Chapter II

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Chapter II

Inside CTU’S locker room, Jack is getting ready for his match with Undertaker. Tony and Jack are talking about Jack’s up coming match with Undertaker.

“Jack, are you sure you want to get into the ring with Undertaker?”

Jack turned to Tony and said. “ I want to do this. He was one of my favorite wrestler’s when I was a kid growing up.”

As Jack is about to leave the locker room, Tony pats him on the shoulder and said. “Ok Jack, have fun out there but come back in one piece.”

He walked out the door, down the hall, and up the ramp into the ring.

Two hallways away from CTU’S locker room, Undertaker is talking on his cell to his brother and his brother said something he did not want to hear. Undertaker puts down his cell phone and put his head in his hands. He gets up and opens the door and walked out to see his manager T standing there.

His manager asked. “What is the matter Undertaker?”

With a read face, Undertaker turned to his manager and yelled. "NOTHING IS THE MATTER!” He leaves his manager dumbfounded and walked down the hall. To the entrances to ringside, Undertaker goes down the ramp and enters the ring. To signal he means business, Jack is ready inside the ring and shaking from head to his toes out of fear. But ready to face his giants chance of his life. While thinking “dam-it what have I got myself into this time?”

Inside the ring, Jack and Undertaker are going at it. Jack gets a hold of Undertaker’s legs. He tries to pin him to the mat to win the match, but Undertaker, being the veteran of them, he kicked out of the pin.

“JR. that one was a close one for Undertaker.”

“I know King, Jack almost won the match.”

Inside the ring, Undertaker has Jack backed into the ropes. The referee saw that Undertaker has Jack in the ropes. Starts to count to five, Undertaker heard the referee counting and let go of Jack. Jack took the advantage and tried to pin Undertaker to the mat. Undertaker blocked the pin by Jack.

“That was a good block by Undertaker, JR.”

“I know King.”

In the ring, Undertaker pined Jack to the mat. Jack gets his shoulder up. Undertaker tried to pin Jack again, but Jack kicked out again. Jack got up from the mat and tries to put a sleeper hold on Undertaker. He has put the sleeper hold on Undertaker and it is locked on tight.

“Hey JR. this is a very close match.”

Back in the ring, Undertaker is trying to break the sleeper hold Jack had on him. But he failed, so he kicked Jack in manhood. Jack broke the hold he had on Undertaker and goes to one knee. Undertaker took the advantage and picked Jack up by the throat and choke-slams him to the mat. Jack gets up from the mat and tries to put a headlock on Undertaker.

With a shaking voice, JR. said. “I’m sorry to interrupt this great match. But I have some bad news.”

Inside the ring, we can see Undertaker breaking out of the headlock Jack had on him. He turned to JR and King to hear what the bad news they are talking about. With a long sigh King asked. “What’s the bad news, JR?”

JR looked at the ring to Undertaker looking at him and he has to look away and said.” It has to Undertaker’s little brother, Kane.”

The Honda Center got so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. In the midst of the quiet Honda Center, Undertaker’s head popped up and a cold shiver went down his back when he heard his brother’s name.

“What about Kane?” King asked

“He was found dead in his hotel room.”

In shock King asked,” Are you joking JR. or are you serious?”

With tears in his eyes JR. turned to King and said. “I’m serious King.”

In shock about hearing about his brother being dead, Undertaker gets out of the ring. He started to run up the ramp that leads to the locker rooms. Jack looked on, as the referee starts to count to ten. Undertaker does not hear the referee counting, all he is thinking about is the fight he had over the phone with his brother, just before this match. The referee gets to ten and counts out Undertaker.

The ringside announcer “The winner of this match by count out is Jack Bauer.”
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