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How could I live without my Tea-Boy?

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Torchwood - another old fic I found at the back of my harddrive

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Captain Jack Harkness was pacing his office, head in both his hands, muttering under his breath, when the coffee boy, and Jack's partner of five months, Ianto Jones, walked in.

"Is everything okay sir?" He asked, concern written all over his face. He moved closer to Jack, and put his arms around Jack's waist. Jack removed his hands from his head, and instead started to wring them.

"First of all Ianto, stop calling me sir. We are dating now, and you should know that means you can call me Jack. And second of all, it's her birthday, and she 'feels the need' to see us. In other words, she's coming, and that's why I'm a bit, how do you put it, antsy." Ianto looked up at Jack in alarm, knowing completely what the older man was wittering on about. He opened his mouth to start speaking, but Jack put a finger to Ianto's lips.

"Let's not worry about that now. Instead," a sly grin came across Jack's face. "We'll focus on how sexy you look in that pinstripe suit." Jack removed his finger from Ianto's lips, and Ianto opened his mouth again. Not too talk this time, no way, but to kiss Jack. He moved in on his Captain, and Jack's arms snaked up around Ianto's neck, one hand in his hair, the other gripping the back of his suit. Ianto deepened the kiss, forcing his tongue into Jack's mouth. Jack normally fought Ianto for use of tongue - normally Jack was the one to win - but this time, he let Ianto keep possession, because he was being kissed so passionately that he couldn't see clear. All of a sudden, Jack's desk phone was ringing, and he groaned against Ianto's mouth. Ianto pulled away, and looked at Jack.

"Are you going to answer that?"

"I suppose I ought to. Might be the PM for all I know." Jack broke out of Ianto's embrace and walked over to his desk.

"I suppose I'll go make some coffee then." Ianto headed towards the door. Just before Jack picked up the phone, he winked at Ianto and said, "Don't be too long."
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