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A Twist in all their Relationships

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Gwen looked over to Owen as Ianto exited Jack's office. Ianto started walking down the stairs, an obvious flush on his face.

"What do you reckon they were doing in there?" She asked Owen, glad that he decided to work at his own desk instead of sharing hers for once.

"Probably what I'm just about to propose to you." He replied, with a sly smirk on his face and an odd twinkle in the corner of his eye. He got up off his desk chair and stood behind Gwen's chair, hands resting on her shoulders.

"If that's an offer to do something that you know I can't do at the moment, I'm not going to join you. You can easily satisfy yourself sexually without me, thank you very much. But I do agree with you. I think Ianto and Jack have been getting a little cosy lately." Gwen heard Owen making gagging noises behind her. "Look, I think it's sweet that they've both found someone. Who cares if they're gay." Gwen got out of her chair, and turned round to face Owen.

"It's not that they're gay that is a problem with me Sweetheart. It's the fact that they're parading their relationship about this bloody institute without a care for the rest of it's members." You could tell that he was beginning to get slightly pissed off.

"Owen Harper, you know you can be such a ass sometimes?" Gwen shouted at Owen, moving in closer to him, grabbing his shirt and pressing him against the nearest wall. "What is your problem with them? Is it because they have something you know that we sure as hell cannot have? Or is it the fact that you feel inferior to Jack now that Ianto's got his shot?" Owen's smirk just got bigger. He moved his hands so that they were around Gwen's waist, and he leant his head in, resting his forehead on hers.

"No Gwen. It isn't for any of those reasons. And how do you know we can't have what they have?" And with the end of that question, Owen closed the gap between his and Gwen's mouth. Someone cleared their throat from behind Gwen, and she broke apart from Owen. She turned around to see Ianto looking at them.

"I was just off to make some of Jack's industrial strength coffee. Would either of you like a cup?" Gwen started to walk back to her desk, and she picked up an un-marked box from it.

"No Ianto." Owen said gloomily.

"No thank you Ianto. I'm not feeling too good. I don't think I could -" Gwen's hand flew up to her mouth, and she ran off in the direction of the bathrooms.

"What's wrong with her? Doesn't she like my coffee anymore?" Ianto asked, walking towards the Kitchenette they had in the Hub.

"No mate, it's not your coffee. It's something I did to her, something I have to pay the consequences to." And with that, Owen ran off after Gwen. Ianto entered the Kitchenette, and brewed up a batch of coffee. He poured out a single mug, and headed back to Jack's office. He entered his boss's office, and set the mug of coffee down on the desk, watching intently as Jack spoke on the phone with whoever it was. Ianto decided that he'd leave Jack in peace to finish his conversation, so he left and headed up to the 'tourist' entrance to the Hub.

He had just gotten behind the front desk when Ianto heard the door to Cardiff Bay open. A young girl, looking about the age of 21, with her dark hair pulled high on top of her head, and her glasses on the end of her nose, waltzed in through the door, carrying a backpack in one hand, and a guitar case in the other. All Ianto could do was stare at her, with his mouth wide open.

"Aww, Ianto. That's no way to treat your daughter on her 16th birthday."
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