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After a short quietness over the town of Chicago, a new gang starts terrorizing the town. This is where Officer Wentz comes in...

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AN: I got this idea after reading "The Guardian" by that guy who wrote "A night to remember" and "The Notebook" The was an Officer called Pete and that just reminded me of The City Is At War music video by Cobra Starship...everything just kinda went off from there.

The first thing Officer Wentz noticed when he strolled into the station early this morning was a huge vanilla file nearly overfilling with papers. Without even glancing inside he knew what case it was on. It was what kept him up until atleast 3am going over facts, alibies, and victims. He figures that this new gang who wears all white clothing had something to do with the deaths of these poor people but the Cheif won't accept any of his conclusions unless he had evidence and a motive. They wouldn't even look at Wentz's notes on the crime scenes. He'll prove them wrong. He's right in saying the Cobra 5 did it and Cheif Trohman will have to let him stay on the force.

AN: That's what I have opening so far. There's more but even though I wrote two parts as a whole capter they feel as though it would sound better apart. So review, tell me if it sucks (I'll probably still post because it seems as though even if 45 people read, 3 people will only review. Come on, people! That's disencouraging.)
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