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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Wentz sat down in his private office and began to sort through the folder on his desk once again. He flipped to the victim page and started there. A thin boy at the age of 21 stared back at him. Smiling as if he weren't dead and his boyfriend, age 20, would be able to hold him in the next 5 minutes. He looked as if he hadn't eaten in a year, that probably was why the Cobra 5 could smother him so easily. If they had been going after his boyfriend, he looks like he would've put up a good fight or at least his ass would've because that seems to be the only area on his body weight would gather. This victim's name was Ryan Ross.

Victim #2 was not much older than Mr. Ross. He was 28 and was what you might consider to be emo, had anyone ever decided on one definition but until that day comes let's just say he was your average rock star persona. This man had a lot going for himself, he was the owner of many businesses; and entrapenuer, if you will. He was last seen at his clothing business arguing with Gabe Saporta, the leader of Cobra 5. This 28 year-old guy was Pete Wentz. 'Must be a common name' thought Officer Wentz.

Before he could imerse himself further into the case, a knock at the door sounded. Without waiting for acknowledgement, another officer came in.

"There's a man waiting for you outside."

"Thank you Hurley. Send him in please." Officer Hurley left and just as quickly as he came, the man did too. Wentz recognizes him from the suspect list, he was also mentioned in victim #1's file. Brendon Urie stood before him.

He looked extremely nervous, to say the least. But then again who wouldn't be when your boyfriend is dead and you could possibly go to prison because the police thinks you've killed him? Brendon took slow, deep breaths and then proceeded to speak in a low, unsure of himself voice.

"They think I killed him, don't they?" Officer Wentz took a good, examining look at the boy. He was heartbroken, his voice a little raspy from crying and he was scared. Wentz couldn't bear to tell him the truth.

"No they don't. The person or people that killed Ryan is still out there. We're not gonna rest until we find them."

"You're lying." He said in a quiet but firm voice. "You're lying! You don't care about Ryan. About whether or not I go to prison. All you care about is your next paycheck and donut!"

"Wentz wanted to glare at that donut comment. Not all cops eat them, infact he hates the food. Now coffee, on the other hand... "Be strong, Brendon. Ryan wouldn't want to see you breakdown like this."

"You don't know what Ryan wants!" His burst of anger calmed down after he said Ryan. He was back to being still, only this time he had his head in his hands. "I was gonna marry him, you know?" His hand went to one of his pockets and pulled out a small black box. He opened it and took out this beautiful diamond ring. He stared at it in awe as the light of the sun caught it, throwing sparkles all across the room. "We were going to get married, adopt a kid or two and leave this town. He was unhappy and I wanted to make him happy but I...I didn't have the money and I worked for these people. I-I know they were bad from the start but he was so unhappy!"

Brendon couldn't say anything more after that beause he lost his composure and was sobbing uncontrollably. All it took was one nod to Hurley and Brendon was escorted out of the office.

It was going to be a long day, he could feel it.
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