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# New Members

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My own Warrior stories. It has all new characters that i ether found or made myself. It's pretty much about a cat's clan getting destroyed and now she cant remember anything exept that she has a ol...

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Thunder Clan
Leader-Flamestar -Orange and ginger tom, blazing blue eyes-
(Sunrays mate)
Deputy-Rageflower -Fast she-cat with a brown pelt, light green eyes-Blizzardpaws mentor
Medicane cat-Silkflower -Silver she-cat with Amber eyes-Snowpaws mentor
Redberch -Ginger tom with green eyes-
(Breezeflowers mate)
Bluetail -grey tom, with ice-blue eyes-Oakpaws mentor
Hollyfoot -Calico she-cat with golden eyes-
Smokering -grey tom with gree eyes-Lavapaws mentor
Streamsong -Silver and blue pelted she-cat, her eyes are grey-Silverpaws mentor
Saphirewing -Blue-ish grey tom with blue eyes-Soundpaws mentor
Frostberry -White she-cat with green eyes-
Blackheart -completly black tom with dark amber eyes-
(Amberclaws mate)
Lavapaw -Firey orange tom with golden eyes-
(He cam from behond the mountines)
Snowpaw -White she-cat with icey blue eyes-
(She cam from behond the mountines)
Soundpaw -Calico tom with amber eyes-
Oakpaw -Muscular brown tom with blue eyes-
Blizzardpaw -White tom withlight blue eyes-
Silverpaw -Silver she-cat with odd violet eyes-
(She cam from behond the mountines)
Amberclaw -Ginger she-cat with Amer eyes-
Sunray -Golden she-cat with blue eyes-
Breezeflower -White she-cat with a grey tail and green eyes-
Qivertail -Small calico tom with a qivering tail-
Goldenear -Oldest nersury queen yet. Her pelt is black but she has a gold ear-

Wind Clan
Leader- Stormstar -Grey tom with green eyes-
Deputy-Silverclaw -Silver she-cat with amber eyes-
Medicane cat-Lakewing -Greyish-blue tom that is blind-
Nightfire -lack she-cat with bright amber eyes-Greypaws mentor
Violetpelt -White she-cat with golden eyes-
Minnowfoot -grey tom with green eyes-Honeypaws mentor
(Summertails mate)
Eagleclaw -white tom with pale green eyes-
(Goldleafs mate)
Rainpelt -Grey tom with blue eyes-Winterpaws mentor
Thunderfoot -Golden she-cat with Amber eyes-Hazelpaws mentor
Sorrowtail -Black she-cat with green eyes-
Fogfur -Grey tom with amber eyes-
Honeypaw -Small golden tom with blue eyes-
Hazelpaw -Calico she-cat with hazel eyes-
Greypaw -grey tom with green eyes-
Winterpaw -White she-cat with ice-blue eyes-
Summertail -Golden she-cat with amber eyes-
Goldleaf -white she-at with gold ears and tail-
Redtail -Orange tom with long red tail-
Moonflower -White she-cat with blue eyes-

River Clan
Leader-Cloudstar -strong white tom with golden eyes-
Deputy-Morningcloud -Orange she-cat with blue eyes-
Medicane cat-Whiteclaw -White tom with blue eyes-
Ravenwing -Black tom with green eyes-Echopaws mentor
Duststripe -Brown she-cat with a black stripe going threw her fur-
Brownfur -Small brown she-cat with green eyes-Splashpaws mentor
Thornbranch -Calico tom with blue eyes-
(Halkmasks mate)
Sandheart -sandy coloured she-cat with amber eyes-Pouncepaws mentor
Icemask -White tom with blue eyes-
(Rainshadows mate)
Echopaw -Ginger she-cat with light brown spots-
Pouncepaw -Calico tom with amber eyes-
Splashpaw -Grey she-cat with blue eyes-
Halkmask -Black she-cat with blue eyes-
Rainshadow -Grey and black she-cat with green eyes-
Burstclaw -Grey tom with green eyes-
Tigerstripe -Golden tom with black stripes down his back and sides-

Shadow Clan
Leader-Lakestar -Grey she-cat with silver paws-
Deputy-Shadeclaw -Dark grey tom with green eyes-
Medicane cat-Owleye -White she-cat with amber eyes-Tawnypaws mentor
Creamfur -whte she-cat with ginger spots-
Owlwhisker -brown tom with blue eyes-Firepaws mentor
(Fireflowers mate)
Runningstream -Dark brown she-cat with golden eyes-
Blueleaf -grey tom with dark blue stripes-Applepaws mentor
Robinfeather -Red and brown furred tom with lue eyes-
(Rainclouds mate)
Feathertail -Silver she-cat with amber eyes-Leafpaws mentor
Applepaw -orange she-cat with ginger paws-
Firepaw -dark ginger tom with blue eyes-
Leafpaw -Brown tom with amber eyes-
Tawnypaw -Black she-cat with tawny coloured eyes-
Fireflower -Ginger she-cat with pale green eyes-
Raincloud -Grey she-cat with black paws and ears-
Skybranch -Old tom with dark bluish fur-
Yellowfur -Golden tom with green eyes-

*1st chapter will come out 2 weeks from now*
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