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Chapter 26

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Christmas time! R&R nearly finished

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[A/N Hey guys! sorry it's taken me so long. I've had a bit of writers block but i'm back! Read & Review! Ps. I think this will be the 2nd last chapter!]

-Christmas Eve-
"Tomorrows Christmas! Tomorrows Christmas!" Brendon exclaimed.
"Hey Bren, why aren't you hanging with your family?" I asked curiously.
"They've gone on a cruise around Asia or something." He replied, continuing to bounce up & down.
"When's Ry getting home?" I asked him.
"Sick of me already? Fine, I'll just... Leave!" he dramatically exclaimed.
"No! I was just wondering. You know I could never get sick of you Bren." I smiled warmly.
"Good. Now let’s watch a movie." He said, skipping over to the TV and putting a DVD in the player.
"No horrors Bren!" I reminded him.
"I know, I know. Scaredy cat." He mumbled, not quietly enough.
"Hey!" I laughed, throwing a pillow at him.
He threw it back, before coming back over to the couch and sitting beside me, waiting for the movie to start.
The opening scene for Nightmare before Christmas appeared on the screen and I rolled my eyes.
I had watched this movie with Jackson every single day at work.
He's lucky I like him so much.
But I have taken a liking to the movie, hell; I know all the words now!
We sang along to the songs, until about halfway through when I grew extremely tired.
"Bren, I'm gonna go to bed." I said yawning.
"Noooooo! I'll be all alone! I hate being alone! Please Stevie?" he whined.
"How about, we go into my room, and you can watch it on my laptop while I lay down hmm?" I asked, hoping I could just go to sleep.
Brendon nodded, ran over to the DVD player, took the disk out quickly and rushed into my room.
I followed him into my room and immediately got under the covers of my bed.
Brendon had set up my laptop in between the 2 of us on my bed and laid back.
"You excited?" Brendon asked me as I was nearing sleep.
"About what?" I asked sleepily.
"Christmas silly!" he said excitedly.
"Not really." I yawned.
"Why not?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.
I sleepily mumbled, "Haven’t had a Christmas in 5 years." Before falling asleep.

[Brendon's POV]
"Haven't had a Christmas in 5 years." She mumbled.
"What?! Seriously?!" I asked shocked, but she was already asleep.
I carefully turned the DVD off, and quietly left the room.
After closing the door behind me, I went back to the living room and turned on the TV.
The only things on were Christmas themed or the news but I didn't really mind.
An hour or so later, Ryan walked in looking beat.
"Hey." I greeted.
"Hey... Where's Stevie?" he asked looking around.
"She’s asleep in bed." I answered.
He nodded and flopped onto the couch beside me.
"Rough day?" I asked.
"Just getting everything organised for the tour is so stressful!" he complained.
"Well maybe if I was allowed to go I could've helped." I huffed.
"Bren, being stuck in a room for like, 9 hours, doing paperwork and getting everything organised would have made you gone stir crazy!" he replied with a laugh.
"Yeah, but still. I like to help." I said defeated.
"I know. If you get any ideas, just tell me and I'll pass them on." He told me.
I thought for a minute, "I've got nothing."
Ryan chuckled.
"But! I've got an idea for Christmas." I smiled.
"Of course you do! What is it?" he smiled.
"Well, seeing as Stevie hasn't had a proper Christmas in 5 years-"
"What?! Are you serious?" Ryan asked eyes wide.
"Yeah, I asked her if she was excited about Christmas and she said not really. So I asked her why and she said she hasn't had a Christmas in 5 years." I explained.
"Well, now I want to make it extra special but its tomorrow... What do we do?" Ryan asked me.
"If I know Stevie, which I kinda do, I think it'd be nice if we all spent the day together you know? Like a family kinda thing. We can invite Spence and Jon over, with their girlfriends if they want, and just have a nice Christmas. What do you say?" I asked, excited about my own idea.
"Bren, it sounds... Perfect." He smiled.
"Score for Brendon!" I cried, throwing my fist in the air.
Ryan chuckled, "I'm gonna head to bed. Night Bren." He said to me.
"Night!" I replied happily, also going up to my room to sleep.
[End of Brendon's POV]

[Ryan's POV]
I quietly walked into Stevie's room and stripped down to a shirt and my boxers before getting into bed with her.
I wrapped an arm around her, and, as if on instinct, she moved in closer to me.
I kissed her temple, "Night baby." I whispered, before getting comfy and falling asleep.
[End of Ryan's POV]

Something was making the bed move up and down.
I was still half asleep and didn't realise what was going on.
The bouncing continued, and I groaned.
"Steeevie! Ryannn! Get up!" somebody whined.
I tried to block out their voice by burying my head under my pillow.
"Stevie! Wake up its Christmas!" the voice exclaimed.
I pulled my head out of my pillow and looked up sleepily.
There, in his hyperactive glory, was Brendon freaking Urie.
"Bren..." I groaned, flopping my head back down onto the pillow.
"Ryan! Get up!" Brendon said, pushing Ryan around to awaken him.
"I'm up!" he groaned.
"Good." Brendon said, and left the room.
Ryan leant over and kissed my shoulder, "Baby. Wake up, its Christmas." He smiled.
"Have fun." I told him, and rolled over.
"What do you mean 'have fun?' aren't you coming out?" he asked.
I turned around and faced him, "Y-you want me to spend Christmas with you?" I asked, tears prickling my eyes.
"Of course I want to spend Christmas with you!" he smiled widely.
A tear fell and I hugged onto Ryan tightly.
"Why didn't you think I'd want to spend Christmas with you?" Ryan asked.
"Because I haven't spent Christmas with anyone for 5 years. I just... Didn't know what to think Ry." I explained.
"Stevie. I love spending time with you. You make me happy when I'm around you." He told me honestly.
I blushed, "Thanks Ry."
"Get outta bed now!" Brendon called from the other side of the door.
"We're coming!" Ryan called back.
He turned to me and smiled, "come on. Better not leave Bren waiting." He said, getting out of bed.
"You might wanna get changed hun." I said pointing at him, he was only wearing boxers.
"Oh yeah." He said, pulling on some pyjama pants and a shirt.
I got up, and we walked hand in hand out to the others.

"Omigosh! Transformers!" Brendon exclaimed, hugging the DVD to his chest.
We all laughed.
Spencer and Jon had brought their girlfriends with them, Haley and Cassie. They were sweet and gorgeous!
I don't know what Ryan saw in me.
Everybody was still opening presents, and I realised that I had forgotten to put the presents I had bought under the tree.
"I'll be right back." I said into Ryan's ear.
He nodded, and I got up and made my way into my room.
The presents I had bought were under the bed, so I took the guys ones out carefully.
My feet were feeling a bit cold, so I slipped some socks on too.
They were odd; one was green, the other blue with pink spots.
I smiled, grabbed the presents and made my way back into the living room.
"Nice socks." Jon said with a smile.
I smiled back, and sat down next to Ryan once again.
"What can I say? I'm pretty odd." I told him.
"Pretty odd? Definitely you." Ryan smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and kissing my forehead.
I chuckled, "Ok, I uhh, bought you all a gift. But if you don't like it, I kept the receipts." I told them.
"I doubt that we'll need them." Spencer assured me.
I nodded, and handed them out to each of them.
Brendon opened his first and saw a nice leather belt with a superman buckle attached.
He smiled widely, "Ahh! Thanks Stevie!" he said excitedly.
I smiled back, “No problem. Wouldn’t want you to have to go through all that trouble to steal mine.”
He laughed.
Jon was next to open his, "Ahh! I was gonna get this! Thanks darl." He smiled, looking at the new cat scratcher thingy.
Spencer was next, "Wow. This is awesome! Thanks Stevie." He smiled, opening the deluxe pack of action movies.
Next up was Ryan.
"Wow Stevie. This is... Beautiful!" he exclaimed, holding up the antique vest.
"I bought it at a vintage store. It’s over 150 years old." I smiled.
"I love it. Thank you." He smiled, and kissed me lightly on the lips.
A chorus of 'awwes' were heard and I blushed deeply.
“Stevie hasn’t opened any of her presents!” Brendon pointed out.
“I- you got me presents?” I asked stunned.
“Well duh!” Brendon said.
Jon slapped him upside the head, to which I giggled.
“Well, here you go. This ones from me.” Spencer said before handing me a present wrapped in Christmas colours.
I smiled, and opened it up.
Inside was a badge that said, ‘Nurse Stevie’ plus a first aid kit.
I laughed, “Thanks Spence. Now it’s official.” I smiled.
“Me next!” Jon exclaimed, shoving a present at me.
Once again I smiled, and took the present from him.
It was a computer program to help with my editing of photos and videos.
“Wow! Thanks Jon!” I smiled.
“Ooh me now!” Brendon said happily, handing me a present wrapped in one of the most colourful papers I had ever seen.
“I like the paper Bren.” I complimented.
“Yeah. It’s cool, now open the present woman!” he yelled jokingly.
“Ok, cool your jets.” I said and began to open the present.
Inside was a new pair of jeans which were embellished with crystals on the pockets.
“Wow! These are beautiful Bren! Thank you.” I smiled, examining the jeans.
“Well considering I kinda stole like, 3 pairs of your jeans, I thought I’d buy you a really nice pair.” He explained.
“Well thank you.” I said once again and smiled.
“I’ll give you your present later.” Ryan whispered in my ear.
I nodded and kissed him briefly on the lips.
This is by far the best Christmas I’ve ever had.

“Thanks for today Ryan. It was the best Christmas I’ve ever had.” I smiled as we both got ready for bed.
Today Ryan, Spencer, Brendon, Jon, Cassie, Haley and I spent the day together.
We watched movies, joked around, ate candy, and had a lovely lunch and dinner.
I also got calls from Gabe & Vicky, plus William & the rest of TAI.
“No problem babe. Now it’s time for your present.” He smiled at me.
He bent over and took something out from underneath the bed.
It was a fairly large sized present.
It was thin, and looked to be a frame of some sort, though I couldn’t tell due to the fact that it was wrapped.
I opened it up and smiled when I saw what it was.
A photo of the both of us framed beautifully.
“Oh Ryan! I love it!” I smiled.
He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my shoulder, “I’m glad.” He told me.
I placed it carefully on the desk across from Ryan’s bed, making sure that it wouldn’t fall.
“I’m gonna hang it up in my room.” I told him with a smile on my face.
“Why is that honey?” he asked me, now wrapping his arms around my waist whilst standing in front of me.
“So when you’re on tour, I’ll still wake up to your beautiful smile.” I replied, blushing once I had done so.
“Awwe,” Ryan nuzzled his face into my neck and kissed it, “I’m gonna miss you.” He said, coming up and looking me in the eyes.
“I’ll miss you more.” I replied, leaning in to kiss his lips.
“Not possible babe.” He said before my lips attached with his.
“Ryan?” I asked as we parted.
“Yeah babe?” he replied as he gently kissed my jaw line.
“D-do you get mad because we haven’t... you know?” I asked embarrassedly.
Ryan stopped and looked at me, “No. I’m not gonna force you into something you don’t want to do. I’m perfectly happy.” He smiled at me.
“Thank you Ryan. I still don’t know why you’re with me though. You’re perfect in every way imaginable whereas I’m just... plain.” I said.
Ryan grabbed my hands and held them, “Stevie, you’re not plain. You’re far from it. You’re pretty odd, and I love that about you.” He told me.
I blushed, “Well, I love everything about you.” I replied.
“Good, cause I’m pretty sure I feel the same about you.” He smiled.
I smiled back.
“Let’s go to bed.” He said.
I nodded, and we both got into bed.
“G’night Ry.” I whispered, kissing his lips tenderly before snuggling into his chest.
“G’night baby. Sweet dreams.”
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