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Operation: Prose

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Vanessa's take on the whole "Prose" situation. Still going strong.

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Operation Prose:


Blog Title: Sex Life Out of Coma!!!

My buddy's, Rosie, sex life has just came out of a coma! It had been in a coma for three straight years now! It was on life support for all of this time! The crew and I were about to pull the plug when it suddenly and quickly woke up. Mind you, the sex life has some major amnesia and its limb aren't working too well, but with the right rehabilitation, Rosie's sex life will be up and functioning once again.

I have a new mission today. I proudly call it Operation Prose! What is that you ask? It is the plan to get my best pal, Rosie, with the sexy emo rock god, Pete Wentz, together as a couple. However, three things are standing in my way! Tony, Rosie's shyness, and that tart Ashlee hoe-bunny Simpson. But, never fear! Aunt Nessa is the one with the master plan! I will work with each problem with great care.

Rosie's shyness will be easy to master. I just have to push her in the right direction like I have been doing since she first started working her at BRM. I just need to turn up the encouragement even more this time.

The slutty bitch Ashlee is a challenge. How to break that clingy virus off that smoking hot rock god? How? How? Enter my back-up squad. When I run into difficult problems in the missions I turn to my back-up squad. They consist of Greggo, Robyn, Adam, and Sakura. The back-up squad have never let me down! I would kiss and hug them if I could. I just hope that they are ready for this latest mission.

Tony I can handle somewhat. I might need a couple of my BUS to help out with him. What possessed Rosie to get with this loser in the first place? He has no job and is a waste of space! The man does jack squat! We even think that he is cheating on Rosie. (I asked her if she thought the same thing. She just said she wouldn't be surprised if he was.) Rosie deserves better!

Now, why go through the trouble of hooking two people up that would seem impossible? I have two answers for that. Excitement and both Rosie and Panda deserve better people. The excitement is obvious. Despite what is advertised for our precious Miami, nothing really exciting happens here! It is so boring in our little neighborhoods! Hell, I get desperate to hear if some has been murdered or not. So when I hear that my best good friend has banged a rock star, that is a full fledge party right there! I've got to have more, baby! The excitement has to stay!

Now the other reason is simple too. Both Rosie and Panda deserve better. Here is what I can't understand! How can two of the most beautiful people in the world in end dating the most lousy choices in love? Rosie deserves someone better than that waste of space Tony! He does absolutely nothing for her at all! Panda deserves better as well! How could he fall for such a talentless plastic slutty Barbie-type little Daddy's girl? Love really must be blind! Lucky for Panda, I am here to open his eyes to good ol' Rosie! Thus, the BUS and me bringing these two people together in love. Wish me luck on this mission!

G2G! Boss Lady will have my head if she found out that I was writing a blog at work! (She's on my list of missions too! More of that later!)


Love, Aunt Nessa!

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