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Storm Coming

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Vanessa shares her plan with the Back-Up Squad and Duncan.

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Strom Coming:

Sakura, Duncan, Robyn, Adam, and I were sitting in the break room when it came. Vanessa came into the room smiling. We all looked up at her. She smiled at all of us. Oh no! I know what's coming next. Here comes the new mission.

"Hi guys!" she announced. We all stared at her. Nessie had that look at in her eyes. We all knew that she was plotting something mischievous.

"Okay," Duncan said to her. "What are you up to?" Vanessa kept smiling at us.

"Guys," she said. "I have a new mission today!" We all looked at her nervously. Nessie kept smiling at us.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" she called out. "I give you, Operation Prose!" We all looked at her confusion. Nessie seemed to be waiting for us to ask what it was. When we said nothing, she went on again.

"Operation Prose is where we get Rosie and Pete together!" she said. We all stared at her surprised. A huge smile was across her face. She seemed to waiting for us to speak. One of us did.

"And how are we going to do that?" I asked.

"Easy!" she said aloud. "Just play cupid with the couple!" There was a pause.

"You do realize their with different people, right?" Duncan asked. Nessie just smiled at him again.

"Don't worry," she said. "Problem will be taken care of!" We stared at her.

"How?" I challenged.

"Easy, Greggo!" Nessie said. "I've got Rosie's shyness. We'll all deal with Ashlee shit-head. And two of you will help deal with that waste of space, Tony." I just couldn't help, but smirk at her words. We. I just love how she uses that word. We ends up turning into us at times. I got a huge feeling that that was going to happen this time.

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Yeah," Nessie said.

"Truly?" I asked.

"Yeah," Nessie repeated again. I sat back eyeing her.

"And how can you be sure that this plan won't back fire like the others?" I questioned. Nessie did a little shrug at me.

"They didn't back fire," she said. "They are just outstanding!"

"Outstanding, huh?" Sakura asked skeptical.

"Yeah," Nessie said. "I'm working on them very well. Are you all in this or not?" We all had another long pause. Sakura placed her hands down on the table.

"I'm game!" she volunteered out loud. No surprise there. Sakura is willing to disturb the peace at any time if you let her! Robyn smiled at Nessie.

"I'll help!" she said. Of course you would! You and Nessie are of the same breed! Adam was next.

"Sure," he said. Just as I thought. You would do anything to help Sakura out, because you have a crush on her! Strangely, Duncan rose up his hand.

"I'll join you," he said. Okay, I wasn't expecting this! Duncan usually steers clear of Vanessa's plots. Must be because this involves Rose. They all turn and look at me.

"Well Greggo," Robyn said. "What's your verdict?" I sat there staring at them nervously. Oh crap! Why does it always have to come down to me? I do want to be a part of another one of Nessie's stupid schemes. But yet...

"Okay!" I blurted out. "I'll join ya!" Nessie walked over to me and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Greggo, my friend!" she said to me. "You won't regret this at all!" I just kind of smiled at her nervously. Oh crap! What have I gotten myself into now? I forced myself to smile. Too late now! I have to see this thing all the way to the end. Why do I always see yes?

"Right!" Nessie called to us. "Now, I'll work on the easy part and I'll you guys when I hit some bumps in the road." Then she turned to leave.

"See ya!" she called. Then, Vanessa went out the door. We all looked at each in silence. I didn't say a word at all. But something was telling me, this was going to be another "outstanding" mission of Nessie's. Aw, damn. Why can't that woman leave will enough alone? Sigh Here we all go again!

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