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Chapter 20

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The not-so-good concert...uh-oh...

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I woke up to my phone playing ‘Just A Good Ol’ Boy’ I picked it up:

“hello” I answered sleepily.
“hello Clarisse” I heard a creepy voice reply.
“Ok what the hell?” I said back angrily.
“Is this Zach?” I asked.
“Zach I thought you were off in Hawaii.”
“Well I came back for a visit and I heard that some boys were coming down.”
“Well I just thought that you should know all the guys are gonna be over”
“let me guess just to play X-box?”
“Ya…and to kill your boys…wasn’t my idea.”
“Zach are you ratting out your friends?”
“Ya. Hey don’t blame me Skyler used all my shotgun shells.”
“So you’re ratting them out because my brother used up all your shotgun shells”
“Ya that’s the basis of it.”
“Well ok Zach I’ll make sure they don’t go on a ‘nature’ walk.”
“Ok well I think they hear me so got to go.”
“ok bye Zach.” I laughed as I hung up the phone.

“I heard your gay phone and it woke me up.” Brooke said groggily as she lay down beside me. “Sorry it was Zach.” I said back to her. “Zach? Like your brother from another mother Zach?” she asked. “Ya apparently the guys are coming over for the BBQ.” I mumbled angrily. “Oh…well this should be great.” she said sarcastically. “Ya I know. Hey don’t tell the boys and we’ll pretend we’re just as surprised as them.” I said. “Ok sounds good to me.” she mumbled and fell back asleep.
I managed to crawl around my now asleep friend. I walked into the kitchen it was still dark outside. I switched on the TV and watched some cartoons, I know little kid thing to do but I like cartoons. Joe walked in, “Cartoons?” he asked and sat down beside me. “Yep.” I replied. “I like cartoons…We have a concert tonight don’t we?” he asked me. “Yep.” I replied again. “Are you going or are you gonna just hang out?” he asked another question. “I don’t know whatever Brooke wants to do.” I shrugged. “Ok.” he faced the TV.
Joe and I watched cartoons for a while until Kevin came in and switched it over to music videos. “Why must you always ruin cartoon time?” Joe whined. “Joe you can watch cartoons later.” Kevin grabbed a pillow and laid down on the couch. “Fine.” Joe mumbled. I just rolled my eyes at them.


“Ok you guys hurry up the concert is gonna start in 5 minutes!” I heard Denise yell into the dressing room. “We know mom.” they yelled back. “Well off we go.” Nick said leaving the dressing room. “Ya we’ll see you afterwards.” Joe said following Nick. “See you.” Kevin pulled off getting a quick kiss from Brooke and off they went to go perform.
“You better get him trained before he trains you.” I said laughing at her love struck face. “He doesn’t have me trained!” she frowned at me. I rolled my eyes, “Ya and every time he comes in the room you don’t completely forget about everyone else.” I just smiled. “Oh hush he’s the same way.” she smiled at the boys as they began to perform.
We watched them as they were putting on the best concert ever! Kevin had already done three guitar solos and they had thrown things into the audience, I mean for their last concert of the tour it was going amazingly. I watched as all the fans held up their signs and screamed. Then I seen something odd. A girl was singing along all happy and then suddenly just dropped to the floor. I waited for her to get back up but she never moved. I seen the people around her start to freak out.
Out of instinct I ran out onto the stage and then into the crowd. There she lay completely unconscious. The boys stopped playing. Joe, Nick, and Kevin ran off the stage. “Someone call an ambulance!” Brooke shouted as she ran up to us. A few moments later paramedics came in and rushed the girl away. I heard the girl mumble, “Is the concert over already?” as the paramedics took her away.
I glanced around the people didn’t know what to think or do. I mean the Jonas Brothers were in touching distance from them but a girl had just been rushed away to the emergency room. After a few moments everything calmed down and the boys finished their concert reluctantly. They said goodnight and came backstage. The final concert of the tour was over.
“Wow that was odd.” Joe said as he sat down on a couch. “Ya I know I hope that girl is ok.” Nick said watching everybody leave. All the fans had left and the building was quiet except for the chatter of us. I looked over and a girl walked in. “Hello? Is anyone here?” a voice echoed through the building.
We all walked out on stage and seen the girl that had passed out at the concert. “Hey we were worried about you. You gave us a little scare.” Joe said walking up to greet her. “Ya I just wanted to thank you guys.” she smiled weakly. “I have this blood disease and I forgot about my medicine so that’s why that all happened.” she bit her lip. “Wow, we’re sorry.” Kevin said pulling her into a hug. “Well its ok I just wish I could’ve seen the rest of the concert.” she sighed. “If you would like it we would play you a couple songs?” Nick asked. “I would LOVE that!” she exclaimed.
So the boys played a couple songs for her. She clapped loudly at the end which made us all laugh. After some hugs and a couple autographs she left. I smiled towards the boys. “What?” they asked with confused faces. “Nothing. It’s just it amazes me that people so famous and successful can be so humble.” I replied. “Why?” they spoke. “I don’t know it just isn’t usually like that.” I shrugged. “I’m like really hungry.” Brooke said interrupting the conversation.
“Ya me too.” I said. So off we went stopping by KFC. We walked in and got chicken and sat down. Denise, Paul, and Frankie sat at one booth and we sat at another. After sorting out the food we talked and laughed. It seemed so odd that hanging with the Jonas Brothers was just like hanging out with my regular friends. Finally we left and got the bus parked outside the hotel. We all headed off to bed. Kevin gave Brooke a goodnight kiss but all I got from Nick was a hug. God this boy moved slow!! I know that you should take your time but I was about to my wits end! Slipping into my bunk, I fell asleep remembering that tomorrow the boys would meet my family…and my other boys…
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