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Chapter 21

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Boys meet my other boys...

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I awoke to a set of big brown eyes staring at me. Surprisingly it wasn’t a Jonas it was my eight-year-old cousin Mackenzie. “Kenzie?” I asked in a sleepy tone. “Aubee!” she smiled brightly. “Why are you here?” I asked. “Because I missed you SO much while you were gone. You know you promised that I could spend the night with you and then you left.” she gave me a sad face. “Oh my gosh girly I’m so sorry! I really do promise that you will get to spend the night with me sometime. I don’t know when but you will!” I gave her a big hug. “Your hurting me.” she breathed out. “Oh sorry.” I set her down. “Aunt Nancy wants to see you so lets go!” she yelled and pulled me out of the bus.
“Bodie! Bodie look who I found.” Kenzie yelled as she led me into the kitchen where Bodie was showing Frankie his toy sword. They both looked up. “Aubee!” Bodie shouted and ran up to me at full speed giving me the biggest hug a seven-year-old could give. “Hey bubby.” I said using my nickname for Bodie. My mom walked in. “Oh sweetie!” she hugged me. For us it had been a long time. My mom and I were really close and were like best friends. “Hey mom.” I hugged back.
I glanced over at the computer and seen Joe, Kevin, and Nick all hovering over the computer. I walked over to them. “Uh guys what are you doing?” I asked nervously knowing that my whole computer basically consisted of them. “Were counting all the pictures you have of us so far we’ve gotten 200.” Kevin laughed. “Well save your counting there is 500 pictures.” I said without even thinking. “500?!?!” they all looked at me. “Awesome…” I heard Joe whisper. “Why do have so many?” Nick asked. “Because I really love you guys and I wanted that many.” I was blushing.
“They seen the computer didn’t they?” Brooke asked walking into the house. I heard some barking…my dog! A small dog came running in barking and super excited. “I forgot that she was in her cage.” my mom said walking in the room. I picked up my dog as she licked my face. “my Belley - Girl!” I said so happy to see my miniature toy fox terrier. Belle must’ve seen the boys because she went crazy. Jumping on all their laps. At the end of the whole scene we were all laughing.
Finally I got the boys off the computer. Frankie, Bodie, and Kenzie were completely oblivious to us since they were playing. “I think Frankie has a crush.” Joe laughed as we sat at the table. “Ya I think Kenzie has one too.” we laughed as they played together.


Time seemed to pass quickly as family began to show up. The Jonas boys had met most of my huge family and was just hanging out. Brooke’s mom and family showed up. Joanne and my mom hugging and talking and then Raleigh, Brooke’s little sister, began to play with the rest of the younger kids.
The BBQ was going great, everyone laughing and talking. I seen a bright orange truck pull up. It was Skyler and Zach and then following was a couple other vehicles also filled with guys. I seen them all get out and walk over to the rest of us. I turned back to the guys who were talking to Brooke and I. “Hey little sister!” I got pulled into a hug by Austin Barber. “Hey!” I hugged back. Most of the guys called me little sister or Skyler’s little sister.
After saying hey to Austin I seen Kyler, Skyler, Zach, Michael Zanzie, Johnny, and Cody come over to us. “Wait a sec, you guys are the guys that Aubrey hasn’t shut up about for like two years! Holy crap you never told me that THEY were the guys!” Zach said with a shocked face. “Ya Zach these are the guys.” I said in a small voice that was slightly high pitched. “Well guys meet the boys.” I said introducing them. Skyler seemed unimpressed.
“Awkward…” I heard Joe mumble. Kevin whacked him. I held my laugh. “So aren’t you guys gonna play X-box or something?” Brooke asked. “Ya I guess we’ll go set it up.” Kyler said. The boys gave me hugs as they walked away. When Zanzie got to me I blushed madly. I have had a big crush on him since I was like in 5th grade. “You’ve grown up since I seen ya last.” he said in a whisper as he walked away.
“Well that was strange.” Kevin said. I stood there in shock. “Aubrey you ok?” Nick asked. “Huh? Oh ya I’m fine.” I stammered out. Brooke looked over to me and then realized why my brain was acting weird. “Oh…Aubrey I thought you would’ve gotten over that by now.” she said releasing Kevin’s hand. “Get over what?” Nick asked. “Hush it Brooke or you will majorly regret it!” I threatened. “Ok ok calm down I wasn’t gonna say it anyway.” she laughed. “Ok I’m lost in this conversation. Like completely lost which isn’t unusual but still.” Joe shrugged.
Then one more truck pulled up, it was Kenny Swegman more commonly known just by his last name. “Hey Swegman!” I shouted changing the subject. “Hey loser!” he walked up to me and pulled me into a brotherly hug. Apparently Nick was a little jealous about all the hugs I was getting by the guys so I pulled away from Swegman. He looked over at my Jonas boys. “Who the hell are they?” he raised his eyebrow. “They are Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas my friends.” I said. I heard Nick clear his throat. “Oh and my boyfriend too.” I said grabbing Nick’s hand. “Well you boys better be good to her or I will kick your ass and then let the rest of the boys have at you.” he laughed and walked away.
“Ok should I be scared?” Joe asked. “No you shouldn’t they are just trying to scare you.” I reassured Joe. “Let’s go inside I’m feeling to crowded out here.” I said walking inside. Other then the boys the house was empty and they were all occupied with the X-box so it was just us. Joe, Kevin, and Brooke slowly leaked into the living room drawn to the boys yelling and screaming over Halo 3.
“Wanna see my room?” I asked Nick. “Sure I guess.” he shrugged. We walked back to my room and I opened the door revealing all the pictures, stickers, posters, and other such I had. “This is my private sanctuary.” I smiled as I sat down on my bed. “I like your room its very comforting.” he said finally sitting down beside me. “Ya…” I said as it sank into silence.
After a few moments I decided I wasn’t waiting anymore I was just going to kiss him. I took in a breath and pushed my lips on his. At first he didn’t know what was happening then finally came to his senses and started to kiss back. I wanted the kiss to deepen so I began to beg for entrance and he gave in quickly. I guess he wanted it to deepen to but didn’t wanna cross my boundaries. Before I knew it he didn’t have a shirt on and my top shirt had come off but my undershirt was still on.


Aubrey’s lips crashed into mine. Me being as stupid as I was it took me a few moments to react and kiss her back. I wanted the kiss to deepen but I didn’t want to cross her boundaries that is until her tongue grazed my bottom lip. After that happened everything probably went to far. Somehow my shirt came off and her over-shirt came off leaving her undershirt. It would’ve went farther but…


“Hey you guys I was wondering if- OH MY GOD!” Kevin’s voice startled me and I fell right off the bed. Then about half the people in the house ran back to my room thinking something bad had happened. So there I was on the floor beside a bed with a shirtless Nick Jonas and I had Joe, Kevin, Brooke, Swegman, Zach, and Austin all staring at me with shocked faces. Brooke started laughing hysterically and Swegman was holding in his laughter. Joe stared at me, his eyes were burning a whole in me. I couldn’t take it anymore I got up and shut the door in their faces. After getting…settled back in Nick and I walked out of the room. No one told Skyler or Nick would’ve been dead so it was awkward but not violent at least.


Seeing Nick without a shirt and Aubrey on the floor was terrible. My heart felt like it was just gonna come right out of my chest and rip into pieces. I couldn’t look away it was just horrid like a nightmare and I couldn’t wake up from. Why did I have to like HER of all the girls in the world why her! She wasn’t “hot” like all the girls I usually like or “girly” or anything like my usual but I STILL freaking liked her! What the hell is wrong with me? Aubrey slammed the door in our faces snapping me out of my stupor.


The evening went on and it got better well not better then making out with Nick but better then the after scene. The only thing was that Joe kept looking at me with a scared/shocked/sad/every emotion ever look and it was worrying me. “Aubrey you ok?” Austin said pulling me out of my trance. “Oh ya fine just…tired.” I lied. “You’re lying. Honestly if your gonna lie do it better.” I rolled my eyes. “Austin I’m fine just go play X-box.” I pushed him away. “If you insist.” he laughed. Those boys know me to well.
I was getting aggravated with myself because I couldn’t look away from the oh so good looking Michael Zanzie. He had gotten hotter since the last time I had seen him which was only like a year ago. Zanzie must of caught me drooling over him because he came up to talk to me.
“Hey.” he said. “Hey Tinkerbelle.” I smiled. “Oh my god you still remember that?” he asked. “Of course how could I forget half the football team dressing up like girls for me on Halloween because my leg was broken and I couldn’t do anything?” I laughed remembering the “fashion show”. “Ya well what kinda guys would we be if we didn’t try to make you feel better?” he asked sweetly. “I guess…” I was beginning to get lost in those big hazel eyes of his. “So how old are you again?” he asked. “I’m sixteen now.” I said pulling his water out of his hands and taking a drink. “Cool. I’m twenty-one now.” he spoke in the same tone. “I knew that already.” I paused. “Man Zanzie you’re getting up there.” I poked his side. “Am not!” he frowned. “Hey Zanzie are you gonna play or talk to my little sister all night?” Skyler yelled. “I’m coming!” Zanzie shouted back, “Well I’ll talk to you later.” he walked back into the living room.
Slowly most of my family left and then Brooke’s family left. Then it was just my mom, my mom’s boyfriend Steve, Steve’s brother Jeff, the JB, Denise, Paul, Frankie Brooke, my brother’s friends, Skyler (my brother), and me. I know full house. We all decided on the sleeping arrangements. Skyler and his friends would all sleep in the living room, Jeff would sleep in Skyler’s room, mom and Steve would sleep in her room, Denise, Paul, and Frankie would sleep out in the bus, and me, Nick, Joe, Kevin, and Brooke would all sleep in my room.
After everyone was settled in the JB, Brooke, and I went into my room. We managed to squeeze us all in there. Brooke and Kevin in a sleeping bag, Nick and I on my bed, and Joe on a cot beside my bed. We said goodnight and off to sleep it was. Sleeping was odd since I had a certain Nick Jonas sleeping beside me, a snoring Joe Jonas on the other side, and a snuggling couple at my feet. Awkward to say the least. Finally I drifted off to sleep snuggling into Nick’s shoulder.
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