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Chapter 22

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Meeting my friends...stupid Dallas!

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I awoke snuggled into Nick’s chest. I glanced over at the clock, 7:46. Ugh. I wanted to sleep more but I was already awake. Slowly I managed to get out of my crowded room without waking anyone up. As I walked down the hallway I breathed in catching a scent of coffee coming from the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen I looked over into the living room laughing at all the boys sprawled out over the floor, couch, and chairs. “Oh good morning sweetie,” my mom said pulling me into one of her famous hugs. “Morning mom,” I sighed taking a seat at the table.
She handed me a cup of coffee that she had apparently sweetened or she wouldn’t of given it to me, I can be picky. She sat down beside me, “We need to talk about a couple of things but first I want to hear all about your whole Jonas Brother adventure so far.” she smiled as she took a sip from the mug she held in her hand. So there we sat talking about everything that I had done and seen…and felt all the way down to the very last detail. After she finished laughing at all my “adventures” it became quiet. For a couple of minutes that’s all it was…quiet then a more serious look formed across my mother’s beautiful face. “The school called,” she began, “they wanted to know what was going on since you haven’t been there and none of your friends knew. Since no one knew they called me and Aubrey I honestly didn’t know what to tell them. I need to know what you want to do.” her eyes scanned me for any emotions I could’ve been hiding although this time there wasn’t any.
“Mom…” I paused, “I-I don’t know…I need to finish school and I know that but…but,” I couldn’t finish my sentence; I didn’t even know what to say. “Well I just wanted to ask but since you don’t really know we can wait until everyone else is up and then we all will discuss it together.” she put her hand on my shoulder. “Good idea.” I nodded. “Well I think I’m going to go see if anyone got up.” I shrugged and walked off to my room as Denise walked into the house sitting down with my mother. As I walked away I heard their laughs chiming, looks like they like each other.
When I reached my room Joe was awake and looking at all the pictures plastered all over my door. “What are you doing?” I asked making him jump. “You scared me, shame on you.” he pointed at me dramatically. “Oh get over it!” I said rolling my eyes. “Well you seem awfully happy in this picture.” he said pointing to the picture of me and all my guy friends on the football team at school. “Ya those are my buddies.” I laughed as I looked closer at the picture. “With benefits.” Joe mumbled. “Uh no not ever!” I hit Joe’s muscular arm. “Owy!” he whined. I rolled my eyes, after a few moments of me telling him about the pictures and who everyone was in them Nick woke up. “Hey sleepy-head.” I joked but he didn’t get it. “Aubrey its only 8:30 give me a break.” he frowned. “Oh calm down Nicky-Poo it was just a joke.” I smiled. “Ok as long as it’s just a joke.” he smiled up at me.
“So Nick gets a cutesy name and I don’t? Psh.” Joe said extra pouty. “Well what do you want me to call you?” I asked with a laugh. “I don’t know but you need to come up with something.” he shrugged. I rolled my eyes, “Ok Joe I’ll get right on that.” Nick laughed. Apparently our conversation woke Kevin and Brooke up because a pillow got thrown at Joe. “Joe would you shut up! You have such a loud voice.” Kevin complained as he got up. Joe just frowned.
Finally everyone was up by 10:30. We all ended up sprawled across the living room watching ‘The Dukes Of Hazard’, which sadly enough is kinda like our family movie. Skyler was Bo Duke, Zach was Luke Duke, Mom was Uncle Jesse, and me well I was Daisy Duke but to be honest I only wished I was as pretty as she was!
I was sitting between Nick and Joe, and then of course Kevin and Brooke were sitting together all cuddled up and cute. I began explaining who my mom, brother, and Zach were then Joe asked, “So does that mean you’re Daisy?” I blushed, “ya…” I mumbled. Joe just smirked and continued watching. “So you’re Daisy? Man I’m one lucky guy then.” Nick whispered in my ear. I smiled as I bit my lip barely being able to hold in all the teenage hormones basically flying out my ears!
Finally the movie ended and all my brothers friends, Steve, Jeff, and my brother all went hunting out in the woods, leaving the rest of us there to talk about where Brooke and I would be going to school.
“Ok Denise and I have discussed a little bit about the whole deal but we want to talk to everyone about all of this.” my mom stated. The boys had blank looks, “Me and Brooke’s schooling situation.” I clued in. “Oh.” they nodded. “Well I have been thinking that you boys need a little break from all the attention, so I looked around for schools and I found a school for all the ‘famous’ teenagers.” Denise said. “Really?” we all asked. “Yes, and I was surprised but I think it would be good for all of you boys.” Paul finally spoke. “But does this mean,” I paused, “that me and Brooke won’t get to be with the boys anymore…?” I bit hard into my lip. Brooke gave me a scared look.
“Well that brings us to our next subject…” my mom began. “Denise said she could find some loop holes and get you in the school but we wanted to just run over all the requirements and such.” mom smiled at me but I could see the worry behind her eyes. “Well I called the school and they said they would put all of you in there as long as the girls didn’t get to…star shocked.” Denise smiled. “We wont I mean we were totally cool when we met them.” Brooke said pointing to the guys. Joe smiled, “Jason Dolley goes to that school doesn’t he?” “Ya honey.” Denise said. I small squeal escaped through my lips. “Ok so I might have a little bit of star shock but I swear it wont be bad and we will be super-duper good.” I grinned widely.
“Well Aubrey I will let you go but first you and the boys are going to go sort things out at your school and Joanne already adjusted Brooke’s schooling.” mom said with a smile. “So I was already approved and I had to suffer through all this?” Brooke pouted. “Get over it.” I rolled my eyes. Mom laughed, “Well I guess we will get everything all sorted out tomorrow.” and with that we all split up.


“So what do you guys think about this whole ‘celebrity school’ thing?” Brooke asked sitting down on her sleeping bag with Kevin. “Well…I think its cool but how do they keep it a secret?” I spoke sitting with Nick on my bed, leaving Joe to watch the fish in the fish tank. “Well its in the middle of Hollywood and that’s where the stars are so its easier, and most of the people there aren’t so easily star shocked because they’re more used to seeing them around.” Joe said finally coming into our conversation. “Joe how do you know all that?” I asked puzzled by his random act of smartness. “Umm…well maybe I might of mentioned something to Mom about the school.” he shrugged.
“Joe you went that whole time planning this?” Kevin asked. “Well I just thought that Nick didn’t get enough public schooling and this would be perfect…” Joe said thinking he had messed up. “Joseph Adam Jonas I love you so much!” I said squeezing him as hard as I could. “Why?” he breathed out. “Because now I get to meet more famous people AND I get to go to school with them!” I squealed. Brooke apparently felt the same happiness and hugged Joe too.
I pulled Nick into the hug too and then Kevin wrapped his arms around all of us. “Group Hug! Ah Much Better” Kevin said making us all laugh. “Ok kids it’s time for lunch.” my mom said walking into the room. She began laughing seeing all of us acting so “mature”. “Ok mom we’ll eat.” and with that we ate.


I looked over at the clock, 7:41 pm. Wow time has passed! We ended up back in my room…again. “So guys who do you think will go to this school?” I asked laying down on my bed. “Jason Dolley, Cody Linley, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus you know people like that.” Joe shrugged. “Miley?” Brooke complained. “Ya why?” Kevin asked. “Uh I hate her!” Brooke complained again. “Oh my god Brooke get over it! It’s not like you have to be her best friend or anything!” I rolled my eyes. “Ya that’s for sure!” she laughed.

THE NEXT DAY: (aka Monday)

I had set my alarm clock so I would be able to get this whole school crap over with. “Nick get up…Nicky-poo get up” I spoke softly as I shook him awake. I managed to get everyone up…except Joe. “Joe get up!” I was basically yelling now. “no” he mumbled into his pillow. “What do I have to do in order to get you up!” I was getting annoyed. “Just go get our dad.” Kevin taunted. “Nope I’m up!” Joe said jumping out of his cot. “Thank-you Kevy!” I said giving Kevin a big hug. “No problemo.” Kevin laughed.
Brooke and I soon found out that it took the boys A LOT longer than us to get ready. “Come on you guys its almost lunch!” I shouted at them. “Ok ok calm down we’re ready now.” Joe smirked at my mad face. “Finally.” Brooke mumbled softly making me laugh. “Hey mom where’s my car parked?” I asked before heading out the door. “In the shop garage. I parked it there so nothing happened to it while you were gone.” She said as she loaded the dishwasher. “Thanks mom. Well we’re off!” I said and walked out the door.
We walked out to the garage. “And here is my beauty.” I said touching the side of a shiny red Corvette. We weren’t rich by no means, infact the opposite, but saving all your money for sixteen years really pays off. “Wow…” the boys choked out. “Well get in.” I smiled as I got in the drivers seat. “Ok so not to be rude or anything, but how the hell did you afford this car?” Kevin asked in shock. “Well after saving all my money for sixteen years and then buying a run down Corvette and then having my brother fix it up for me, I ended up with this beauty.” I beamed. I loved this car, it was absolutely perfect in everyway for me. “So now we get to see where you to school!” Joe grinned. “Yep you guys get to see the crappy school I go to.” I laughed.


“Well here we are!” I said pulling up to the small high-school. We walked in just as a glob of kids were hurrying off to lunch. Then one curly haired boy paused to look at me, “Aubrey?” Tevin asked. “Ya…” I said. “Yay!” he ran at me giving me possibly the biggest hug ever. “Ok Tev you can let go now.” I breathed out as he let me go. “Wanna go eat lunch with everyone?” he asked with puppy-dog eyes. “Um sure Tev just let me get my school thingy fixed. Ok?” I said. “Ya that’s cool.” he said and then ran off to go get his lunch.
Surprisingly the school thingy didn’t last that long, infact it only lasted about 5 minutes. But personally I think it was just because the boys were extra flirty and charming to the girls in the office. Girls are too easy to do that to.


Apparently Tevin was serious about the whole ‘everyone’ thing because when we got into the lunchroom all my friends were basically mobbed around this one table awaiting to find out everything that had happened. “Hey guys!” I said hugging all of them wanting to be hugged. “We missed you SO much!” both of the Tori’s said at the same time which caused a small outburst of laughter. I guess Tori two finally realized the boy holding my hand was none other than Nick Jonas. “OH-MY-GOD, you’re the Jonas Brothers!” Tori two yelled.
After Tori two said this an uproar of all my gal pals happened, except for Jordan who I could tell was totally despising them. I tried to calm them down but soon failed to do so. So I just let the boys handle it. Soon the screaming, yelling, hyperventilating, and the wheezing slowed down to a stopping point . “Ok so now that we got that over with can we actually eat lunch?” I asked breaking all the silent stares. Lunch went really well and the Jonas Brothers even won over the guys’ hearts with their ‘manliness’ as they would say. But I knew that I had to leave soon although I could’ve listened to my friends’ normal problems forever but I had stuff to pack and a flight to catch…
“Ok you guys I got something to tell you all.” the table got silent after seeing my serious face. “I’m leaving and I probably wont be back for quite a while…I’m moving.” I almost felt like crying as all their faces dropped. “Are you cereal?” Tori one asked. “Ya you guys I’m serious…” I could’ve swore one of my guy friends was crying. “Hey umm can you guys give me and my school buddies a couple moments?” I asked. “Ya no prob.” Nick said giving me a small kiss on the cheek.
I told everyone everything that was going on and prayed that they would understand. Thankfully they understood although they weren’t very happy. “So you’re just gonna take off with some band?” Dallas asked still holding on to his ‘manly’ attitude. “Dallas they aren’t just some band, I mean give them a little credit.” Kayla said in my defense. “Ya I’ll give them credit for being the crappiest band in the world.” Dallas said loud enough so the Jonas Brothers could hear. I seen Kevin and Nick hold Joe back from probably hitting Dallas and causing a fight. Shilo began laughing at Dallas’ remark but soon was being glared at by me. “Dallas hush! This isn’t about the Jonas Brothers this is about me moving.” I said stopping the arguments before they started. “Ok now I have to leave soon so if you guys aren’t super mad at me I would like some numbers and some goodbyes…” I said awaiting their response. “Ok…” they all said.
So I got a googillion numbers and a billion hugs (even stole one from Dallas). I almost didn’t leave as I looked back one last time. What kind of friend was I? I mean who just abandons there friends that they’ve forever known? I felt horrible but I had to go, I couldn’t miss this opportunity…
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