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Chapter One

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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A Tracy Secret

A Tracy Secret

Chapter One

Alan Tracy sighed in relief as he finished packing his few changes of clothes in a small fold down case and closed the lid. He was glad that this field trip was coming to an end.

For the last three days he, along with Fermat and a party of their fellow Wharton Academy students, had been camping out here in the mountains to watch a rare total solar eclipse. It had been very interesting to watch though the teachers had typically made it all sound so boring.

But it wasn't the typically boring teachers that Alan was looking forward to getting away from, it was school in general, after this trip was over him and Fermat would be off for the summer holidays and returning home to Tracy Island.

A smile graced Alan's face at the thought of going home for more than the two days that he had last been home for. Namely the two days when he'd been home three weeks ago to celebrate his fifteenth birthday. It would be nice to see everyone again - everyone should be there as Thunderbird Five was still being repaired though it had been months since the encounter with the Hood that had seen Thunderbird Five be severely damaged by a missile attack from the Hood's submarine.

But what would be really nice was seeing Tin-Tin again. They had been getting along a lot better since spring break a few months ago when they had encountered the Hood. During those events they had seen something in each other - something that they liked. Afterwards they had spent much more time together, and frequently spent time alone together. And they had both been surprised to find that they had feelings for each other.

Alan looked forward to exploring his feelings for Tin-Tin more when he got home to Tracy Island. Hopefully Tin-Tin would be willing to as well, there recent talks over vidcom both on computer and on mobile phone indicated that she couldn't wait to be with him again.

Alan was brought out of the daydream that starting to happen about him and Tin-Tin having a good time by the sound of the tent flaps opening. He looked over his shoulder just in time to see Fermat enter the tent.

" finished p...p...packing Alan," Fermat asked.

"Yeah just finished," Alan replied. "What about you Fermat? Have you packed?"

"Y...y...yes I p...p...packed when you w...w...went for your morning s...s...shower," Fermat replied gesturing to the base of his airbed, Alan followed the gesture. And sure enough there was Fermat's own fold down case fully packed ready to leave. Alan smiled.

"Okay now lets roll out sleeping bags up and the air out of these beds. Then we can take the tent down," Alan said.

"And if w...w...we are q...q...quick we might get to be f...f...first on the bus," Fermat replied.

Alan grinned that would mean they could get the best seats instead of that arrogant, aristocratic know-it-all Bradley Petersmith and his equally aristocratic friend Marcus Stevens. Fermat grinned back and the two friends got to work.


One Hour Later

Alan and Fermat both smiled as the last of the students got aboard the coach followed by the teachers and the driver, they had been the first two students aboard. Immediately they grabbed the best seats which had earned them annoyed looks off Bradley and Marcus as the spoiled aristocratic pair had been forced to find other seats.

Alan watched as the teachers did a quick head count to make sure that everyone was indeed aboard before saying something to the driver before sitting down. The driver closed the doors and started the engine and Alan frowned. He was sure he could hear a strange rattle coming from the engine but after a second it faded away just as the coach began moving off on its long journey back to Wharton Academy.

Alan relaxed back in the seat and tried to ignore a momentary tingle that ran down his spine. He had been feeling it on and off for two days, he had no idea what was causing it, but whatever it was it always faded away after a few seconds and now was no different.

After a second he shrugged and concentrated on relaxing and enjoying the ride back to Wharton.


They had barely gotten half a mile when a dull thud came from the engine. Alan's eyes flew open as the sound jolted him out of the light doze he had sunken into. What was that, he thought a second before a rattle could suddenly be heard from the engine followed by a harsh creaking noise.

"What on earth," he said aloud as a concerned murmur broke out amongst his fellow students. All of them knew that the sounds coming from the engine were not right.

"What is it," Professor Daniels the senior of the two teachers asked the driver.

"I don't know," the driver replied worriedly the engine temperature had just shot up and a panel of warning lights had lit up. Both pointing to the fact that something was seriously wrong with the bus. "I'm going to pull in," he said.

Before the teachers could say anything he drove the bus into the car park of a small traveller's rest/trading post called Frederick's Pass. No sooner than the driver had stopped the bus than their came another dull thud from the engine. Followed by what sounded like a small explosion. And abruptly what was either smoke or steam began to escape from the engine compartment.

"Everyone out now," the driver called back opening the door.

In a hurry all fearing that the bus could catch fire at any moment students and teachers alike scrambled off the coach. The bus driver was the last one to leave the bus and everyone hurried to get clear of the coach. A second later there came a /whumph /from the bus and steam and boiling water abruptly cascaded out of the engine compartment.

"Oh dear," Alan said softly to Fermat knowing full well that something major had gone wrong in the engine for that to happen.

"Y...y...yes something must be r...r...really wrong," Fermat agreed. Alan nodded and looked at the steam and boiling water spewing from the bus, then he sighed, it looked like they were going to be stuck here for a little while.


Green River Valley

40 Miles From School Camp

That Same Time

The large black land rover pulled up outside the remote but large log cabin that was the only sign of human habitation in the whole of the Green River valley.

Scott Tracy smiled when he opened the driver side door and climbed out of the car that they had rented from the airport. It had been along drive to Green River a good three hours and he was glad to be here at last. Scott looked over at the passenger side door just as it opened and John got out of the car. The two of them were here for a few days holiday away from all the stress and strains of the lives in International Rescue.

"Well here we are John," Scott said.

"Yeah thought we would never get here," John replied as he came around side of the car to join Scott. "Once we have got out stuff inside what do you want to do Scott?"

Scott thought for a moment about that as they went around to the boot to get out their cases.

"Well I was thinking about going for a run later. But first I was thinking of going to the river and catching some fish," Scott replied.

"You know Scott both those sound like good ideas," John replied a look of eagerness on his face. It would be nice to go for a run later and before that the simple pleasure of fishing would be fun. The perfect way to relax at the start of a much deserved break from the stresses of their lives in International Rescue.

Scott grinned back at his brother he could see that John liked both those ideas, just as he had known he would.

"Well what are we standing here for?" he said as he opened the boot. John grinned back and started to help Scott unload their things from the land rover.


Frederick's Pass

Thirty Minutes Later

Alan sighed to himself as he left the small diner that was part of the trading post/travellers rest at Frederick's Pass. The teachers and bus driver had been talking and checking the coach. It appeared that something major had gone in the engine and the bus could no longer move. They had contacted the company that had supplied the coach and been told that a replacement coach was on the way but unfortunately that would not reach them until tomorrow.

Which meant that they were going to have to spend another night out here, very soon they would all be getting there things out of the coach and hiking back up to the school campsite. Everyone was being given a couple of minutes first to contact their families to inform them about the sudden, unexpected delay.

Alan took his mobile phone from his pocket; he selected videoconference mode and then called the number for home. Then he waited for someone on the island to answer his call, all the while hoping that they hadn't been called out on a rescue. As he waited for someone on the island to pick up he tried to ignore another tingle that momentarily ran down his spine. What is causing that, he wondered although it wasn't uncomfortable the tingle was very strange and like nothing he had ever felt in his life before.

He didn't have time to think about it because at that moment his call was answered and Virgil's face appeared on the phone screen.

"Hey squirt," Virgil said smiling warmly at his younger brother. Then a puzzled look came onto Virgil's face as he noticed that Alan wasn't on a bus. "Where are you?"

"Hey Virg. I'm at Frederick's Pass," Alan replied. "There has been something of a hiccup in the travel plans."

"What is it? Aside from the bus running later."

"It's not just running later Virgil," Alan replied. "The bus has broken down badly. We're stranded here at Frederick's Pass for the moment."

"Ah right. You know Alan Scott and John are at the Green River cabin. One of them could come to Frederick's Pass, and pick up you and Fermat."

"Nah there's no need and I don't want to bother them. We'll be hiking back to the school camp in a few minutes. A replacement bus is on the way but it cannot reach us until tomorrow so we will be spending another night out here."

"Another night," Virgil repeated, suddenly looking and sounding worried about something.

"Virgil what is it?" Alan asked looking at his older brother in confusion and concern. It was obvious that him saying that he would have to spend another night out here was worrying Virgil for some reason. But why, Alan wondered, what about it is worrying Virgil so much?



Tracy Island

Virgil looked up from the portable vidcom unit he was holding to look out at the tranquil blue waters of the Pacific Ocean surrounding Tracy Island. The calm ocean was a sharp counterpoint to his suddenly very turbulent thoughts. Alan could not stay at the school camp for another night, not at this time anyway. It was too dangerous for him; they'd been pushing their luck letting Alan go to the school camp so close to this time as it was.

Unnoticed by Virgil their father accompanied by Gordon and Brains had come out of the main house onto the sundeck. Jeff frowned when he saw the look on Virgil's face; his third son seemed to be very worried about something.

"Virgil," he asked moving up to Virgil to see what the problem was. Virgil turned worried brown eyes on his father.

"Alan's on the phone," Virgil said knowing Alan would not be able to hear them since the voice pickup on the vidcom was directional.

"And," Jeff prompted feeling a sudden chill of dread run down his spine. Something told him what Virgil had to say was not going to be good.

"Alan's bus has broken down. They'll be hiking back to the school camp in a few minutes. A replacement bus won't arrive until tomorrow so they have to stay there for another night," Virgil replied gravely.

Jeff's eyes widened in alarm while listening behind him Gordon swapped a concerned look with Brains. While he wasn't like them their resident genius - like Kyrano and his family - knew all the secrets of the Tracy's. Letting Alan stay at the school camp for another night was inviting trouble. Jeff reached forward and took the portable vidcom from Virgil.

"Alan," Jeff said.


Frederick's Pass

Alan was startled and confused when the image on his mobile screen changed from Virgil to the face of his father. It did not escape his notice that his dad, just like Virgil, seemed to be strangely worried about something.

"Dad! What's up?" Alan asked in confusion and concern.

"Alan I am going to call Scott and John. One of them will be coming to the school camp to pick you and Fermat up." Alan almost started to protest but didn't. He knew from the tone of his father's voice that no matter what objections he raised, this would happen, whether he liked it or not. "In the meantime Alan I want you to promise me something."

"Sure dad what," Alan asked getting more and more confused. Something was strange about this situation and they way his father and brother were behaving. He had never seen them behave in this way before. They knew something but they weren't telling him what that something was.

"If Scott and John don't come to pick you up before sundown then I want you to promise me that you will stay inside your tent. Don't go outside after dark, no matter what happens, stay inside. Promise me that you'll do that."

"Yes dad but why do you want me to stay inside? What's going on," Alan said now more confused than ever. He looked intently at his father trying to read his expression to see if he could figure out what about him staying at the school camp for another night, was bothering his dad so much. "What aren't you telling me?"

"It's complicated and I don't have time to explain it now. Just Alan please do what I told you."

"Okay dad," Alan replied in a tone that indicated that he did not understand but would do what he was told.

"Good," Jeff replied and broke the connection from his end. Alan stared at his mobile screen as the normal wallpaper appeared instead of the vidcom display. What is going here, he wondered, what aren't they telling me?



Tracy Island

As soon as he broke the link with his very bewildered youngest son Jeff dialled Scott's mobile number. He hoped that Scott had remembered to turn the thing on, as they had no other means of contacting him. True Scott and John would still have their wristcom's but with Thunderbird Five still out of commission they were only good for short-range communication like between two people here on the island. As advanced as they were the micro transmitters and receivers inside the wristcom's were not powerful enough for long range communication without some form of signal boosting, and the only transmitters capable of boosting the signals was the one here on the island and the ones in the thunderbirds.

For a few moments the phone rang and then Scott's face appeared on the vidcom display. But before Jeff could speak Scott started talking.

"Hi you've reached Scott Tracy sorry I can't take your call at the moment b..." Jeff rolled his eyes as he realised he'd got Scott's answering system. Scott message finished and a flashing 'leave message now' message appeared on the screen.

"Scott a situation has developed. Please call me as soon as you get this message," Jeff said then hung up.

"What are we going to do dad," Gordon asked worriedly.

"It won't be dark there for awhile so we still have sometime," Jeff replied. "Hopefully Scott will respond to my message. If not I will try him again later."

"And if you can't get hold of him," Gordon asked. "We shouldn't have let Alan go to that camp then we wouldn't be in this position."

"Maybe you are right but its too late to think about that now," Jeff replied thinking that Gordon was right. He shouldn't have let Alan go to that school camp, even though saying no would have only started one of his and Alan's earth shattering shouting matches. "If I can't get hold of Scott then we can only hope Alan does what he is told and stays inside. Because we have no other choice."

Gordon thought for a few moments. He was about to suggest that if they couldn't get hold of Scott they take Thunderbird One and actually go and retrieve Alan and Fermat when the IR alarm went off. Typical, he thought as they all spun around - and in Virgil's case got up off the chair first - and raced inside to answer the call. Please stay inside Alan, Gordon thought as they ran through the hallways of the villa towards Jeff's office, you must for all our sakes.
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