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Chapter Two

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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Chapter Two

Chapter Two

School Camp

A Few Hours Later

Alan lay cocooned in his sleeping bag in his tent and repeatedly tried and failed to get to sleep. The sun had set awhile ago and Alan knew that he should get to sleep as it was a long trip home tomorrow, but he just was not able to. Instead lying in the bed felt to Alan like he was in prison, confined.

Alan found himself wanting, desperately wanting to go outside, out into the night. It felt almost like something was calling him, urging him to come out. It called to his very blood and Alan could feel something inside him wanting him to answer the sirens call.

The feeling, the desperate desire to go out, was like nothing he had ever felt in his life before and his blood burned for him to comply. But he resisted, he had promised his dad that he would stay inside and that was what he was going to do. Even though the call, the urge to go outside, was getting stronger by the minute. Why do I feel like this, Alan thought, what's happening to me?

Faint beads of sweat appeared on Alan's brow and within his sleeping bag his fists were clenched almost painfully tight as he fought the sirens call of the night. Fighting a war with himself, he was determined not to give in, to stay inside and do what his father had asked him to do.

Alan lay there in bed for ages, his whole body shaking with the effort of fighting himself and whatever it was inside him that wanted him to go out. But finally the point came where he couldn't fight the overpowering urge to go outside anymore. Alan emitted a soft cry of dismay and defeat as he felt his defences crumble into dust. His left hand unclenched and seemingly of its own volition undid the sleeping bags zip. I'm sorry dad, Alan thought as he climbed out of bed.

Quietly so as to hopefully not disturb Fermat who had only just got to sleep Alan reached for his jeans. He was still wearing his T-shirt, underpants and socks intending to only change them when morning came. His attempt to be as quiet as possible was hampered by the cramped, tight confines of the tent and the now overpowering urge to get outside as quickly as possible.

Ultimately his attempt to be quiet was futile as with a soft snort Fermat woke up. Just as Alan had finished putting on his jeans and was fishing out his trainers.

"Alan," Fermat said groggily even as he sat up and freed his hands from the cocoon of his sleeping bag and reached for and found his glasses. He put them on and looked at Alan, just as Alan was doing up the laces on his trainers. "Alan w...w...what are you d...d...doing?"

"I'm going for a walk Fermat," Alan replied and then blinked when he heard his voice. It had changed somehow in the last few hours. It was now deeper and more powerful like an adult's voice.

Fermat frowned when he heard the change in Alan's voice and then shrugged when he realised that was probably just Alan's voice breaking - Alan was in his mid teens after all. Then he frowned again as his sleep-fogged brain processed what Alan had just said.

"B...b...but your dad t...t...told you to s...s...stay inside," Fermat objected.

"I know Fermat. And I have tried to stay here but I just can't. I need to go out for a walk before I go mad," Alan replied.

Fermat looked at Alan in concern. There was something in his voice, a desperate desire to go outside, that set mental alarm bells ringing. After a few seconds he sighed.

"H...h...hang on Alan I'll c...c...come with you," Fermat said undoing his own sleeping bag.

Alan nodded and waited impatiently at the closed tent flap while Fermat got out of bed and started putting on his own jeans and trainers. Alan resisted the impulse to fidget while he waited for Fermat. After what seemed like an eternity Fermat was ready and joined Alan by the tent flap, carrying the torch.

Alan opened the tent flap and the two of them stepped out into the bright moonlit night. As he stepped out into the night Alan felt a profound sense of relief, like he was suddenly being freed from a prison.

"Come on," he said turning his head to look at Fermat as he spoke. Alan blinked when he heard his voice. Was it him or had his voice just gotten a tiny little bit deeper as he spoke to Fermat.

Fermat frowned and looked at Alan and could have sworn that there was a glint of silver in Alan's hair as he turned his head. After a moment he shrugged to himself dismissing it as a trick of the light. Together they walked through the school camp and onto one of the forest paths.

As they walked along the forest path Alan began feeling increasingly strange, that something was happening inside him, what he didn't know but he could feel that something inside him was changing. A strange feeling of power and strength was beginning to fill his being, making him feel like he could do anything. It was strange and somewhat frightening, and something was happening to his senses.

He could hear every little rustle of leaves as the light breeze blew through the branches of the trees, smells that he had never noticed in his life before filled his nostrils, and his vision was getting better and better. The forest seemed to brighten and grow in detail until it was almost like daylight, it was like he was seeing it through his own personal night vision goggles not his eyes. What is happening to me, he thought, my senses shouldn't be like this. And why do I suddenly feel so strong?

He didn't have much time to think about it as a strange wave of dizziness and disorientation abruptly rippled through his head.

Alan gasped and stopped dead in his tracks, closing his eyes as his world spun sickeningly. But as quickly as it appeared the dizziness and disorientation vanished.

Fermat looked worriedly at Alan.

"Alan w...w...what is w...w...wrong," he asked as Alan opened his eyes again. And Fermat took a startled step back when, as Alan looked at him, his eyes changed going from their normal blue to a deep amber colour. Looking closely at Alan in the moonlight he could see that Alan's hair was changing going from blond to a strange dark grey. /What in the world, /Fermat thought as he stared at Alan in shock and disbelief.

"Fermat what is it," Alan asked and his amber eyes widened when he heard his voice, it had changed again. It was now even deeper, way too deep to be normal and now sounded almost as though the words were growled and not spoken. Before he could say anything the tingling sensation ran down his back again only this time there was something else as well an almost prickly sensation running down his spine. As it travelled down his spine he felt something beginning to press against his T-shirt.

Alan reached behind him and slid a hand up under his shirt, and gave a startled fearful yelp at what he felt. He felt fur soft and thick like the fur on a dog running down his spine and it was slowly getting longer. Fermat looked worriedly at Alan it was obvious that something had just badly frightened Alan.

"Alan w...w...what is it," he asked.

Alan opened his mouth to answer but before he could a sharp wave of pain came from somewhere deep inside him. It seemed to spread through his arteries and veins so it felt almost like his very blood had turned to liquid fire. Another wave of pain erupted from deep inside him, making his muscles convulse. Alan cried out in pain, but what emerged from his throat was not a scream but a low rumbling growl.

Fermat stared at Alan in shock and concern. It was obvious that something was seriously wrong with his best friend and that he was obviously in considerable pain from whatever it was that was wrong with him. When a low rumbling almost animal growl came from Alan Fermat looked at Alan in growing alarm and confusion. He'd never heard a human being make a noise like that before.

Before his eyes a ripple seemed to pass over Alan's body and before his eyes Alan began to change. His muscles seemed to convulse once and then they visibly began to grow the muscles visible on his bare arms abruptly becoming much more defined and larger. His T-shirt tightened on his torso for a moment as Alan continued to get more muscular then it tore apart, even his jeans became tight and looked like they would break at any moment. And then the change seemed to stop for a moment.

Alan gasped in relief as for a moment the pain tearing through him seemed to ease off, but only for a moment. Before he had even taken a breath another wave of pain tore through his body travelling down his arms and legs into his hands and feet. At the same time the tingle and prickling sensation returned this time it was everywhere.

Alan raised his hands and looked at them as for a few seconds they seemed to shake and the skin on his arms darkened to a charcoal grey colour until he realised that what he was seeing was not skin but fur. He was growing fur. He watched as his hands began to change shape, getting bigger, much bigger and longer. His fingernails changed getting longer and sharper until in seconds they weren't nails but razor-sharp claws. Alan stared at them and his fur covered arms in shock and terror right before he heard two hollow booms, he looked down to see that his trainers had burst apart and were being crushed beneath large, furry and clawed feet.

Another wave of pain rippled through his body and Alan moaned in agony. The sound emerging as a low growl. Then intense burning pain erupted throughout his body. Alan could feel his bones changing and his spine lengthening, he threw his head back and screamed in unbearable agony, the scream coming out as a long wolf like howl. And then the pain became too much for him and Alan gratefully gave himself up to unconsciousness.

Standing watching his transforming friend Fermat was pale and wide eyed in terror, a small, frightened squeak emerged from his throat as Alan emitted a deep wolf like howl even as the very structure of Alan's face began to alter and his ears changed shape becoming long and pointed. The glint of moonlight showed fangs growing in Alan's mouth. Then Fermat's eyes rolled back in his head and keeled over in a dead faint. A second before Alan - his body continuing to change getting taller and even more muscular - also collapsed unconscious to the ground.



Scott and John Tracy ran side by side through the forest, luxuriating in the feelings of total freedom they were experiencing as they ran through the forest. Here there were no barriers, no fences, here they could run as far as they liked and as long as they liked.

Anyone who saw them though would not have seen two tall, handsome and athletic young men; instead they would have seen two wolf-like humanoids one with silver-grey fur the other with dark brown fur. Each was tall a good eight feet in height and massive their furry bodies rippling with huge lean muscles. Their size combined with sharp claws on their hands and feet and snouts filled with powerful cutting teeth, gave them a fearsome appearance, when beneath it all they were still the same people they had always been.

"You know John I'm enjoying this,"
Scott said telepathically to his younger brother running beside him, while he had been an active werewolf for ten years now he never tired of just going for a run in his wolf form. He didn't speak aloud to John, as the biology of his werewolf form did not allow him to make the complex sounds necessary to from words. Not that it mattered while in werewolf form they could talk mind-to-mind to each other and even to non-werewolves. Though most normal humans - conditioned as they were by horror films and books - would run away screaming in mortal terror at meeting a real life werewolf. Even though real werewolves - unlike their mythical counterparts - were not bloodthirsty predators bent on killing everyone and everything that crossed their path, and no real werewolf would even consider hurting or attacking a human.

"You're not on your own Scott,"
John answered, "and you know what is especially good about it?"


"That we can do this and not have to worry about that alarm going off."
Had he been able to laugh in this form Scott would have, instead he sent the mental image of a smile back to John.

All to often their runs on Tracy Island were interrupted by the International Rescue alarm going off, which forced them to quickly get back to the villa complex and change back into their human forms - in another difference to there mythical counterparts real werewolves could change form at whim after the first transformation cycle.

"That is a plus,"
Scott agreed and then stopped in his tracks as two familiar scents reached his nose being blown in the wind. What are they still doing out here, he thought. "John can you smell that?"

"Yes of course I can,"
John replied. "What are Alan and Fermat still doing out here? Especially at this close to Alan's first change. They should have left the school camp and been back on the island hours ago."

"I don't know. We should check it out."

John agreed. With that the two of them changed direction and began walking following the scents of their little brother and his best friend that were being blown in the wind.


Forest Trail

Alan regained consciousness with a soft groan; slowly he opened his eyes to find himself looking down a long wolf like muzzle. What in the world, he thought as he staggered to his feat and was shocked that his eye line was much higher now. Cautiously he looked around his eyes easily penetrating the darkness, he saw Fermat sprawled unconscious on the ground nearby and everywhere he could see torn pieces of fabric that had once been his clothes.

Cautiously, fearing what he would see, he looked down at himself and emitted a startled cry, a cry that came out as a low growl. His body had changed it wasn't human anymore. He was still humanoid but was now impossibly tall, his body was completely covered in thick charcoal grey fur, and his muscles were absolutely huge - bigger than those on any pro bodybuilder - and he could feel the incredible, inhuman strength and power that came from them. Not to mention the fact that his hands and feet now ended in long sharp claws. Alan looked at his clawed hands for a moment then he looked up, turned away from Fermat and began running away into the forest.

He had transformed into somekind of freakish monster; he couldn't let anyone see him like this. He had to run and find someplace to hide until he hopefully changed back to normal.


Moments Later

Scott and John arrive at the forest path moments after Alan left. A quick look at the scene of Fermat lying unconscious on the ground next to a pile of torn apart clothing that was rich with Alan's scent told them what had happened.

Alan - like most werewolves at the time of the first change - had had insomnia, he'd gone for a walk and Fermat had gone with him. They had stopped as Alan transformed into a werewolf for the first time, and since he hadn't been prepared for his first transformation it had probably frightened Alan out of his wits and had probably mildly traumatised him. And seeing Alan transform had probably done the same to Fermat.

"I'll go and find Alan,"
Scott said to John. "Can you take Fermat back to the cabin?"

"I can,"
John replied. "I just hope that Fermat doesn't wake up while I'm doing it. Seeing Alan turn into a werewolf has probably traumatised him. Waking up to find himself being carried by an eight foot werewolf would only make it worse."

"So change back,"
Scott said.

"Great idea,"
John replied sarcastically. "And then he wakes up and finds me naked carrying him he'd think I was going to rape him or something. Not to mention it would be really cold walking back to the cabin with no clothes on."

"We can't just leave him here after what he's seen."

"I know. I guess I'll have to do it in wolf form and hope he doesn't wake up."

"You don't have a choice,"
Scott replied. "I'm going after Alan. I'll meet you back at the cabin."

"Okay Scott,"
John said. Scott turned away and hurried off into the forest following the invisible trail that was Alan's scent.

John for his part sighed, which naturally given that he was in wolf form came out as a soft almost inaudible growl, and moved over to Fermat. Carefully he picked up the unconscious form of the young genius and put him over his shoulder in a fireman carry, before starting back for the cabin.

As he walked he thought about Alan and how frightened he probably was to have suddenly transformed into a werewolf. Finding out like that was hardly the best way for Alan to have learned the Tracy family's greatest and most personal secret, that they were all werewolves. Please be okay Alan, he thought.


Alan ran for awhile, he found that his changed body was indeed extremely powerful and that he was running faster than he had ever run in his life before. Strangely he found himself just enjoying running.

But after a while he came to clearing in the forest, where a stream formed part of narrow meadow, and decided to stop for a breather. Cautiously Alan walked up to the stream and looked down at the crystal clear running water, which was glittering in the moonlight, he wanted to see what his face looked like. The face that reflected back at him was the face of a wolf.

Alan was stunned. I'm a, a werewolf, he thought in sudden realisation, but aren't werewolves supposed to be mindless, bloodthirsty monsters. A sudden strange sensation at the back of his mind distracted him for his thoughts; it was a weird tingle that produced a faint buzzing in his ears.

Alan turned around as whatever was causing the strange buzz felt like it was behind him. The buzz vanished as another werewolf this one with dark brown fur stepped out of the forest.


Scott followed Alan's scent trail for a considerable distance, he wondered to himself if Alan realised just how far or how fast he had been running. Probably not, Scott thought since Alan wasn't familiar with the capabilities of his werewolf form.

Finally he came to a clearing in the forest and there he was. A eight-foot tall werewolf with the same grey fur as John though Alan's was a darker charcoal grey with some lighter silver grey highlights on his head and across his shoulders, as opposed to John's which was a uniform light silver grey. Alan had just turned around obviously having experienced that strange extra directional sense that allowed werewolves to sense each other whatever form they were in.

he said telepathically to his baby brother. "Alan it's me Scott. To answer just focus your thoughts."


Alan stared at the newly arrived brown furred werewolf in shock. Could it really be his oldest brother? Was Scott a werewolf to? He followed Scott's interactions on how to talk to him.

he said and was surprised by both the fact that he was talking telepathically and that it was so easy. "You're a werewolf to?"

"Well of course I am. I always have been,"
Scott replied. "I am just sorry that you had to find out this way. You should have been told what we are so you would be prepared for your first transformation."

"What do you mean Scott,"
Alan asked not quite sure he understood what Scott meant by saying 'what we are'. Was Scott referring to just the two of them being werewolves or was he saying that it wasn't just the two of them.

"Were all werewolves Alan our whole family."

Alan stared at Scott in shock and disbelief. Their whole family were werewolves, dad, all his brothers, all of them. His mind was not able to process or accept this latest shock on top of the shocks brought about by his transformation. Alan's eyes rolled back in his head and for the second time tonight, he collapsed unconscious to the ground.

Scott studied Alan's unconscious form for a few moments. Well that could have gone better, Scott thought, at least he didn't completely freak out. Looking at Alan he guessed he probably wouldn't wake up for awhile so he would have to carry him back to the cabin. Even with werewolf strength and endurance it would be hard work carrying Alan's dead weight that far - considering that in werewolf form Alan like the rest of them would weigh a couple of hundred pounds of mostly solid muscle give or take a few pounds. But Scott didn't mind a bit.

Calmly he picked up Alan, slung him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and started on the long walk back to the cabin at Green River.
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