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Chapter Five

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Green River Cabin

Ten Minutes Later

Jeff Tracy took a deep calming breath to settle his nerves before opening the drivers site door and climbing out of the car rented from the airport. On the other side of the car the front passenger door opened and Brains also got out.

Neither Jeff or Brains had spoken much during the journey here from Tracy Island; they'd both been too lost in there own thoughts to really talk. Jeff in thinking and worrying about Alan, wondering how Alan was taking finding out that he was a werewolf and coping with the memory of a painful first transformation that he had no preparation for.

Jeff had been silently beating himself up about that all the way here as it was his fault that Alan had not been prepared for his first transformation. He'd allowed Alan to go this school camp - which hadn't been necessary it was just an optional end of term thing that Alan had surprised him by asking to go to - when he really should have stopped him. Too late for recriminations now Jeff, he thought, you can't change what happened, you can only deal with the aftermath of what happened last night.

Brains for his part had been thinking and worrying about Fermat all the way here. Especially as Fermat had been out with Alan last night and had seen Alan transform into a werewolf for the first time.

Brains knew from his own experience that the transformation wasn't an easy thing to watch, he'd seen various members of Tracy family change into their werewolf forms on a number of occasions over the last few years. The first time he had seen it if he remembered correctly was when Gordon first became a werewolf just after he started his association with Jeff Tracy, and he remembered being absolutely terrified at the time. Now though on the rare instances where he did see a Tracy change - it was rare as the Tracy's tended to go off on their own when they were going to change - he merely found it fascinating.

"Brains," Jeff said bringing Brains fully into the here and now. "Shall we go inside?" As Jeff spoke he opened one of the cars back passenger doors and got out a rucksack in which he had put some spare clothes for Alan along with trainers and socks as Alan had lost his during his first change. It was only to be expected since he hadn't known what was happening to him, Alan wouldn't have known to take his clothes off.

"Y...y...yes," Brains answered with a nervous stutter. Jeff smiled as he closed the car door and then they started towards the cabin.

As they approached the cabin Jeff felt the familiar tingle in his head and heard the directional buzzing in his ears that let him know that another werewolf was nearby. Obviously at least one of his sons was down on the ground floor of the cabin otherwise he wouldn't be sensing them. The buzz felt like it was getting closer and then ahead of them the cabin door opened and John stood there with a welcoming smile on his face.

"Hi dad," John said as they reached the entrance.

"Hello John," Jeff replied. "How is Alan?"

"And F...F...Fermat," Brains added. John smiled softly.

"They're fine," John replied as he stood aside to allow them in. "Alan's coping surprisingly well with what happened last night. As for Fermat I haven't spoken to him but according to Scott he's fine."

"That's good to hear," Jeff replied as they entered the cabin. "Though John why do I get the impression that there is something you are not telling me." John sighed.

"Alan's nervous about facing you," John said reluctantly.

Jeff frowned in confusion why would Alan be nervous about facing him. Then understanding came, Alan was afraid that he would be mad at him for going out last night when he had asked him to stay inside. Yet he wasn't mad at Alan for going out, he knew how strong the instinct to go out was at the time of the first transformation, and he knew Alan would have fought it as long as he could.

"He's worried that I am going to be mad," Jeff said. John nodded.

"I've tried to convince him otherwise but I'm not sure if he really believes me," John replied.

"Well I'll just have to convince him myself," Jeff answered. "Where is he?"

"He's up in the number three bedroom," John replied then he turned to Brains. "Before you ask Brains Fermat is in the kitchen having breakfast."

Brains smiled in gratitude and headed of to the kitchen to see his only son. Jeff for his part headed for the stares to go and see his youngest son.


Alan's Room

Alan sat nervously on the edge of the bed he had woken up lying on this morning. He knew his father had arrived as the bedroom window was open to let in some air and as a result had heard the car pull up outside. I hope John's right and dad's not mad at me for going out, he thought, I did try to stay inside. I tried so hard but the pull of the moon was too strong.

Alan looked towards the door as the feeling and buzzing of another werewolf approaching suddenly filled his head. Alan was surprised to find that he was already used to the strange extra sense that allowed him to feel another werewolf. In point of fact he found himself already getting comfortable with the knowledge that he was a werewolf. Knowing he was a werewolf somehow felt right, it made him feel whole as if some part of him had been missing throughout his whole life so far, though he hadn't been aware of it until now.

A soft knock came from the door and Alan stood up and faced it before he spoke.

"Come in," he said. The bedroom door open and the familiar form of his father came in just as the tingling and buzzing vanished from Alan's head. Smiling nervously Alan crossed the short distance to his father. Jeff simply opened his arms and brought his youngest son into a warm and comforting embrace.

For a few moments Alan just silently accepted the comfort that his dad offered. At the same time though at the back of his mind he now sensed a strength and power in his father that he had never felt before. It took only a moment for Alan to realise that what he was now sensing was the power of the werewolf that filled his fathers body. He also realised that if he hugged his brothers he would feel the same thing in them, just as his father and brothers would feel it in him.

"I'm sorry dad," he said at last his voice muffled somewhat by the fabric of his fathers shirt. "I tried to stay inside like you told me but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried." As he spoke he pulled back out of his fathers embrace.

"You've got nothing to be sorry about Alan," Jeff replied. "I know that you tried to stay inside, but I also know how strong, how overpowering the instinct to go outside is at the time of the first change."

"You're not mad," Alan asked scarcely believing that he wasn't about to get told off for not doing what his father had told him to do.

"Of course I'm not mad," Jeff replied and inwardly smiled at the look of relief that passed across Alan's face as he said that. "Why would I be mad. I know you didn't want to defy me and that you resisted the call of the moon as long as you could. You owe no apologies Alan. If anyone should apologise it should be me." Alan frowned in confusion why did dad need to apologise.

"You," he repeated.

"Yes," Jeff replied. "I made a mistake when I allowed you to go on the school camp. I should have stopped you, but I didn't and as a result of my error you had to face your first transformation alone and with no preparation."

"I should have been home before the sun went down," Alan pointed out. "But the bus broke down. Dad there is no way you could have known that was going happen."

"True. Still I shouldn't have let you go to the camp. I knew that your first transformation was coming up, but I still let you go when I should have stopped you," Jeff replied.

"I wouldn't have liked that," Alan pointed out. "Considering you've nagged me into going to school camps before and I did ask to go on this one. Plus if you had told me about this werewolf thing I probably would not have believed you." Jeff smiled slightly that sounded familiar. Both Virgil and Gordon had had difficulty believing that they were werewolves when he'd told them, only really believing when they started to transform.

"You would have been just like Virgil and Gordon. They didn't really believe until they actually started to change."

"Well dad it is kind of hard to believe until it happens," Alan replied. "I mean being told that werewolves are real and that you are one is kind of unbelievable."

"Are you alright with it Alan," Jeff asked.

"I think so," Alan answered. "Its kind of cool when you think about it and knowing now that there's a wolf inside me makes me feel, I don't know, right somehow. Whole as if part of me has been missing all my life but I didn't know it." Jeff smiled at Alan's answer.

"Good," he said. "I was afraid you'd reject it."

"What good would it do," Alan asked. "I'm a werewolf whether I like it or not, and I think I am actually coming to like it. And we're not the monsters Hollywood likes to portray us to be."

"No we're not," Jeff agreed sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Now I guess you have many more questions for me."

"A few," Alan replied sitting down beside his father.

"Fire away," Jeff said smiling. Alan smiled back and asked his first question.



Brains sat at the dining table watching his only son as Fermat finished off a large bowl of corn flakes. As soon as Fermat finished his breakfast he spoke.

"Are you a...a...all right son," he asked.

"Given w...w...what I s...s...saw last night," Fermat asked. Brains nodded. "I'm fine t...t...though seeing Alan c...c...change was s...s...scary."

"U...u...understandable," Brains replied. "I was scared the f...f...first I saw one of Tracy's t...t...transform into a w...w...werewolf."

"You knew?"

"Yes. I d...d...didn't tell you b...b...because I d...d...didn't want to f...f...frighten you, and you p...p...probably wouldn't have b...b...believed me until you saw it for y...y...yourself."

"I wouldn't have," Fermat agreed. "It's a...a...amazing how they can c...c...change like that. does it work?"

"I am not s...s...sure," Brains admitted. "I have d...d...done some investigation. I that there are s...s...subtle genetic and b...b...biochemical differences b...b...between werewolves and n...n...normal people. I think it's a reaction to s...s...something in the a...a...atmosphere that's e...e...effected by the light of the full m...m...moon that t...t...triggers the change. But they are c...c...consciously capable of s...s...stopping the change or changing w...w...whenever they want to."

"How do they that," Fermat asked. Brains just shrugged.

When it came to a scientific study of their werewolf nature the Tracy's were not the most co-operative people in the world. Brains couldn't really blame them, as he supposed that if he were a werewolf the last thing he would want would be to be poked and prodded by a curious scientist trying to find out what made him tick. Still the scientist in him couldn't help but feel disappointed and frustrated that he couldn't investigate and determine how it was that werewolves could really exist - even though real ones were very different to there mythical counterparts.

"The T...T...Tracy's are r...r...reluctant to be e...e...examined and t...t...tested so that that and m...m...many other q...q...questions c...c...can be answered."

"I g...g...guess that's u...u...understandable," Fermat replied. "Though the f...f...fact that my friend is a w...w...werewolf is g...g...going to t...t...take some g...g...getting used to."

"You'll get used to it Fermat," Scott's voice abruptly said making both Fermat and Brains jump. They turned to look at the entrance to see the oldest of the Tracy sons coming into the kitchen, moving with the normal, silent, effortless grace of all the Tracy's. They move with a predator's grace, Fermat thought, a predators stealth, because at the end of the day being werewolves that's what they are, predators though they remain themselves while a wolf so I doubt very much they would hunt or kill.

Though thinking about the predator's stealth that Scott had just shown albeit unknowingly Fermat couldn't help but feel a twinge of fear. He realised that it would be incredibly easy for one of the Tracy's to use their abilities to kill especially when they were in werewolf form. Though the rational part of Fermat's mind told him to judge the Tracy's on their personalities and doing that he just knew that they weren't killers in either human or werewolf form.

"Scott you s...s...startled us," Brains said.

"Sorry I didn't mean to," Scott replied apologetically. "But as I was saying Fermat you'll soon get used to Alan being a werewolf. Just remember that whatever form he's in Alan is still the same person you've always known."

As he spoke Scott walked across the kitchen to where the car keys were kept on a series of small hooks on the wall, and picked up the set hanging there.

"I u...u...understand Scott," Fermat replied. "Where are you g...g...going?"

"To the school camp," Scott answered. "I'm going to pick up yours and Alan's things, when I return we'll be heading home, all of us."

"B...b...but you and John are on l...l...leave," Brains objected.

"True. But were coming back with you for a day or two till we are sure that Alan's all right and has properly adjusted to being a werewolf. We should all be there for him when he changes tonight."

"H...h...he's going to c...c...change again," Fermat asked.

"Of course," Scott replied. "Though this will be the last time for at least a month as tonight is the last night of the full moon and this is Alan's first cycle so he will change into his werewolf form again tonight when the moon comes up."

"W...w...will it h...h...hurt him like it d...d...did last night," Fermat asked shivering as he remembered hearing Alan's screaming/growling as he went through a transformation that had obviously been extremely painful.

"No. It only hurts the first time," Scott replied. "When he changes tonight Alan won't experience pain."

"I s...s...see," Fermat replied. "W...w...why does it h...h...hurt the f...f...first time?" Scott shrugged.

"I don't know it just does," Scott answered. "Its just one of those things that happens I suppose there is a reason out there somewhere but damned if I know what it is. Now if you'll excuse me."

Both Brains and Fermat nodded; Scott smiled back and then left the kitchen. But he didn't head straight for the front door instead he headed upstairs since he needed to use the bathroom and he wanted to quickly check on Alan before he left. Still smiling he headed upstairs.


Alan's Room

A Few Minutes Later

Alan was enjoying the talk he was having with his father. Jeff was patiently answering all his questions about being a werewolf, even when they seemed to be stupid questions.

"Have our family always been werewolves," Alan asked.

"To be honest I'm not sure," Jeff admitted. "I know every Tracy for the last two hundred years has been a werewolf, that's when our ancestors emigrated to America from Europe. Before that I don't know as no records exist from that time. Why do you ask?"

"I'm just curious," Alan replied. Jeff smiled.

"Understandable," Jeff said. Alan started to open his mouth to speak again but before he could get a word out he again felt another werewolf approaching.

In almost perfect unison Alan and Jeff turned to look at the door as they felt/sensed the other werewolf get closer and closer until there came a soft knock at the door, a moment before it opened and Scott poked his head it.

"Dad I'm about to head out to the school camp to collect Alan and Fermat's things. We can leave for home as soon as I get back."

"All right Scott," Jeff replied not surprised that John and Scott were coming back to Tracy Island with them, though it would probably only be for a day or two. Until they were sure that Alan had properly adapted to the fact that they were all werewolves. Alan wasn't surprised either, he knew that Scott especially would be in full protective and worried big brother mode around him for awhile.

Scott smiled at them then left heading downstairs for the entrance. Alan listened until Scott was out of range for his hearing, but only for a moment. After a few seconds of silence he heard a soft crunching noise coming from the direction of the window.

"What is that," Alan asked. Jeff smiled he could hear it as well, and he knew what it was, and he was aware that it afforded him an opportunity to teach Alan how to properly use his werewolf hearing.

"Listen to the sound Alan," he instructed, "really listen to it then tell me what it is." Alan raised an eyebrow but did as his father instructed and listened to the sound and found himself identifying it easily.

"Its gravel," he said. "Being trodden on Scott must be out on the drive." Jeff smiled.

"That's precisely what it is," Jeff replied as the crunching sounds stopped. "You will find Alan that you can track and identify sounds much more easily now and that you can hear more and pick up sounds from further away."

"Cool," Alan answered remembering last night when his hearing had picked up every faint rustle and movement in the forest around him and Fermat.

"I imagined you would say that," Jeff said as they both heard a car engine start.

Jeff waited until the sound of the engine receded as Scott drove off before speaking again, he picked up the rucksack that he had brought with him from home.

"I've brought you some spare clothes along with socks and trainers to replace the ones you lost last night." Alan smiled.

"Thanks dad," he replied. It would be nice to wear something other than the clothes John had kindly loaned him this morning. Jeff smiled back.

"You're welcome," Jeff replied holding out the rucksack which Alan gratefully took from him. "I'll leave you now to get changed. I'll be downstairs if you need me."

"Ok dad."

Jeff smiled again and stood up with the same ease that Alan or his brothers would stand up with. Unlike most men his age Jeff did not have the first twinges of arthritis his joints were as healthy as they had been when he was Scott's age and would be until the day he died. The greater regenerative abilities of werewolf tissues meant that it was very, very rare for arthritis to affect them. Usually when it did it was because the werewolf in question was half human, which was uncommon but not unheard of.

Jeff turned away from Alan and walked out of the room, being careful to close the door behind him so that his youngest son would have some privacy in which to get changed.

Alan smiled and stood up before placing the rucksack down on the bed and opening it. Inside was a white T-shirt, blue jeans, a pair of grey underpants, white sports socks and a pair of his trainers. Smile widening Alan took them out before stripping off the clothes John had loaned him and starting to pull on the clothes that his father had brought him from home.

As he put them on Alan realised that they fit him perfectly and he couldn't help but wonder why that was given that he was taller and more muscular after last night. After a moment he shrugged. It was of no consequence.

He was just glad to be back in his own clothes.
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