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Chapter Six

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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A Tracy Secret

A Tracy Secret

Chapter Six

Tracy One

Approaching Tracy Island

A Few Hours Later

Jeff Tracy smiled when the familiar look of his families island home came into view as Scott guided Tracy One down out of the drifting, fluffy white clouds on approach to the island.

It had taken longer than Jeff would have thought to return home. Scott had been a bit late getting back to Green River from the school camp having to deflect the suspicions of the two teachers in charge of the camp who found it a bit convenient that Alan was suddenly ill and that his older brothers had found him and Fermat.

On top of that they'd been delayed getting back to the airport by a road traffic accident that had blocked two of the lanes of the motorway to the airport. Between those two things it had made them three hours late and it was now late afternoon/early evening though sundown was still a good three hours off. Still Jeff hated being late getting anywhere, and to top it off he like everyone on Tracy One was starving.

Jef turned in the copilot's seat to look back into the main area of the luxury jet.

"Strap yourselves in everyone," Jeff said, "we're coming in to land." Immediately he glimpsed everyone else onboard Tracy One stopping what they had been doing to pass the time during the flight from the US mainland and began buckling into their seats ready for landing.

Jeff turned back around in his seat to look out the front window as Tracy Island got closer and closer. They would be down in a few more minutes.


Main Complex

Tracy Island

Virgil Tracy came out onto the sundeck with a wide smile on his face. He'd been in dad's office returning a file dad had asked him to read through when the monitor on dad's desk had buzzed.

When he'd investigated what had set off the alarm he'd discovered that the islands sensors had picked up an approaching aircraft. A check of its transponder code had revealed that it was Tracy One. Dad and Brains were finally coming back with Alan, Fermat, Scott and John. Virgil knew that Scott and John were coming back as well as dad had called before they left the cabin at Green River. Something that hadn't surprised Virgil one bit.

Gordon looked over from where he was reading a diving magazine when he sensed Virgil approaching.

"Hey Virg what's up?" Gordon asked seeing the smile on Virgil's face.

"Nothing major," Virgil replied. "Just that Tracy One is on approach." Gordon smiled broadly.

"Really! Cool," Gordon said getting to his feet magazine instantly forgotten. "We going to go to the airstrip and meet them?"

"Yeah," Virgil replied even as out of the corner of his eye he noticed Kyrano quietly listening to their conversation. Virgil turned to look straight at the Malaysian manservant who blushed embarrassed as he realised that he had been eavesdropping on a private conversation.

"I'm sorry Virgil," Kyrano said his eyes downcast in shame. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop."

"Its okay Kyrano no harm done," Virgil replied. Kyrano looked up smiling in relief.

"I will go and tell my wife to prepare some food," Kyrano said. "No doubt everyone will be hungry by now." Virgil nodded agreeing completely as he could feel the pangs of hunger starting in his stomach, and for a werewolf there were only a few things worse than being hungry.

Kyrano inwardly smiled at Virgil's reaction and he could see Gordon was feeling the same as Virgil. Never fails the mention of food always gets there attention, he thought amused knowing that a werewolf's weakest point was his or her stomach, mention food and you had there undivided attention. B/ut then again if I had there kind of metabolism then I would probably feel the same way as them about wanting food a lot,/ Kyrano thought still amused then turned and walked off in search of Onaha.

Virgil and Gordon watched him leave then Virgil turned to Gordon.

"Come on," he said. "Let's get to the airstrip." Then without another word Virgil turned in the direction of the path that led to the airstrip and started in that direction at a brisk jogging pace. Gordon smiled and followed easily matching his older brothers pace as they headed towards the airstrip.


Island Airstrip

Virgil and Gordon reached the airstrip just as Tracy One touched down at the edge of the runway and taxied along it before coming to a stop in the aircraft parking area. Smiling they approached Tracy One sensing the presence of their family on board the aircraft as they did so.

They walked up to the side of Tracy One then patiently waited as the boarding slowly lowered and the hatch opened. Virgil and Gordon kept their eyes focused on the door curious as to who would emerge from Tracy One first.


Tracy One

Alan smiled in relief when Tracy One came to a halt. While the flight home had been pleasant enough he was glad that it was over as it was so good to be home again, like everyone else on the planet he hated it when he was away from home. True the room he and Fermat shared at Wharton wasn't bad but it wasn't the same or even in the same league as the island that was there mutual home. He released his seat belt and stood up as the hatch was remotely opened from the front control cabin.

As he started for the hatch Alan immediately began to sense another werewolf outside but the feeling was different this time. The buzzing in his ears was slightly different in pitch. Alan was confused for a moment but soon realised why the feeling was different. He wasn't just sensing another werewolf he was sensing two of them, he smiled when he realised that Virgil and Gordon must have come to meet them.

Smiling widely Alan stepped out of Tracy One onto the ramp and was momentarily dazzled by the bright tropical sunshine. Blinking to clear the afterimage from his eyes Alan descended the ramp and sure enough Virgil and Gordon was standing there waiting for them with wide smiles on their faces. Alan walked over to them and was immediately was pulled into warm hugs first by Gordon and then Virgil.

As with his father earlier Alan immediately felt the werewolf inside his brothers but he noticed something strange. The strength of the werewolf inside was different in each of them, it felt weaker in Gordon than in Virgil and both felt considerably weaker than the werewolf inside dad did. Hmm does the werewolf grow in power as you get older, or does it just take a few years for the wolf to reach its full power, Alan thought. He made a mental note to ask later as Virgil was opening his mouth to talk.

"Hi squirt," Virgil said smiling ruffling Alan's blond hair affectionately with one hand. "Are you alright?"

"Hi Virg I'm fine," Alan replied. "I'm okay with everything. Its actually quite cool." Alan smirked as Virgil and Gordon exchanged a look of surprise. "What you expected me too completely freak out?" he asked.

"Given how you found out that would have been understandable," Gordon replied.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't freak a little," Alan admitted. "I mean who wouldn't freak at suddenly out of the blue turning into a werewolf."

"True," Virgil replied. Alan smiled, even as he heard everyone else disembarking Tracy One. He moved off to the side as Virgil looked over his shoulder at the people emerging from Tracy One. Gordon followed him and the two youngest Tracy sons moved just out of earshot of the others so they could talk privately.

"Are you sure you're alright with this werewolf thing," Gordon asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," Alan replied. "As I said its actually quite cool when you think about it. Though I suppose the acid test will come tonight when I change again."

Gordon looked at Alan thoughtfully for a moment. Though his younger brother was hiding it well Gordon could tell that Alan was nervous about the thought of turning into a werewolf again tonight. A situation that Gordon could well understand as it still seemed like yesterday that he himself had gone through his first transformation.

"You know you don't have to be on your own when that happens," Gordon said at last. "I could come with you and change with you if you want me to." Alan smiled.

"I would like that," Alan replied. "If you're sure you don't mind."

"Of course I don't mind," Gordon answered, though it wasn't necessary for him to turn into a werewolf this month it would be nice to change anyway. Being human all the time was boring, it was fun to change, and like his father and older brothers Gordon found changing into his werewolf form to be a great stress reliever. Though tonight he wouldn't change for any reason other than to help Alan get used to the reality of what they were.

"Thanks Gordon," Alan said strangely feeling very relieved that tonight he wouldn't be alone tonight when he again transformed into a werewolf. He hadn't realised the prospect of changing alone again had been bothering him so much until Gordon had mentioned it.

"You're welcome," Gordon replied. Before either of them could speak again they both sensed another werewolf approaching, in unison they turned their heads back towards Tracy One to see their father coming towards them.

"What are you two talking about," Jeff asked cautiously when he had reached them, normally when Gordon and Alan talked on their own you could practically guarantee that they were plotting mischief. Both were practical jokers and when they joined forces for a prank everyone could watch out.

"Nothing like what you're probably thinking dad," Gordon replied honestly. "We were talking about tonight. We've decided that Alan won't be on his own tonight, I'll change with him."

"Why am I not surprised," Jeff said smiling knowing how close Alan and Gordon were. Sometimes they were like twins born four years apart. "Though don't be surprised if someone else joins you two tonight."

"That someone being Scott," Gordon said sharing a knowing glance with Alan. They both knew that come hell or high water Scott would be there tonight when Alan changed into a werewolf. The only thing that would possibly stop Scott from being there was if there was a callout for International Rescue.

"You can guarantee it," Jeff agreed. "Now then lets head back to the villa, Virgil tells me that Kyrano was going to find Onaha and get her to do something to eat."

"Really! Cool I'm starving," Alan said vaguely surprised at how much being as hungry as he was now was bothering him. He had missed meals in the past and being hungry hadn't really bothered him, but now the hungry feeling in his stomach was really bothering him. Guess that's part of the whole werewolf thing, Alan thought, my metabolism is different now that the werewolf in me is active so I'm noticing my hunger more.


A Few Minutes Later

Alan smiled as he stepped onto the sundeck from the path through the lush, tropical jungle that dominated most of the island. Even from here he smelt something delicious coming from inside the villa.

"Something smells nice," he said trying but failing to identify what Onaha was cooking with his enhanced sense of smell from here. Alan guessed he would be able to once he got more experience or was closer to the villa or both.

"Its chicken and bacon," Scott said as he realised that Alan had tried to identify what was being cooked but wasn't experienced enough with his senses to do so from here.

"That was a good attempt Alan," Jeff added like Scott realising what Alan had tried to do. "Keep practising you'll soon get the hang of using your senses."

"Thanks dad, thanks Scott," Alan replied.

Listening quietly Fermat found the information or rather the implication that the Tracy's had superior sensory perception to a human fascinating. Superior senses, silent movement, the ability to change shape, what other abilities do they have, he wondered.

Though knowing what he knew now Fermat realised how little he had really known about the Tracy's, how much of an enigma they had been before. It was a little unsettling but at the same time he took comfort in the fact that Alan hadn't known himself until now after his first transformation. Though now Fermat couldn't help but wonder what other secrets the Tracy family had.

Though he doubted that they could be as big or as amazing as the one he had just learned. A secret that he was still coming to terms with, Fermat fully realised that it would probably be awhile before he really come to terms with the reality that the Tracy's were a family of werewolves. Though he had already accepted that at the end of the day they were still the same people he'd always known, he just knew more about them now.

Fermat came out of his thoughts as they were now walking up the steps into the main house. As they entered Onaha Belagant appeared from the corridor that connected to both the kitchen and the dining room.

"Welcome back Mr Tracy," Onaha said with a warm smile. "Dinner is ready."

"Thank you Onaha," Jeff replied. "It smells delicious as usual." Onaha's smile widened at the compliment, and then she turned and walked back in the direction of the dining room. The sound of footsteps behind her told Onaha that six hungry werewolves, and two equally hungry humans were following her.


Tin-Tin Belagant had just finished putting the food on the table when the posse headed by her mother came in. She inwardly smiled at the look of surprise that appeared momentarily on her mother's face at the sight of the food already out and ready to be eaten.

Wordlessly everyone moved to their familiar seats and sat down as Kyrano came in from the kitchen carrying a tray of cold drinks. As he father started handing out the cold drinks Tin-Tin quietly looked Alan over. He seemed to be all right with the knowledge that he was a werewolf just as she had expected, and she couldn't deny that the changes in his appearance particularly the increase in height and muscular size made him even more handsome to look at than ever.

Alan noticed that Tin-Tin was watching him, he looked over and gave her a small smile that indicated he wanted to talk to her later. Tin-Tin smiled back letting Alan know that she was looking forward to it.

Jeff noticed the silent exchange between Alan and Tin-Tin and inwardly smiled to himself. Penelope had been right, there was a romance brewing between his youngest son and the only child of his loyal manservant. Jeff silently wished them good luck; Alan and Tin-Tin would be good for each other if they could make the relationship work.

Out of the corner of his eye Jeff noticed that Gordon had also seem the exchange and was about to comment on it. It was also apparent to Jeff that Scott had noticed as his oldest son shot Gordon a look that said 'keep that big mouth of yours shut Gordon.'

"Okay what's going on with all the looks," Virgil asked.

"Its nothing Virgil," Jeff replied as Kyrano finished putting out the drinks and joined everyone at the table. "Let's just have dinner shall we." Smiling everyone tucked into the meal Onaha had prepared, a meal that consisted of strips of warm chicken breast and bacon mixed in with a salad.


They were halfway through there mean when the familiar wail of the International Rescue alarm split the air instantly triggering a chorus of groans from around the table.

"You know," Gordon said as everyone stood up. "Just for once it would be nice to have a meal and not be interrupted by that damned alarm." Everyone laughed as all six Tracy's accompanied by Brains, Fermat and Tin-Tin left the room at a run.

As he ran with everyone else Alan realised that he couldn't go on this particular mission - no matter how much he wanted to - and he knew and understood why. There was less than three hours until the full moon appeared and he again changed into a werewolf.

There was no way to say how long the rescue would go on for, so there was no way he could go. If the rescue was a complex difficult one - which was likely as no one called International Rescue for something easy - then it easily take longer than three hours. If he went on the rescue and it took longer than three hours then depending where the rescue was he could end up turning into a werewolf in the middle of the danger zone. Alan did not need to be told that that happening would not be a good thing, especially if someone from the media saw him transform. So he couldn't take the chance of going. This time he had to stay behind.

He dropped back a bit allowing the others run ahead of him. Jeff immediately noticed and dropped back to match Alan's pace which had slowed to normal walking pace.

"Alan?" Jeff asked implying multiple questions in that one word. Alan looked at his father with a knowing look in his blue eyes.

"I can't go on this mission can I dad," Alan said.

"No I'm afraid that you can't," Jeff confirmed inwardly bracing himself for an angry protest from his youngest son. Needless to say he was surprised when the outburst did not materialise.

"I guessed as much," Alan replied. "You don't have to say why dad. I understand that it would be too dangerous for me to come along considering I'll be changing in a few short hours."

"It would be," Jeff agreed. "You don't mind staying here?" Alan shook his head.

"No," Alan replied. "I know that this werewolf thing is a secret that we must keep." Jeff smiled proud of the mature acceptance of having to remain behind that Alan was showing here.

"Yes we have to keep what we are a secret from the world in general, for more reasons than you know," Jeff answered.

"What do you mean dad?" Alan asked.

"There is no time to explain now Alan. I'll just say that our kind has enemies. Enemies that in there own way are more dangerous and ruthless than the Hood at his worst. Enemies who would not hesitate to kill us."

Before Alan could speak and question his father further they reached Jeff's office/study which had already been changed into the high tech command and control centre of International Rescue by John who now manned the main console with Brains. Though a fully trained thunderbird John generally preferred to man command and control than go out in the field, though he did his share of fieldwork.

As they entered command and control Jeff's whole demeanour changed from the loving father who had been talking to Alan to the all business commander and chief of International Rescue.

"Mine collapse in South Africa," John answered in a professional voice his training having completely taken over, as it had in all of them. Calmly John elaborated on the situation. "There has apparently been a large explosion on the surface. The topmost level of the mine has completely collapsed blocking all surface access. There are around six hundred mine workers trapped underground on five different levels, there condition is unknown, and just to make matters worse the explosion has cracked the bottom of the main waste water lake. Contaminated water is slowly getting into and flooding the mine."

Though he kept his face calm Jeff inwardly grimaced, industrial accidents, especially mining accidents were always difficult rescues. After a moment of considering and processing the information that John had just provided Jeff turned to look at Scott, Virgil and Gordon who were standing near there portraits waiting for the order to go.

"Okay boys lets go," Jeff said.

"F.A.B," Scott, Virgil and Gordon replied in unison and turned around before moving towards there portraits. Jeff followed them. As they approached the portraits each rose into the ceiling revealing individual lift compartments.

As soon as they were all in there lift compartments Jeff turned in his lift compartment so he was looking back into the command and control room. For a moment his eyes met John's and in his gaze he silently asked John to look after Alan tonight and in John's blue eyes Jeff saw that John understood what he meant. Then the moment passed and Jeff spoke the coded command that started the lifts moving.

"Thunderbirds are go," he said. The lift doors closed and lifts started moving heading for the silos and the Thunderbirds.

Alan looked at the now closed again portrait panels, wishing he could go but knowing this time he was not going.

"Are you alright Alan," John asked his youngest sibling.

"Yeah I'm fine John," Alan replied. "I just wish I could be with them."

"It's only this once Alan," John said comfortingly. Alan turned to look at his older brother and smiled.

"I know," Alan replied. "I'm going to go and watch the launches."

"Sure," John watched Alan leave command and control with Fermat and Tin-Tin following him, then he sighed and returned his attention to the console and helping Brains with the preparations to launch the Thunderbirds.
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