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Chapter Ten

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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A Tracy Secret

A Tracy Secret

Chapter Ten


Tracy Island

Kyrano Belagant stood out on the sundeck smiling as he used a hose to water the boarder plants. Evening was always the best time to water the plants on Tracy Island, now the plants had time to actually soak up the water being sprayed on them. During the day it was to hot to really water them as the water would evaporate almost immediately.

Kyrano wasn't concerned about Thunderbird One returning, there were no boarder plants around the main swimming pool and lower sundeck, nothing aside from the trees and bushes that dominated the rest of the island. The exhaust from Thunderbird One's turboscram jets posed no threat to the plants up here by the main sundeck. Plus he knew Thunderbird One was still at the danger zone that they hadn't finished the rescue yet.

Kyrano sighed he knew that would probably be irritating the rest of the Tracy family that they were stuck out on a rescue with just Alan and John here. Especially as it had gone past moonrise and Alan would have again turned into a werewolf by now. He knew how much they had all wanted to be here when that transformation came around.

John's voice abruptly said into his head making him jump. Sensing that the telepathic call had come from somewhere behind him he put the hose down and turned around already guessing what he was going to see.

Sure enough illuminated by the bright lights around the edges of the sundeck stood John in his werewolf form. Having seen many members of Tracy family in their werewolf forms a few times over the years that he had known and served them seeing John as a huge hairy werewolf didn't bother him at all. What did shock him however was whom John was carrying, cradled gently in his powerful, fur covered arms.

"Tin-Tin," Kyrano exclaimed hurrying over a look of concern on his face at the sight of his beloved daughter being carried by John Tracy. "What happened?"

"Fermat and myself were coming back here from the east beach dad when I tripped," Tin-Tin replied. "I can't put any weight on my right ankle we think I've badly sprained it."

As Tin-Tin spoke Kyrano became aware of movement behind Tin-Tin and John and a moment later another werewolf - this one with much darker grey fur than John - appeared accompanied by Fermat. Kyrano immediately knew that the second werewolf was Alan - not that it could be anyone else with the rest of the Tracy's out on the rescue and with the other five residents of the island all being human.

"Over here," Kyrano said heading for one of the sundeck loungers around the diving pool. He would have to get John to leave Tin-Tin on that lounger and then go and get a first aid kit as John would not be able to take her inside. The doors to the villa weren't really built for a werewolf to get through, in their werewolf forms Alan and John were just too tall and too big to move comfortably around the house.

Kyrano knew that Jeff Tracy had wanted to build the villa otherwise but it would have raised way too many questions from the contractors who had built the villa on this island so many years ago - long before the foundation of International Rescue. And like all werewolves the last thing Jeff wanted was for people to ask too many questions about him and his family or get the impression that they were any different to normal people. Kyrano could understand it, he knew that it would be a bad thing if the world in general were to learn that werewolves really did exist, people would hate and fear them especially given how books and how Hollywood liked to portray werewolves.

John followed Kyrano still gently cradling Tin-Tin in his arms. Alan and Fermat followed though only Fermat's footsteps made any noise, despite his immense size and weight in his current form Alan's movements were silent.

Reaching the lounger John gently set Tin-Tin down.

"I've examined Tin-Tin's right ankle as best as I can,"
John said to Kyrano. "It doesn't appear to be broken just very badly sprained or twisted. But I cannot be sure."

"I see," Kyrano replied. "I'll go and get a medical kit." He looked at Alan and John not flinching or feeling even the slightest twinge of fear at being so close to two werewolves. "You two don't have to stay here if you don't want to."

"No we will stay here,"
Alan answered him and moved a bit closer to lie on of his furry, clawed hands comfortingly on Tin-Tin's shoulder. He wouldn't leave Tin-Tin until he was sure that she hadn't badly hurt herself when she had fallen.

Tin-Tin looked up at Alan and smiled even as she put one of her own hands on the hand he had on her shoulder. She knew that Alan would not leave until he was sure that she was alright or if she asked him to leave, which she had no intention of doing. Even though he was in werewolf form at the moment she was comforted by his presence.

Kyrano noticed and read the silent nuances between Alan and Tin-Tin. Like Jeff had earlier he knew then that something was going on between Alan and Tin-Tin, that a romance was brewing between them. Inwardly he smiled realising not for the first time that his little girl was growing up, becoming a woman. He approved of her choice of boyfriends though she and Alan would probably deny it, he knew that they would be good for each other.

Then he smiled softly and turned away heading inside the villa to retrieve the closest medical kit so that he could tend to his daughters wounded ankle.


Mining Site

South Africa, A Short Time Later

Scott Tracy sighed in relief as he put away his Mobile Control equipment in one of the small storage compartments at the rear of Thunderbird One's cockpit, behind the rear set of jump seats. The rescue had been successfully completed; the last of the surviving miners had been brought safely up from the mine in the Mole. Now it was time to go home and not before time to Scott's mind.

Satisfied that he had secured everything properly he took off the helmet that he like the rest of his family used while on missions to conceal their identities, and put it away in another compartment. Then he went to the pilots seat and sat down and began powering Thunderbird One back up. It would not take long to get home from here and Scott had already made up his mind as to what he would do when he got home. He would first get out of uniform into normal clothes, then he would go to the changing room, get undressed and then change into his werewolf form and go and find his baby brother.

Though he couldn't speak for them he guessed his father and brothers would probably do the same thing. While they had been focused on their job, saving the trapped mine workers, Scott knew they had all been thinking about Alan, especially as the time for his second transformation approached and then passed.

Scott jumped slightly when his communications system came to life.

"Thunderbird Two to Thunderbird One," Virgil's voice said from the hidden speakers.

"Go ahead Virgil," Scott replied pressing one of the buttons on the communications panel, making Virgil's image appear on his communications screen.

"We're ready to leave Scott," Virgil reported.

"F.A.B. Same here," Scott replied looking over his readings. "So how about we stop sitting here talking about it and head home." Virgil laughed and Scott could hear additional faint laughter from behind Virgil, two sets of it. Scott laughed back knowing his father and brothers could hear the enthusiasm for going home in his voice, and were amused by it though they would no doubt be feeling the same.

"F.A.B," Virgil said at last bringing himself back under control before breaking the signal from his end. Scott shook his head as the communication screen went dead. Then he turned his attention to his controls.

He checked all his displays one last time before powering up the engines starting the pre-ignition warm up for the turboscram jet. Scott engaged the VTOL jets and with a roar of power Thunderbird One rose into the air, Scott watched his height indicator before flicking the switch that retracted the landing gear. Using the VTOL jets he kept Thunderbird One stationary in position even as he shifted the wings into flight configuration.

Then taking a deep breath he turned the VTOL jets off and manipulated the throttles bringing the five thrust-vectored turboscram jets that formed Thunderbird One's main drive online. The jets fired and Thunderbird One shot into motion. Scott guided Thunderbird One onto the correct course for home and then checked his sensors to see that Thunderbird Two had just made a text-book perfect take off and was also now heading for home at maximum speed.

For a moment Scott considered keeping his own speed down and not travel at Thunderbird One's top speed. But he wasn't really in the mood to fly home at Thunderbird Two's comparative snails pace - not that he was ever stupid enough to say that to Virgil, if he did he'd be lucky to see the next sunrise - today. It wouldn't be unusual for him to fly home ahead of Thunderbird Two, especially when he wanted to do something.

Decision made Scott smiled before increasing speed to Thunderbird One's maximum and shooting away from Thunderbird Two towards home.


Thunderbird Two

Seeing Thunderbird One shoot off ahead of them at maximum speed Virgil inwardly shook his head. Show off, he thought though he guessed the reason why Scott wanted to get home as soon as possible. In fact he knew for certain that Scott wanted to check on Alan and how he was coping with his second transformation, even though John would be looking after him. Virgil knew because he wanted to do the same.

So he didn't say the show off comment that immediately came to mind. Instead he just sat quiet as they started the brief - but tonight would probably seem like long - flight home to Tracy Island, and Alan.



Tracy Island

Kyrano smiled as he finished wrapping Tin-Tin's ankle in a support bandage. John had been correct in that Tin-Tin had not broken her ankle, she had badly sprained it and it would ache for a few days while it healed and the swelling went down, but that was all.

Once he was happy that the support bandage was not going to come off he gently slipped Tin-Tin's sandal back on.

"Try standing back up now sweetheart," Kyrano said to his daughter even as he closed the medical kit.

Alan removed his hand from Tin-Tin's shoulder but watched carefully ready to catch Tin-Tin if she started to fall again. Cautiously Tin-Tin tried to stand up and though the movement sent pain shooting up her right leg she didn't fall over this time but remained standing, the support bandage doing its job.

Tin-Tin was about to speak when the mental of image of Alan's human face smiling at her flashed through her head. Startled Tin-Tin turned her head to look at the dark-grey furred werewolf standing next to her and towering over her.

"Was that you Alan," she asked.

"Yes I didn't startle you did I?"
Alan replied.

"As a matter of fact you did but no harm done," Tin-Tin answered with a smile. Again the mental image of Alan smiling at her flashed through her mind only this time she was prepared for it and it didn't surprise her.

"I think I might go and lay down on the couch for a bit," she said changing topics. "Rest my ankle a bit before I go to bed tonight."

Alan replied. "I probably won't see you until the morning now."

"Probably not," Tin-Tin agreed. "I'll see you in the morning Alan."

"Okay Tin-Tin. Goodnight,"
Alan replied Fermat had already left to go to the chalet he shared with his father to have an early night since he hadn't exactly slept well yesterday something Alan guiltily acknowledged he was inadvertently responsible for.

"Goodnight Alan," Tin-Tin replied then she addressed both Alan and John. "Thanks for the help you two."

"No problem Tin-Tin,"
John replied./ "Goodnight." /

"Goodnight John." With that Tin-Tin turned and limped away heading inside the villa to rest in the main living room before going back to the Belagant chalet with her parents later in the evening.

Alan watched her leave then turned to look at John.

"Come on John I fancy another run,"
he said to his older brother.

"That sounds like a good idea,"
John replied sending a smile image to Alan. "Let's go."

With that John turned away and ran off, Alan chuckled which naturally came out as a soft rumbling but non-aggressive growl, then followed easily catching up with John. Then the two of them vanished into the jungle again.

Kyrano watched them go and shook his head wondering not for the first time what about just running was so pleasurable to a werewolf. It was one of the lesser mysteries about them. With a smile he turned and headed for the villa himself to return the medical kit to its storage place and to make sure that Tin-Tin made herself comfortable on one of the couches.
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