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Chapter Eleven

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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A Tracy Secret

A Tracy Secret

Chapter Eleven

Thunderbird One

Thirty Minutes Later

Scott smiled in relief when Tracy Island appeared on his displays. Even with the light of the full moon it was almost impossible to see the island with the naked eye, even for a werewolf. Though he could see perfectly well in the dark, no matter what form he was in, Scott knew if he looked out the windows all he would see of the island from here would be a faint outline, if he saw anything at all.

Still smiling Scott manipulated his communications panel with one hand.

"Thunderbird One to base respond please," he said. Immediately the comm screen lit up showing the familiar face of Brains.

"R...r...reading you loud and c...c...clear Thunderbird One," Brains replied then he smiled. "W...w...welcome back Scott."

"Thanks Brains," Scott replied smiling back.

"I'm o...o...opening the silo for you," Brains said. "Do you want me to t...t...turn on the l...l...landing control s...s...system."

"F.A.B Brains. Yes please," Scott replied the landing control system was especially designed to guide aircraft in and help with night-time landings for the Thunderbirds. Even with their natural ability to see in the dark landing an aircraft at night without assistance was tricky to say the least, even for a werewolf. Scott would only risk doing it if he had no other choice - and he was arguably the best pilot in the whole family.

"F.A.B," Brains answered.

After a moment Thunderbird One's windows briefly flashed with rainbow colour as the holographic heads up display - something Scott rarely felt the need to use - activated. A series of rings appeared between him and the dark mass on the horizon that was Tracy Island, out lining the course he should follow to safely land on the island.

With a smile Scott began to fly Thunderbird One through the rings towards home.


Ten Minutes Later

Scott smiled as he stepped off the lift from Thunderbird One's silo into command and control; his portrait sliding closed behind him. The clothes he had been wearing before the mission began had still been in the rear storage compartment of Thunderbird One; it had only taken a few minutes to get out of his uniform and back into them. Now he had his uniform slung over his right forearm ready to be cleaned for use again.

"Hi Brains," he said with a smile seeing Brains sitting alone at the command and control console. He didn't ask where John had disappeared to, he already knew even though he hadn't asked.

"Hello Scott," Brains replied with a smile managing not to stutter this time. "Before I run post f...f...flight checks on T...T...Thunderbird One after T...T...Thunderbird Two get b...b...back is there anything you w...w...want to tell me." Scott shook his head.

"No there isn't Brains. All systems functioned normally as always," he answered. Brains responded with a smile, still he would run a thorough set of diagnostics like he always did.

"U...u...understood," Brains replied.

"Ok. Brains I'm just going to nip by the laundry room and drop this off then I'm going to go to the changing room if you don't mind."

"W...w...why am I n...n...not surprised?" Brains said laughing. "Go on." Scott laughed back.

"You know me too well," he replied still chuckling. Then he turned and walked out of command and control.

Brains watched him go and knew he wouldn't see Scott again for the rest of the night and it would probably be the same with Jeff, Virgil and Gordon when they got back here. They would all disappear off to go turn into their werewolf forms. Not for the first time Brains wondered what that change was like for them after the first time, and how they felt when they did turn into a wolf.

After a moment he sighed, like many things about the werewolf nature of the Tracy's that was something he doubted he would ever know the answer to, much as he would like to. So he put it out of his thoughts and returned to his work, preparing for the return of Thunderbird Two.


Smiling Scott left the laundry room having put his uniform in the machine to be cleaned, though he hadn't started it up yet that would wait until the rest of the family got back, and walked through the villa heading for the access to the sundeck. From there he would be able to make his way to where the changing room was.

Entering the living room he paused when he saw Tin-Tin laid out on one of the couches her right ankle covered by a support bandage.

"Tin-Tin what happened to you," he asked in concern.

"Hi Scott," Tin-Tin replied. "I tripped and badly twisted my ankle thankfully no real harm done. Though I did need a little help getting back here. Thankfully John and Alan weren't far off and they heard me fall down so came to help."

"Was he alright. Alan I mean," Scott asked. Tin-Tin smiled.

"He's fine, he seemed perfectly at ease with what he is, at least from what I could determine, he was more worried about me," she replied reassuringly seeing Scott was worried about his little brother. Tin-Tin knew though that despite her words Scott would continue to worry until he saw Alan for himself. Scott smiled.

"Thanks Tin-Tin. I hope your ankle gets better soon," Scott said.

"Thanks Scott," Tin-Tin replied.

"I'll see you in the morning now Tin-Tin," Scott said.

"Okay Scott," Tin-Tin answered, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Tin-Tin," Scott replied then walked out of the main living room and out onto the sundeck.

Without hesitation or second thought he headed across the sundeck to the path that would take him to the place where he, his father and his brothers went whenever they wanted, or needed, to change.

As he started to walk along the path a distant familiar rumbling caught his attention and he smiled as he recognised the sound of Thunderbird Two's engines. They'd made good time back and Scott knew, as sure as he breathed that soon the rest of the family would turn up at the changing room as well. Then it would be just be a matter of finding where Alan and John were on the island.

Scott continued walking thinking of where Alan and John could have gone off to on the island. Tracy Island could be a big place when you were looking for someone and finding two eight foot tall werewolves was harder than one would have thought. They are bound to have heard Thunderbird One return, he thought, where ever they are on the island, and they should hear Thunderbird Two coming as well. Maybe they'll head back to the changing room to meet us.


Elsewhere On Tracy Island

Alan's ears perked up as for the second time tonight he started to hear the rumbling of engines approaching. The rumble was partially muffled by the jungle around them so he couldn't make the sound out precisely or determine how far away it was, though the rumbling was getting louder and he soon recognised the sound as belonging to Thunderbird Two's engines.

"They're almost all back now,"
he said to John.

"I know I can hear it as well,"
John replied./ "We should head back to the changing room. Scott is almost certainly already on his way there and dad, Virgil and Gordon will probably go there as well as soon as they get out of uniform."/ Alan sent a smile image to him.

"I would like that. How long will it take us to get back to the changing room from here?"

"Not too long even though it's on the other side of the island from us. So what do you say Alan? Shall we go?"

"Indeed. Lets go,"
Alan replied and John sent him a smile image. Alan sent one back and then the two of them turned and started running in a different direction that would ultimately take them back to the changing room, and all the while the sound of Thunderbird Two approaching got louder and louder.


Changing Room

A Few Minutes Later

By the time Scott reached the changing room the sound of Thunderbird Two's engines had become almost overwhelming. Scott knew that not far away the great green transport would be coming in to land. Soon the rest of the family would show up here.

Smiling at the prospect that they could all spend the rest of the evening in werewolf form Scott went inside the changing room. He smiled again when he saw two piles of neatly folded clothing stored in the room. Scott moved over to one of the benches and first slipped off his T-shirt before sitting down and started to undo then take off his shoes. Next off after the shoes were his jeans, followed by his socks and then his underpants.

Now completely naked - but not feeling the faintest twinge of embarrassment for being so - Scott carefully folded up his clothes and put them next to the piles of folded clothing left by John and Alan.

Then he turned around and walked back out of the changing room. As he stepped out into the moonlight he closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment on the werewolf inside of him and lowered the barriers that kept it contained, that prevented him from transforming unless he wanted to.

Immediately warmth began spreading out from the core of his body and when he opened his eyes again they were no longer their normal brown instead they were the warm amber eyes of a werewolf. Simultaneously he felt a familiar tingle/goosebumps like sensation run down his spine. Closing his eyes again Scott relaxed feeling the very familiar sensations of the transformation taking place fill his body. He felt himself growing taller and broader, stronger as his body shifted from normal human to werewolf form.

Scott embraced the familiar, welcome sensations of the transformation even as he felt his hands and feet change shape. Having been a werewolf for so long the change to him was now like an old and very welcome friend. He felt his skull begin to change shape and his ears shift position and knew the change was in its final phase, and all to soon even that ended as with the familiar final pulse of warmth the change completed itself.

Scott opened his eyes again, ignoring the fact that he was now looking down a muzzle with ease. He remained standing still for a moment before making a couple of small stretching movements to make sure he was comfortable and loose then he walked forward. Before he could leave the clearing however he paused as the wind gently blowing across the island carried the familiar scents of Alan and John to his nose, mixing with the smells of the jungle and the constant ever-present saline smell of the ocean.

Scott considered hanging around here and wait for them to come to him but after a moment decided against it. When he was in werewolf form he hated waiting around, not that he was that fond of just sitting or standing around doing nothing when he was in human form either. His decision made he started walking into the wind knowing that he would meet up with John and Alan quickly but they wouldn't know he was coming until he was quite close.

Scott entered the jungle in moments and he picked up his pace to a gentle running pace, as he had no desire to run at full speed just yet tonight. So he purposely kept his pace down to a fast jogging pace as opposed to a full blown run, still he was still going pretty fast as even a quick jogging pace for a werewolf was a run by human standards.

After a few moments of peaceful silence Scott sensed his brothers ahead and knew that they would sense him at exactly the same time.

"That you Scott,"
John's voice abruptly said in his head.

"Yes John,"
Scott replied. "Who else would it be? Thunderbird Two has only recently landed. Dad, Virgil and Gordon wouldn't have gotten to the changing room yet."

"Good point,"
Alan's voice responded. Had he been in human form Scott would have smiled at hearing his baby brother's voice.

"How are you Alan,"
he asked just as he saw Alan and John appear ahead of him, appearing from behind some large rocks that were overgrown with vines and creepers. Scott came to a stop to wait for them to reach his position.

"I'm fine Scott,"
Alan replied as along with John he reached Scott and as with John he couldn't help but be surprised by how different Scott looked in werewolf form, though he'd seen Scott as a werewolf last night.

Scott looked Alan over carefully and was pleased when he saw no tension or anything in Alan. Tin-Tin had been right. His baby brother was completely relaxed and comfortable with the fact that he was a werewolf, which was quite surprising considering the less-than-ideal circumstances of his first transformation.

"I'm glad to hear that Alan. I was worried about you,"
he replied at last sending a smile image to Alan. He wasn't surprised when Alan sent one back though in his mental image there was a knowing look as well as the smile.

"So what are we going to do now,"
Alan asked both Scott and John. "Continue running or wait for the others."

"Wait for the others,"
Scott replied. "I know dad especially has been worried about you, with Gordon and Virgil close seconds." Alan nodded.

"All right we wait then. Um where shall we wait for them? Here?"

"Nah lets go a bit closer,"
John said.

"All right then,"
Scott replied, "come on."

With that Scott turned around and began jogging again heading back uphill in the direction that he had come from. Alan paused for about half a second then he followed, matching Scott's pace, John also followed and in no time at all the three of them were jogging side by side through the jungle.


Changing Room

A Few Moments Later

Gordon Tracy smiled to himself as together with his father and Virgil he stepped out of the jungle trail into the clearing next to the changing room. After getting changed back into normal clothes back on Thunderbird Two they had come almost straight here, the only delay had been a quick stop at the laundry room to drop off their dirty uniforms.

Looking at the jungle Gordon knew that Alan was in there and reasonably close to them, he could smell him and the smell was reasonably strong not dispersed like it would be if it had travelled a long distance. He could also smell John and Scott as well. Clearly they were all not that far away though he couldn't sense them but that didn't mean anything really, all it meant was they were outside the range of his sixth sense. Which was easily possible as a werewolf's sixth sense only had a short range.

Gordon smiled softly in a couple of minutes he'd be going in there to find his brothers, especially Alan. But first thing was first he needed to transform into a werewolf. Calmly he turned away from the jungle and walked through the cave mouth that concealed the entrance to the changing room and into the changing room itself before going up to one of the benches to take his clothes off.


A few minutes later Gordon walked out the changing room again now completely naked, not a stitch of clothing anywhere on his body since clothes and werewolf transformations did not mix; the change had this awkward tendency to tear clothes to pieces. Not that he minded being naked at this time since in a few moments he would be covered in fur.

He heard and sensed his father and Virgil following behind him as they stepped out back into the warm, moonlit night. They spread out a little bit and as they did so Gordon noticed that the smells of his other brothers were stronger now, obviously they were getting closer. He would be able to sense them soon.

"They're closer now," he said.

"Indeed," Jeff agreed. "They'll be here in another few minutes so it would be best if were ready for them when they get here."

"True dad," Virgil added. "So what are we waiting for?" Gordon and Jeff both laughed when they heard the eagerness in Virgil's voice though they both felt it themselves.

Gordon brought himself back under control and then closed his eyes and like Scott had done a short time earlier concentrated on the werewolf that waiting patiently deep within him. Gordon lowered the barriers inside that prevented the transformation and felt his werewolf half practically jump for joy at the sudden freedom. Warmth and the feeling of strength and power spread out from the centre of his body as he let his werewolf side become dominant over the human being he normally was.

Gordon kept his eyes closed as he felt his body shifting and changing. He felt the werewolf power filling his body making his muscles lengthen and expand with power and strength as he grew taller and bigger, all the while feeling fur growing over his body. A pushing/stretching sensation filled his hands and feet for a few moments as they changed shape and his nails became claws. The sensation came to his head and Gordon felt his features change. Flesh and bone shifting as his nose and upper lip merged together even, as along with his lower jaw, they grew outwards becoming a powerful muzzle filled with sharp cutting teeth, simultaneously he felt his ears shift position to the top of his altered skull while shifting shape into the longer, triangular ears of a wolf.

The feeling of increasing strength and power stabilised as the warm feeling inside pulsed once then faded into the background of his awareness before vanishing entirely. Gordon opened his now amber eyes and stretched a little bit even he looked down his muzzle at the world around him. Sniffing the air he noticed that John, Alan and Scott now smelt even closer and even as he sniffed the air he began to sense them.

"They're almost here,"
he said unnecessarily as he knew his father and Virgil would be sensing them as well. Though Gordon couldn't help but feel a little impatient for them all to meet up, he wanted to see how Alan was coping and he knew that Virgil and dad would be feeling exactly the same way.


Alan carefully walked out of the forest and somehow wasn't surprised to find dad, Virgil and Gordon waiting for them already changed into their werewolf forms. Looking at them Alan couldn't help but be amazed by how different they looked from when they were human and he was having trouble telling who was who, though each had a different colour to there fur.

The werewolf in the middle had thick jet black fur, the werewolf to the right had brown fur like Scott did but several shades lighter, so it was a pale brown as opposed to Scott's dark brown, and the werewolf to the left was usual in its coloration in that his fur was not a block colour like the others. Instead this werewolf had black fur on his head, across his shoulders and down his arms and probably down his back as well, the fur over the rest of the tall heavily muscled frame was dark brown like Scott's.

"Hello boys,"
Jeff's voice said into his head and Alan knew instantly that the black furred werewolf was his father.

"Hi dad,"
Alan replied, "hi guys. Before anyone asks I'm fine."

"That's good to hear Alan,"
Virgil answered and as he did so he realised that Virgil was the werewolf with the black and brown fur, which meant that the werewolf with light brown fur was Gordon. "We've been worried about you."

"I know Virg,"
Alan replied, "and I will admit I was more than a little nervous about changing."

"Understandable. But how do you feel about it now,"
Gordon asked. Alan sent the mental image of a smile to the brother who was closest to him in age.

"It great,"
Alan replied, "I love it."

Jeff answered sending the mental image of him in human form smiling proudly to Alan. He was very proud that Alan had genuinely accepted the reality of what they were, and even genuinely seemed to enjoy being a werewolf. He had been so worried that Alan would hate it, it would have been understandable given the circumstances of his first transformation. It was so good to see that this time he had been worrying over nothing.

Though he also saw John's hand in Alan's acceptance, no doubt the two of them had talked it over, or rather John had encouraged Alan to talk about his feelings leading up to the transformation. But he knew that John's ability to listen was only a part of it, in the end the acceptance and enjoyment of being a werewolf came entirely from Alan's heart.

"Um are we going to stand here chatting all night or can we go for a run?"
Virgil asked practically itching to go for a run. He was rewarded with the soft non-aggressive, repeated half growls that passed for werewolf laughter.

"All right Virgil we'll go for a run now,"
Jeff replied amused. Though he knew how much that all his boys liked running when they were in werewolf form. It was perfectly natural, he was the same way, in fact Jeff had never known a werewolf who didn't like going running, and he had known a number of others of their kind in his time. The love of running seemed to be a universal thing among werewolves regardless of who they were when they were human, or what they did.

"Thanks dad,"
Virgil replied, "shall we go then?"

"Why not,"
Scott answered, "but since you're so eager to go Virg why don't you go first."

Virgil sent a smile image to Scott then seeing that everyone was waiting for him to make the first move he started moving, heading into the forest on a light jogging pace, which he rapidly built up into a quick running pace. Scott followed and a moment later so did everyone else.

Gordon looked over at Alan as they started running again.

"You sure you're okay,"
he asked.

"I'm perfectly fine Gordon,"
Alan answered.

"I'm glad. Say you want to pair off with me and we go running alone?"

"Sure why not."
Gordon sent a smile image to him and Alan returned it. Then without speaking again the two youngest Tracy's broke away from the rest of the family and disappeared off in another direction.

"Now I wonder where they are going,"
Scott said to John.

"Don't know,"
John replied. "But as long as they don't use the opportunity to plan a prank I don't mind them going off together. I don't think they will plan something tonight though."

"Me neither,"
Scott admitted. "But what do you say we follow their example and go off on our own?"

"Yes lets."
As with Alan and Gordon John and Scott broke away and disappeared in another direction to follow their own favourite run leaving Jeff and Virgil on their own running side by side. Which neither really minded since they liked the same runs.

"You know dad Alan really does seem to be okay with all of this,"
Virgil said to his father. "I didn't think he would be but he's surprised me with being comfortable with what we are. I'm glad he is okay with it."

"So am I Virgil,"
Jeff replied, "so am I."

Virgil sent a smile image to his father then didn't speak again as they ran in comfortable silence through the jungles of Tracy Island./ /
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