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Chapter Twelve

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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A Tracy Secret

A Tracy Secret

Chapter Twelve

Alan's Bedroom

Next Morning

Feeling warm sunlight on his face Alan slowly rose out of the deep sleep he'd entered into when he'd returned here after the moon had set last night and he'd changed back into his human form.

Slowly Alan opened his eyes and groaned from the brightness of the light before closing his eyes again. He waited a few moments, before slowly opening his eyes again and blinking rapidly until his eyes were used to the brightness. Groggily he sat up wondering why it was so bright in here. Then he noticed that he had forgotten to close the curtains over the double glass doors that led out onto the balcony that his bedroom like all the others had, so bright morning sunshine was streaming through.

Alan sighed seeing the open curtains. He wondered briefly how he'd managed to forget closing the curtains last night, though when they'd gotten back it had been very late and he'd been tired from the events of the day and the transformation into his werewolf form. So it was understandable that he would have forgotten to close the curtains, as he'd been practically dead on his feet when he'd come in here last night. It was strange he hadn't felt tired at all when he'd been in werewolf form but as soon as he returned to his human form exhaustion and the need to sleep had dropped on him like a ton of bricks.

A tantalising smell beginning to drift into his room from the rest of the main house caught his attention and he sniffed the air, without even realising he was doing it he started employing his werewolf's sense of smell. He smelt breakfast being cooked downstairs in the kitchen. The smell of cooking made his mouth water and his stomach grumble reminding him that he hadn't eaten in well over eight hours.

Alan carefully got up and headed for the on suite bathroom that all the villa bedrooms had. From the smell he could tell somehow that breakfast wasn't anywhere near ready yet, he had enough time for a quick shower and get dressed before heading downstairs to have breakfast.


Fifteen Minutes Later

Alan smiled as approached the dining room, the smell of cooking was now almost overpowering and his stomach was constantly reminding him that he was hungry, and he was finding ignoring it difficult to say the least. As he got closer to the dining room he sensed that another werewolf was in the room ahead of him and that it was only one, though he couldn't tell which of his family it was. That strange additional sense that they had did have its limits after all.

He entered the dining room and found that it was his father who was there already. Dad was sat at the table with a newspaper open in front of him, with a half-drunk cup of coffee beside the paper.

"Morning dad," Alan said in greeting. Jeff looked up from the article he was reading and looked over at his youngest son and giving him a welcoming smile.

"Good morning Alan," Jeff replied. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm all right dad," Alan answered as he moved over and sat in the chair immediately to his fathers left. "I feel fine, in fact I feel brilliant like a weight I didn't even know was there has been taken off me." Jeff smiled again.

"That's normal," Jeff replied. "See what we mean when we say that transforming is a great stress reliever."

"Yeah I do. You know dad I enjoyed that last night."


"It felt strange though dad," Alan admitted. "Suddenly being in a completely different form it felt strange but nice."

"You'll get used to it. I know that the first few times in werewolf form are strange and unfamiliar but you will soon get used to it." Alan nodded accepting his father's words and knowing that he was correct, he would get used to it, as he grew more and more comfortable with being a werewolf.

"Your right dad," he agreed aloud. "The change feels strange at the moment but eventually it will feel like second nature."

"Precisely," Jeff replied with a smile. Alan smiled back then changed the topic to the other thing that had happened yesterday.

"So tell me how did the rescue go yesterday," Alan asked. "I didn't get the chance to ask you last night and it somehow never occurred to me to ask Gordon. Guess I was enjoying running to much." Jeff smiled again.

This was a familiar conversation. Alan was always curious and interested to know how rescue missions went, especially when he couldn't be involved. If it wasn't too late after a rescue mission and Alan was at Wharton he had been known to call him or call John to find out what had gone on altogether as the stealth systems on the Thunderbirds - and the fact that they kept the media way back - made it difficult to see what as going on via television screen.

"It went alright," Jeff replied. "We got all the miners out safe and well, and pretty quickly to, but then we did have an anterior motive to get the rescue over and done with as quickly as possible." Alan nodded knowing full well what his father meant by an anterior motive.

"Guess you used the Mole," Alan said.

"Yes. It was the only way that we had since the escape shaft was blocked. It took a few hours given the Mole's limited passenger carrying capacity but we got everyone up. Some of the miners had nasty injuries from the blast but thankfully no fatalities beyond those crushed to death when the first level collapsed after the initial blast."

"I wonder what caused that," Alan mused thinking. Jeff shrugged.

"We will never know but whatever it was it was a heck of a big bang," Jeff replied. "But it does no good to think about causes in accidents such as that one. What's important is that we got the survivors out safely."

"Your right dad at the end of the day that's all that matters," Alan agreed just as he sensed his brothers approaching, all of them from the strength of the directional buzzing in his ears.

Alan turned his head to look at the door a moment before all four of his older brothers came into the room, all freshly showered and dressed and every single one looking as hungry as he felt. Alan smiled as he saw them.

"Morning guys," he called to his brothers.

"Morning sprout," Scott replied for all of them. "Morning dad."

"Good morning boys," Jeff answered smiling at his four other sons as they came round the table, Scott ruffling Alan's blond hair playfully and dodging an equally playful slap back in retaliation, as he did so. Jeff resisted the impulse to smile as he observed the familiar antics of Scott and Alan.

"Something smells nice," Gordon commented sitting down next to Alan. "I hope Onaha hurries up and gets it ready. I'm starving." Alan laughed.

"You're always hungry Gordon," Alan replied and got an elbow in the ribs for his trouble. "Ow what was that for?"

"Making sarcastic comments," Gordon replied.

Alan grinned but said nothing, a second before the sound of approaching footsteps caught his attention and he looked towards the door, a moment before Brains and Fermat came into the room both looking hungry and more than ready for breakfast.

"G...g...good morning," Brains stammered as along with Fermat he came over to the table and sat down.

"Good morning Brains, good morning Fermat," Jeff replied. "Are you alright?"

"I'm f...f...fine," Brains answered.

"Me," Fermat added still partly asleep and feeling quietly a little nervous being around the Tracy's now that he knew that every last one of them was a werewolf.

He wasn't frightened of them at all now - last night had confirmed that even when they transformed into giant, humanoid wolves they remained the same people they had always been - but he was still a little weary of them. It would be awhile before he was completely comfortable around them again. Even Alan who was undoubtably the best friend he'd ever had.

Scott gave Fermat a quick once over as he heard something in Fermat's voice that belied his statement that he was fine. Being an expert judge of human body language Scott immediately noticed the slight nervousness Fermat was feeling presumably because he was right next to them.

Scott could understand why Fermat was nervous around them, the little genius had just had the core of his beliefs rocked by learning that not only were werewolves real but that his best friend - namely Alan - was one. It was understandable that it would take awhile for Fermat to get used to it and be fully comfortable around them. They had been in this position before with Brains and the other normal human residents of the island, the nerves the normal felt around them faded away after a few days.

Before anyone else could speak Tin-Tin came into the room walking tenderly on her wounded leg. Her right ankle was really stiff and painful from the bruising coming out and she was barely able to walk on it and as a result had to take her time going from A to B.

Alan looked over when he heard Tin-Tin come into the room and he inwardly winced when he saw her slow painful progress into the room. He'd sprained his ankle in the past, so he knew how much a sprain like the bad one Tin-Tin had hurt. He wanted to get up and help her around the table to her seat but he knew Tin-Tin would only brush him off, still he kept a cautious eye on her ready to get up and assist if she were to stumble.

Tin-Tin made it around the table and sat down in one of the vacant seats and sighed in relief as the pressure was taken off her wounded leg.

"Morning everyone," Tin-Tin said wiping some sweat off her brow with one hand. The painkillers she'd taken had yet to kick in so at the moment whenever she walked anywhere her wounded ankle made its presence known with a vengeance.

"Good morning Tin-Tin," Alan replied. "How's your leg?"

"Painful," Tin-Tin responded. "I've taken some painkillers but they have yet to kick in so everytime I move my leg I get a sharp pulse of pain from my ankle." Everyone around the table winced sympathetically.

At that moment the sound of approaching footsteps caught everyone's attention and in almost perfect unison everyone turned to look at the doorway that led into the kitchen. Just in time to see Kyrano poke his head out, the movement making the smells wafting out of the kitchen even stronger making everyone's stomach grumble hungrily.

Kyrano smiled when he saw that everyone was gathered in the room and inwardly chuckled at the hungry looks he was getting, especially off all five Tracy boys. There father was more composed but Kyrano knew Jeff Tracy he could tell that he was just as hungry as the boy's, and in Kyrano's experience a hungry werewolf tended to get very grumpy quite quickly.

"Breakfast is ready Mr Tracy," he said to Jeff. "We will be bringing it out momentarily."

"Very well Kyrano thank you," Jeff replied folding up the paper he had been reading before Alan came in and putting it off to the side where it would not be in the way. Kyrano smiled then he withdrew back into the kitchen.

A moment later though he was back balancing a plate of piping hot food on each arm with a skill that many top butlers would envy. Onaha followed him carrying two plates of her own. With ease born of long experience they carried the plates over to the table and set them down in front of various people before returning to the kitchen to get the next round of plates piled high with bacon, sausage, egg and potato waffles.

In no time at all everyone had a piping hot plate of food in front of them and Kyrano and Onaha were just sitting down to there own plates. Without speaking everyone tucked into the freshly prepared breakfasts.

As he started on his own food Alan noticed again noticed that the food, especially the bacon and sausage tasted better than it had before the werewolf inside him had become active. In fact it tasted even better now than it had yesterday, which confused him for a moment.

After a moments thought he guessed that whatever changes came in a werewolf's body during their first transformation cycle were now complete inside him and that was causing it. He mentally deciding whatever it was it was of no consequence and was just something he was going to have to learn to live with, like everything else that came with being a werewolf.

As he sat there quietly eating his breakfast Alan realised that he was going to have a lot of new things to get used to besides his enhanced senses, his body was capable of much more now. Especially in terms of speed and strength, it would take him awhile to learn and adapt to it all. But he would adapt; he would learn and come to understand the powers and abilities of a werewolf. With practice, patience - something he sometimes had trouble with, as patience was not one of his strong points - and the love and support of his family - who had been through it themselves - plus support from his friends he would accomplish it.

And when he did finally understand what he could do, what it really meant to be a werewolf, only then could he truly say that he was completely comfortable and at ease with being what he was. It was certainly going to make his summer holiday interesting and challenging. And he looked forward to the challenge.

The End
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