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He #55 'He was everything I'd ever dreamed of and more, he made me love again. PoV of own character talking about Mikey.

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He was always so damn optimistic. Always saying that everything will be Ok. Well it never is and maybe one day he’ll wake up to see that. One things certain, I wont be there to watch it happen.

He was always so cheerful and happy and full of life and it makes me sick. Sometimes the smile would slip momentarily but then it would reappear as if it had never even wavered. I’d try so hard to keep up with him but when you can only see the worst in everything it’s hard to keep smiling. Some days I just wanted to sit and cry but his damn smile would always be there grinning down at me like some persistant moon and it makes me sick.

He was always so energetic. Not stopping for anything. Never slowing down. I couldn’t keep up. He wouldn’t let me.

He was always so understanding. I’d hurl abuse at him for hours and he’d just forgive me, just like that. You jut can’t do that. His forgiveness was about as fake as my apologies. Maybe a little less, I couldn’t be sure, but what ever he said he couldn’t ever forgive me for what I was like and I know that. I just wish he wouldn’t lie to me about it.

He had an amazing smile. It lit up his whole face and when he laughed… it was like the sun had come up after 20 years of darkness. Especially when I was the one causing that laugh. When it was just the two of us and we were snuggled up and just talking nonsense and he would just grin at me and everything would be alright with the world.

He was never around long enough to have many of those moments of course. So I had to stick to see him smiling and laughing with the guys in interview after interview.

He had this way of holding me that made me feel like the best person in the world. When he let go it felt like half of me had been torn away. More than half. He was my life. He was me.

He was everything I’m supposed to hate after years of coaching myself about guys and their arsehole ways. Then he comes along and everything I’ve ever stood for is washed away just like that.

He destroyed me.

He gave me a reason to live.

He tried to make me get help. With the depression and such. I refused but he was right, as always. He was always right. He said he would make me forget about never falling in love again.

He listened attentively when I told him why I hated love so much. My parents messy divorce, a string of shit relationships all ending in heartache and lies. He said he didn’t blame me. He said he hated guys now, just by hearing about what they were capable of.

He held me and dried my tears.

He said he loved me for me and nothing else.

He said he understood that I could never love him like he loves me and that he thought it would be for the best if we didn’t see each other for a while. That he’d call me when he could face seeing me again.

He didn’t call.

He didn’t leave a contact number either.

Trust me to go falling in love with the one guy in the world who would actually listen to me when I said it was over.
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