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A young pickpocket, named Ben, seeks Basil's help when her necklace gets stolen from her. Feedback Welcome!

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Disclaimer: The only people own are Ben and Chester Meroff. Don't use them without asking.

Author's Note: Ben came into my mind one day while I was daydreaming and pestered me until I wrote a story. I have no idea where Chester came from.


In a back alley, a bad place to live whether you were a human or a rodent, a mouse walked, their hands in the pockets of their baggy navy blue pants. The mouse was cream colored, with black tips on their ears. Their gender was hard to tell because they looked masculine from the neck down, but the eyes, which were a light, icy blue that went down into your very soul whenever you looked into them, were wide and very feminine looking.

"Hey Ben, who's pocket you gonna pick today?" One of the ladies who knew the mouse called out from a crumbling stoop, grinning at him with only half a set of teeth. Ben just looked at the lady and shrugged. Ben never spoke, for fear of giving away his true identity. He actually was a girl. Ben posed as a boy because females were so horribly repressed, even in the Mousedom, that she could never act the way she always acted. Tough and rowdy. This way she could get away with it.

Sometimes, after a night of pick pocketing, which is the only way she knew how to get money, she would go up to Baker Street, where a human with a violin would play. He was a good player and she would sit, concealed from view, and just listen to the music. She wished she could play the violin like him. She could play a few songs, but she wasn't very good at it. She always messed up. Her father, who was an accomplished violin player, would always try to get her to play right, but she would always mess up. She pulled a small, heart-shaped locket out of the front of her shirt and opened it. Inside was a picture of her as a baby with her father, a mouse that looked just like her, except with warm, brown eyes.

"Woah, watch out!" A black paw grabbed the back of her navy blue vest and pulled her back, right before she walked out into the path of a speeding hansom. She looked back and saw a black mouse with short brown hair with gray at the temples and gray eyes that were not very friendly. She pushed him back, glaring at him. No one touched her, even if her life was in danger.

"Not even a thank you for saving your life?" He inquired, crossing his arms over his gray vest. She just continued staring at him, hoping her glare was intimidating enough to chase him away. She then noticed his eyes flick down to her necklace, which was dangling down her chest.

"That's a pretty necklace," He complimented, reaching out toward it. Ben slapped his hand, a warning not to touch it. It was far too sentimental to her just to let some strange mouse that she only saw once touch it.

"That wasn't very nice," He warned her, rubbing his hand. Then without warning, his hand shot out and wrapped around her throat and pinned her against a nearby wall.

"No one is not nice to Chester Meroff and gets away with it," He growled, his gray eyes flaming with anger. She grabbed at his hands, digging her claws into them. He finally released her, watching her slide down to the ground.

"Let that be a lesson to you," He told her, then turned and disappeared into a crowd.

She got to her knees, rubbing her neck. Her eyes widened when she realized something was missing.

Her necklace!

That bastard that tried to strangle her stole her necklace! She couldn't let him getaway with that! She took off in his general direction. She lost sight of him, but she couldn't stop looking. She shoved mice out of her way ignoring their protests and insults. She stopped looking when she realized he was gone and she'd never find him. She topped, right in the middle of a crowd, looking down at her feet with a mixture if anger and sadness. Her father gave her that necklace right before he left the house one morning, saying that that was a gift for her because he loved her. He never came back after that. It wasn't like him to just to up and leave, so she assumed he was dead. That necklace was the only thing she had of her dad, and now some man took it.

She turned back the way she came, tears streaming down her cheeks. She needed to find that man that took her necklace. She could do it herself, like she's done everything in her life, but it would take a long time and by then he could've sold it or destroyed it by then. The tears started to come stronger at the thought of something horrible like that happening. She ran a hand over her eyes and sat down on a curb, thinking about what she was going to do. A wind then blew by, stirring a bunch of papers and blowing them in Ben's direction. A piece of a newspaper got stuck on Ben. She pulled it off, preparing to throw it away when she saw a name on it. Basil of Baker Street.

She heard about him. He was a great detective who lived below the human with the violin and he hardly ever lost a case. He could help her find the man who took her necklace! She smiled, stood up, and taking the paper with her, set off to Baker Street.
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