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Chapter Eight: Its Never To Late

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Chapter Eight: Its Never To Late
Song: Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become

The entire Hospital seems silent as I dialed those 9 digits over and over. But as so many times before, the ringing came to a stop and I whispered his name.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

And as before, the tears feel. But this time, they didn’t stop. “Mikey.. “ I repeated his name as the nurse slowly pulled the telephone from my grasp “your times up honey.” I nodded my head as if listening then slowly raised my hand to telephone once more, I took it off the hook and listen to the dial tone that sounded louder than usual, as if mocking me. “J-Just once more.. please.” I begged as the nurse cringed with pity.

The nurse ran her hands through her crimson hair as she sighted heavily. “Gerard honey, you’ve called over 7 times.. d-don’t you think its enough?”

I shook my head as the cream white telephone began to weigh down my hand. “I need to tell him I’m sorry.”

The nurse groaned as she looked around cautiously, “one more time Gerard.”

I shot her a fake smile witch she returned as she took the telephone from my grip and dilled the number she had most probably learnt of by heart by now. “Good evening, this is Jessica speaking from Newark’s Hospital Center, I have a Gerard Way on the line for you, but may I ask you not to hang up please, he’s been calling for over half an hour. Just..” The nurse paused as she grinned at me. “Just hear him out..”

With a mouthed “good luck” she handed me the phone, she turned her back and walked toward the reception desk to give me some privacy.

I slowly brought the phone to my right ear, I closed my eyes as Mikey’s soft breathing could be heard. I bit my lower lip and whispered his name, just as I had done 7 times previous.


I waited. But this time, the mocking ‘beeping’ never came.

I gently smiled as we remained in somewhat awkward silence for what seemed an eternity until I jumped slightly as his voice was harsh and rude as he snapped “what do you want? Stop fucking calling already, Mum’s gonna flip.”

My body froze, and for the first time my heart ached as it seemed to be squeezed tightly.

“Mikey.. I..”

“Hurry up, say what you gotta say Gerard.”

I looked towards the cracked ceiling as the tears began to form.

Come on Gerard! This is your only chance!

I took a deep breath as I opened and close my mouth for the second time until I finally found my voice and whispered his name once more.

“Mikey.. I j-just want you to know that everything that b-boy said was a lie, he hates me Mikes. H-He’s friends with that kid from school who used to b-bully me, a-anyways.. I just wanted you to k-know, I love you Mikey.” My voice croaked as the tears feel like so many times before.

“I just want you t-to know I l-love you Mikey.. I l-love you s-so much, you’re the b-best brother.”

The air became difficult to breath as numerous people eyes me with sympathy. And in that moment I wanted to yell at them, to tell them to ‘fuck off’ because I didn’t want there sympathy, I didn’t want them to ‘awww’ me and squeeze me cheeks.

I didn’t want that.

I wanted my baby brother. I wanted Mikey to forgive me.

“Who are you talking to Mikey” My heart skipped a beat as the loud clatter of my mothers heals could be heard in the background as Mikey’s soft voice whispered “Gerard..”


I sighted heavily as Mikey assured her he was fine.

I looked towards the female nurse who eyed me curiously, like so many others. A loud ruffle and crash was heard until my mothers loud screeching voice exploded its way into my eardrums. “Gerard Author Way!”

“Y-Yes Ma?”

“Its Donna to you now!” She snapped.

I remained confused for a moment until it all came crashing down. She was disowning me.. She hated me.

“But Ma.. I-I-“

“No Gerard! You’re a disgrace to this family you know that?! How dare you say those things to Mikey! He ran home in tears, do you understand how hurt he was?! Do you?!”

“I didn’t-“

“Of course you didn’t Gerard! You don’t do anything! I- I cant take this anymore, since you hate this family so much, you can move out. I’ll back your things, your not welcome here anymore. Go live with your Dad for all I care.”

“But Mum, p-please I-“

And then it came, like so many other times.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

My knees buckled as I collapsed to the floor. The crimson haired nurse rushed towards me as my head fell against the sky blue wall behind me as I sobbed loud. And for the first time I didn’t care that half the hospital was eyes me, some snorting and mutter “pussy” some even whispering “that poor boy.”

But the main thing was that, I didn’t care.

I didn’t fuck care anymore.

I failed, I was disowned, I was hated and like so many times before I was alone. Mikey was my company, he was what kept me alive, but now he was gone, and not only that, but my mother as well.

“Gerard, oh Gerard what happened?”

“I, he..” I paused as the sudden memory of Frank Iero came swiftly as his words echoed over and over. “Rule number one Gerard, always keep your door closed, you don’t always know who’s listening.”

What if there was a hidden message behind that? And better still, why didn’t I think of this sooner?

My jaw dropped shut as my body tingled at the nurses touch, I slapped her hand away causing her to yelp in pain. “Don’t. Touch. Me.” I growled through grinding teeth as her mouth opened in shock. “I.. G-Gerard.” I pulled myself off the tiled floor as I turned my back on her. I shut my eyes for a moment as no other than Frank Iero’s words ran as if on repeat. And then it struck me, I was right all along, his words had a hidden meaning. “Rule number one Gerard, always keep your door closed, you don’t always know who’s listening.” He was basically saying to shut my mouth and keep to myself, because the more people know, the more they can harm..

The more they know, the more they can use against you.

I wasn’t aware the red headed nurse was talking to me as I stood, jaw hanging open as I came to conclusion, that Frank Iero. THE Frank Iero had pretty much given me advise. As hard as it was to believe, he HELPED me.

Buy why?

Maybe he’s teaching you a lesson, while showing you the consequence?

Thousands upon thousands of thoughts ran through my head as I walked towards my room, the red headed nurse calling after me. I ignored her and continued to contemplate as I dragged my weak and worn leg towards my hospital room. Doctors and patents shot me curios looks as I continued to walk, I spotted the elderly nurse shaking her head, and much like before I flipped her off causing a smug smile to appear on my face.

And for the first time, I felt different. I felt as the Gerard Way who was sobbing uncontrollably moments ago had disappeared, I was that smug and devilish asshole I was when I first arrived. I felt my lips curve into a smile, that I would have guessed made me look utterly crazy.

I had become the devil himself.

And I was on a mission.

My mission was to show no other than Frank Iero what a good pupil I could be. I’ll listen, I’ll learn, and then I’ll destroy.

The black legs hanging carelessly beside my bedside caught my attention, as the rest of the wall covering there upper body, my heart race increased as I walked close and closer towards my half open door, the Metallica t-shirt caught my attention as I increased my pace, Mikey!

I pushed the door open, it smashed against the concrete walls with a big, BANG!

“Hey Gee.”

My breath hitched as I remained frozen. “W-What are you doing here?”

And there it was, that small famous smug smile. “I do believe its time for rule number 2.”

I shot Frank a warning look as he suddenly pulled my art book from his side, he waved it slightly in my face and his smirk grew. “Amazing isn’t is?”

My eyebrows arched in confusion.

Frank carefully placed the grey art book in his lap as he ran his finger tips over my carved name in the lower right. “Amazing that your not crying” he laughed as he eyed me sharply, “about time you grew balls and stopped crying like a fucking baby, Gee”

In that moment the familiar sensation of rage flowed through my body as I clenched my fists, “fucking prick!” I screamed as I threw myself at Frank.

Frank yelped as my body slammed into his. He flew against the head bored, groaning in pain as his head slammed against the matrices. The burning sensation began to grow, but for the first time I didn’t let go, and slowly and slowly it grew causing my arms to go limp. I froze as Frank suddenly ran his hand slowly down my chest. My chest began to tingle as he slipped his hands under my lose buttoned up shirt as run them up and down my rib cage. “I always new you were a faggot.” He spat as he suddenly threw my body of his with such force I cringed as I hit the titled floor. “Fuck!” I screeched as I held my now aching chest.

A mocking laugh causes me to snap my head towards Frank who now stood hovering slightly over me. And as swiftly as before, he slammed my hard covered art book into my face. My head snapped back as I groaned loudly as the art book fell carelessly in my lap. The crimson liquid trickled down from my nostrils. I dragged the back of my hand across it, smearing the blood across my face. “You think you can destroy me fucker?” I growled, earning a surprised look from Frank who’s hazel green eyes glinted with excitement.

“Finally.” He breathed as licked his lips and stroked my cheek gently. I remained still, biting my lip from the contact. His shot me a full toothed smile as my body began to shake.

His hand was there too long.

Get away. Get away. GET THE FUCK AWAY!

I slapped his hand away, shuffling my body further and further from his. “Poor baby, don’t you wanna play?” He joked sarcastically, kicking my now stained red art book in my direction. “Forgive me Gerard, I’m not quiet the artist you are. But I try.”

With shaking hands I pulled the art book into my lap.

Be strong, don’t show him it effects you!

I slowly opened the front cover, aware his two piercing green eyes burnt daggers into my small frame.

My heart stopped beating as a soft gasp escaped my lips. The inside torn and burnt, smeared with texta’s that read “come angels of the unknown.” I bit my lip as I turned the torn and damaged pages that once held my masterpieces. The beyond dive portrait that once held the image of my Grandmother was burnt and completely destroyed as another set of lyrics was written messily above her torn face, “saints protect her.”

I tasted the metallic liquid as I felt the torn flesh of my lower lip flap slightly. I skimmed quickly through the entire book.

Where is it?! What the fuck did he do with it!? WHERE IS IT?!

“I’m part pyromaniac.” Frank laughed as I torn through the entire art book, the tears become more and more visible at every passing second. “Where did you put it!?” I screamed as I threw the ruined art book that once held my masterpieces towards the wall. “Where the fuck did you put it Frank!” I screamed as I shot of the floor with such strength it startled even me.

Frank’s eyes glinted with even more excitement as he giggled slightly “where did I put what Gee”

“Don’t fucking call me that!” I growled as I took one step towards him, out bodies so close I could hear his warm breath breathing down my next as he suddenly lifted his hand just above my heart that raced as his unexpected movements. “Gerard.” His voice barely a whisper as he close the gab in-between up, his rising and dropping chest now touching mine.

I went to pull away, only to have to firm hands grip my waste and pull my close towards him. I struggled to get away as my body ached from being touched so much.

Why is he touching me?!

What does he want?!

Get away!


I forcefully pushed Frank away to only pulled me closer. “Gerard” he whispered once more as he placed a wet kiss on the nap of my neck causing me to shiver. “Never give up darling, I know you will make it into art school one day.”

My entire seemed to shut down at the familiar words.
“Don’t let others stop you from doing what you like. Your invisible Gerard, and never forget that. I will love you forever and ever, regards Elena.”

His voice was soft as I pushed him away with all my force. “Give it to me!” I yelled as Frank smirked and reached into his back pocket and pulled out the wither and worn black and white photograph. He held it up, the smug smirk never leaving his lips as I studied the image I had looked over so many times. The elderly woman stood next to me, her arms wrapped around me as she held me in a warm embrace. I was 8 when that photo was taken, long before I developed Aphephobia.

The elderly woman who was my Grandmother held me lovingly as I giggled into her touch.

Frank turned the image, and there her elegant scrip was seen, the same scrip Frank had recited moment ago.

“G-Give it to me.” It was meant to come out more like a demand, but instead it came out more like a plead.

Frank shook his head childishly. “Rule number two Gerard.”

I began to shake my head furiously as the tears dropped, I collapsed to my knees as he held the image high above my head, he grinned softly as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue lighter. “Rule number two Gerard..” he repeated as the lighter’s clicked and a crimson flame blew around as if mocking me.

“P-Please, a-anything b-but that.”

Frank shook his head, a glimpse of pity appeared, but as quickly as it game it disappeared, his mouth forced into a straight line, his face held no emotion as he whispered “Rule number two Gerard, never show your weaknesses to those who will kill you.”

And with that, he aloud the flame to in light the photograph witch my Grandmother had given to me a week before she died.

“Don’t g-give up Gerard. Keep fighting. Don’t let this Aphephobia hold you back o-okay?” Her voice ran in my head as the photo began to cringe and slowly evaporate. Frank aloud the image to flutter to the tile floor. I watched as the crimson’s and oranges blended together, the black smoke flowing above until finally it gave out with nothing left to burn.

I held back the sobs.

I couldn’t cry. I was suppose to be the “perfect pupil.” I was suppose to destroy Frank, I was suppose to show him I could learn his lesson without crying.. without being weak.

“2 lessons down, 8 to go.”

I looked towards Frank who avoided my eye contact. He stood, as if frozen staring at the ash that once was a photograph. It was like he was destroying me, and everything I loved to then rebuild me..

But at the same time he was enjoying it.
He loved watching me cringe and cry.

He was the devil, not me.

I was more the forgot bones he wore as a crown.

I was nothing more than a waste, and he new that.

“Good bye.” His voice was low as he stepped into the pile of ashes, causing them to scatter. He walked towards the door, just in time to see a single tear run down my face.

I will destroy the things you love Frank Iero, just as you have destroyed the things that I LOVED.

..And this time.
I swore on it.
I swore on Elena grave.

Frank Iero will pay, even if it’s the last thing I do.


There ya go. =D another update!

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