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Chapter Seven: Rules

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Chapter Seven: Rules
Song: No Doubt – Don’t Speak

“G-Gerard, I know you c-can hear me, I know you can Gee. P-Please wake u-up, I love you bro. I know you’ve always said that you’re a m-mess up, but you not Gee, you’re my hero.”

“I’m sorry Gee, this is a-all my fault.”

”I’m the reason you’re here j-just because I was a pansy and couldn’t take being teased, I-I’m sorry Gee! I am, please f-forgive me. I know I must be a horrible brother, but p-please forgive me..”

No its not! Mikey, you’re the best brother!

“I’m so stupid.. I’m sorry Gee, I’m sorry. You probably hate me”

“Fuck, I’m such a mistake.”

Mikey! No your not! You’re the best brother, and I love you.. I love you Mikey.

I lay in silence for what seemed like an eternity, the darkness sending shivers down my spine as I tried to move my body. Panic arise as I tried once more, unable to move or speak.

“I better go.. y-you probably don’t want me here.”

No Mikey! Stay! Help me Mikey!

“Bye G-Gerard.. I love you.”

The soft teardrops landing carelessly upon the white sheets was felt as they seeped through the sheets, until they were totally consumed. They liquid felt cold as it slightly touched my skin. As I gained more and more feeling and control over my body. I felt the sheets ruffle and it tilted to the side slightly. A loud agonizing sob escaped no other than my brothers lips as he muttered “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” over and over.

And then it hit me, Mikey was crying.
He was blaming himself for my troubles.

“S-Sorry.. s-sorry Gee.”

My heart ached as my brothers sobs gradually got louder and louder.

Mikey, Oh Mikey.. don’t be sorry.

“Bye Gee.” Mikey whispered. His soft fingertips taking hold of a strand of my hair. He tugged softly, another sob escaped his lips as he ran his fingers throughout my hair, avoiding my scalp. “Don’t give up Gee. I b-believe in you.”

I felt my small childish lips curve into a small smile, “M-Mikey..” My eye lids felt heavy as I forced them open. The blurred figure of my brother stood above me, I blinked slowly, groaning in pain as a stinging pain erupted thought my entire body.


I smile wider as my vision cleared, and there stood Mikey. Hair ruffled and unwashed. Eyes red and puffy from lack of sleep and crying. His nose was red and tainted slightly as he rubbed at it, a strange habit he developed when he was a child. He scratched at his noise once more, causing numerous of red lines to appear. “Why are y-you nervous?”

Mikey repressed a smile as he chocked back a loud sob. “I’m so s-sorry Gerard!” He whispered, head dropping in shame. I forcefully lifted myself slightly, groaning in pain as my lethargic body fell back against the mattress. “S-Shit.” My voice cracked as another strong pain pierced its way thought my entire body. Mikey hushed me as he tugged my hair, I shut my eyes, trying my best to ignore the endless stinging that seemed to run through my veins. Mikey’s soft humming sent me into an abyss of calm as I sighted in content.

“When c-can I go home Mikes?”

There was an awkward silence as Mikey stopped stroking my hair, coughing lightly causing me to open my eyes. I was met with his, wide and fearful as he bit his lip and scratched his nose rapidly. Mikey ran his finger through his oily hair, sighting heavily. I skimmed his body langue, something was wrong.
Something was definite wrong.

“When can I go home Mikey?” I asked once more, causing Mikey to look towards the door with great interest. I moaned loudly in annoyance, asking my question once more, Mikey shot me a concerned look as he muttered a small “I’ll go tell Ma your awake.”


Mikey bit his lower lip once more. “Your not.”


Mikey rubbed at his eyes, trying to avoid the tears that threatened to fall. “Y-You cant go home Gee, y-you see.. you’ve pretty much been in a deep sleep for around 2 day-“


He nodded slightly, taking hold of my raven locks, holding it gently. “You were pretty fucked up.. you had a panic attack Gee.”

“A p-panic a-attack? W-What the fuck h-happened?”

Mikey shrugged as he sniffed loudly. “Gerard.” His voice stern and serious. “The hospital is going to help you get over your phobia Gee.. they asked Ma, and she ag-

“What the fuck are you saying!?” I snapped causing him to cringe, he aloud the strands of black hair to drop as he fiddled with the hem of the pillowcase. “Mum agreed, you’ve been signed up for this type of therapy, where they help people come over there phobias.”


Mikey grinned sadly. “You’ll be staying here, u-until they find an empty room, then they’ll send you to Rossworths Institution Of Phobias.”

I froze in disbelief.
An Institution Of Phobias? No fuck way!


I ignored Mikey as I shifted my position slightly.
They were sending me to a fucking Institution? I wasn’t crazy! I was just scared. What’s wrong with being scared anyway? Everyone gets scared. Okay, maybe not as scared as me.. and definitely not scared of being touched, but whatever.. Being scared is being scared?

I held back the tears, as Mikey stood watching me concerned. I turned my back on him causing his to shuffle awkwardly. I watched as numerous nurses and doctors passed my room, the elegant blue hall clearly visible. A black figure leaned against the wall. The person suddenly straighten and began to walk towards my room, I cringed my eyes to get a better view. My breath hitched in my throat as Frank stood merely a meter away, a smug smile appeared on his face as he mouthed “good to see your awake.”

My heart rate increased, as the past events came flowing back.



My breathing was rapidly increasing until I couldn’t breath at all, I was choking, falling back into the dark abyss of loneliness I has once come from.

“He’s having a panic attack! Hurry get him..”

The elderly woman’s voice faded, and all suddenly went mute. I could feel them touching and moving my body and at that moment I thought my entire body was in flames. The pain was increasing as the entire room swirled into a mass of color, I turned my head and a white object caught my attention. I stared at it for what seem like forever until slowly my vision began to focus and that’s when I recognized the drawing.

The frightened boy surrounded in shadows, his eyes wide with fear, and for a moment that young boy seemed familiar. Too familiar for my liking.

He clenched the guitar tightly, his lips roughly drawn into a smirk, his blond hair swaying in the wind.

My entire system seem to shut down as I started at the image more and more.

The boy with blond hair..
The boy with bright blue eyes..

..The boy from my nightmares.
..The boy from my past.

And that’s when I aloud myself to scream.

It all came crashing down. The boy I had draw wasn’t Frank, but was that senior who has caused me so much pain.

I was afraid of Frank because he could hurt me just like that blue eyed boy had, anyone could hurt me.. And that’s why I hated him. I hated him because he had such a strange effect on me.

A soft tune brought me back as the tugging at my arms increased, bright lights shun above me. I couldn’t feel, I had gone completely numb, and that’s when his voice slowly brought me back to reality.

“Saaiinnnttss prrroottecctt herr nooowww…”

“Commee annggeelllsss off… the loordd..”

There he sat, black acoustic in hand as he plucked away at the stinks. “Commmee aannggeellss off the.. unknnoowwnn..”

Franks green multi-colored eyes met mine as a small smirk appeared on his face. “Sorry” he whispered. “I don’t help faggots.”

My eyes widened. “No, no, no, NO!” I screamed

Frank stood, smiling as my eyes grew wide with fear. I began to shuffle my body as far away from the door as possible. “No.. No! NO!” I screeched, ignored the pain as I roughly forced my weak body to move. “GET A-AWAY! G-GET AWAY!” I began to scream as Frank licked his lips and laughed harshly.

“Gerard! What’s wrong!?”


My heart was racing as Franks two piercing green eyes, shot daggers at me. I wrapped my arms around my body as I rocked and cried loudly. “GO A-AWAY!” I repeated as the pain increased, the elderly nurse rushed in, her hand came in contact with my shoulder as I screamed louder. “FUCK OFF! FUCK OFF!” the elderly nurse rubbed my back as if to calm me.

Her fingers burned my flesh as her hand caused friction with my hospital gown. I cried louder as the area she was rubbing began to burn, I kicked and screamed slapping her hands away as I threw the blankets off my body. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” I cried as I jumped from the bed, my legs unable to carry my weight, and in a swift movement feel to the floor and began to crawl away from the nurse who was quickly paging, what I guessed more doctors and such. I screamed louder as 3-4 male nurses rushed into my room coming towards me with wide hands. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” I kicked and screamed as there filthy hand came in contact with my legs and arms, they lifted me, causing me to scream and kick in pain.

My head began to spin as the elderly nurse held up a small needle, I thrashed and struggled to get free.

“STOP IT! LET HIM GO!” Mikey screamed as he forcefully pushed at a male nurse.

I cried louder as he wrapped his arms around Mikey, holding him back as my furious mother suddenly rushed into the scene. “What the hell?! She screamed as she removed the male nurses tightly gripped arms around Mikey and replaced them with her own.

Tears raced there way down his cheeks as my mother shook her head. “Come on Mikey! Lets go!” she snapped as she began to pull him towards the door.


My body losing energy by the second as the throbbing pain became almost unbearable. The male nurses held me down upon the soft mattress, and they readied the needle. I screamed louder as the elderly nurse extracted my right arm, holding it still.

“MIKEY! MIKEY!” I screamed as tears covered my entire face as Mikey was pulled from the scene, he screamed and struggled to get free as my mother pushed his away.

Mikey’s met mine as I mouthed a small “I love you.” He nodded struggled to be freed.

I screamed as the needle pierced my skin. I felt the think yellow liquid enter my blood steam, and the my entire body began to go limp.

Mother fuckers. I’m not an animal..

The nurses touch soon went unfelt as they set me down and discussed my passion and such, I zoned out as I watched the now empty blue hallway witch Mikey was dragged down.

The tears fell as my entire body began numb until I could move any longer.

“How are you feeling Mr. Way?”

I tried to open my mouth to swear unkindly things, but found I couldn’t. I growled as the elderly nurse grinned sadly. “The tranquilizer has kicked in then.”

I sobbed softly as the elderly nurse waved the flustered male nurses away. She waved away the hair that coved my face causing me to groan, as her touch burnt my skin. “I’m sorry Mr. Way but—Ah! Mr. Iero.”

My eyes widened, as the black figure slowly walked towards the nurse.

No, No, No, NO!

“How are you Janet?”

The elderly nurse apparently called Janet smiled kindly. “Could be better Frankie, but you know.” She smiled as she turned her attention to me once more, she began to talk but I paid no attention. I eyed Frank who stood above me and smirked ever so lightly.

The elderly nurse coughed, I shot her a look as she finished off the last of her sentence. “..So, you’ll be able to move in 5 hours or so, but in the mean time relax Mr. Way, I really hate using needles and such, so maybe sleep for a while, or better still Frank here can keep you company. Will you Frank?”

Frank smirk widened as he nodded enthusiastically. “Sure thing.”

The elderly nurse smiled as she waved me a one handed wave and departed.

In that moment, I had never feared for my life so much.

Frank laughed as he took a set beside my bed where Mikey previously sat. “I don’t hate you Gerard.” He began smirking as more tears fell silently down my cheeks. “You know that right?”

I stood pure frozen.

What the fuck was he getting at?!

Franks hand stroked away my tears causing me to groan at his touch burned me furiously. He laughed as leaned closer towards me. “I’m going to teach you 10 rules to surviving Gerard.” He whispered.

I whimpered as he leaned in closer, lips inches from my own. “Rule number one.”

With all my power I tried to move my body, but failed as he leaned in closer. The loud thumping of footsteps caused my head to throb as they seemed to get louder.

“Rule number one Gerard, always keep your door closed, you don’t always know who’s listening.” And with that he pulled away and smiled deviously as he took hold of my hair.

More tears feel rapidly down my eyes as the sudden loud stomping footsteps came to an end, and the room was filled with silence.

“If you hate Mikey so much Gerard why don’t you tell him to leave you alone? I mean Jesus, you said it yourself, he’s the reason your here.”

I eyed him in confusion.

He smirked wider as he took hold of my hair and tugged twice.

My heart stopped as a loud gasp was heard from behind us.


No.. oh, god no..

I snapped my eyes towards the slump figure who stood at my door. “Is t-that t-true?”

I tried to open my mouth as if to scream and wrap my arms around my younger brother, I didn’t care if I would have another heart attack, I didn’t care if I were to drop dead. The only thing I cared about was that Mikey new I loved him, and this wasn’t his fault.

“I’m sorry Mikey.. but Gerard refuses to talk to you. You fucked him up man, I’m amazed you even have the guts to show your face, didn’t you tell him you hated him Gerard?” Frank eyed me, as I pleaded for him to stop. I was at my knees and he new it.

Frank new Mikey was my weakness.
Frank new the way to destroying me, was destroying the things I loved.

And did he pity me?

He laughed. He smirked.

“Okay fine.” Frank snapped turning his head towards Mikey. “See! He wont even talk to me because your in the fucking room! Fuck off you little shit! Your nothing more than a little nerd.”

Mikey eyes widened as more tears furiously ran down his cheeks. “Y-You don’t mean that! G-Gee loves me!

Frank snorted as he ran his finger through my hair. “He pitied you kid, there a difference.”

Mikey threw a black object towards Frank, who yelped as it hit him heard in the chest. I eyed the black object with interest, unaware what it was until Frank held it up.

..It was my art book, the same art book Mikey had bought me.

“I h-hate you!” Mikey whispered harshly before turning his head and running down the hypnotizing blue hallway once more.

“Such a shame.” Frank whispered as he placed a small kiss on my temple. “See ya tomorrow Gee.” He smirked as he tugged at my hair, I yelped in pain as he tugged harder. “Hope you don’t mind, but I’ll been editing your work.”

I struggled to move my body as he opened my art book and began to depart. He stopped suddenly turning towards me. “9 more life lessons to learn sweetie.”

He blew a kiss and smugly departed. Art book in hand.

I remained frozen as tears raced down my face, and for the first time..

I felt useless.
I felt weak.

I felt.. beaten.

But I new for a fact, this wasn’t the end.
This was the beginning.

SIGHTS Fucking.. GAH
I truthfully don’t like this chapter. It sucks.. so im sorry guys =/
It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to.


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