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You Can Dress Them Up…

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The crew goes out to dinner where things get interesting.

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Bob pulled Adam aside, “I’m sorry if I had known I would never have agreed to it.”

“No sweat. Who knows maybe they can get along enough so Derek’s last year won’t be pure hell.”

“I hope so because right now they look like they could kill each other.”

“Gerard and the older one seem to be getting along pretty well.” Adam couldn't help but notice.

Bob looked over to where they were, glad that they were getting along.

“That will make my job a little easier.”

‘Why don’t we all go out to dinner tonight, one last hurrah before the tour begins?” asked Adam.

“You sure? The girls would have to come too you know.”

“I know. Maybe if we get them in a relaxed environment and they might chill a little."

“I guess it can’t hurt, right,” shrugged Bob.

“Hey maybe some of the other bands will want to join us.”

“Ask around, tell them we’re going to Athens. It has some nice veggie pizzas.”

When Bob and Adam got back to the group, Gerard had his arm casually around Madison’s neck. Bob thought he actually might really like her because he’s usually shy around girls. And what will happen when Lyn-z shows up?

Bob walked casually to the group who was now joined by Eddie Reyes, the TBS other guitarist, Mark O’Connell their drummer and Matt Rubano their bassist.

“How’s Mikey doing guys?” asked Matt Rubano.

“Mikey’s doing great he’s loving the whole marriage thing,” said Gerard.

“Do you think we’ll see him before the tour ends?”


“But for now us Matts have got to stick together,” said Matt R.

“You got it,” answered Matt C.

Two hours later.

“Are you girls ready yet? I’m hungry,” yelled Bob.

“Just calm yourself down,” said Madison as she walked out.

She wore a beige dress with black flowers on branches going through it. It had a small delicate bow at the top that led to the straps that tied around her neck. She wore her hair up and her make-up was perfect earth tone colors. She was a vision.

Next Elisabeth came out and she wore a strapless light blue mini dress with a cropped white sweater over it. Unlike her sister she wore her hair down and in curls. She too had perfect make-up but in soft pinks.

Derek leaned into his cousin, “If I didn’t hate her so much I would compliment her.”

“Go ahead,” said Adam, “who knows, she might say something nice back.”

“Yeah right.”

Bob turned to the girls, “You two look beautiful.”

Madison turned to the group of men, “Well aren’t you going to dress?”

“We are dressed,” said Matt C.

“But you’ve had those same clothes on all day. Where we come from we dress for dinner.”

“And if we were going out to a high priced restaurant we would dress. But were not we’re going out for pizza and spaghetti,” said Bob.

“You mean pasta?” asked Elisabeth.

“Yeah pasta,” replied Bob.

Frank had run in the bus while this conversation was going on and came back out with his newest toy, his tiara.

“I’m ready,” he said all smiles.

“Put that back.”

“But Bob,” said Frank with puppy dog eyes and a fake pout.

“Fine, but don’t lose it.”

“You’re letting him wear that in public?” asked Madison.

“If he wants.”

“But won’t people think, well you know?”

“No I don’t know.”

“One of those people, like my hairdresser.”


“You know.”

“No I don’t,” Bob was getting aggrevated at that point.

“A pansy, a homosexual?” whispered Madison.

“I am a pansy, and quite frankly I’m a lesbian. I only date woman.” Frank could see he was not going to get a long with Madison. The problem being there is that Gerard had already taken a huge liking to the girl. He might even forget that Lyn-z was in town. He hoped not.

Gerard led Madison to one of the vans that were waiting to take them to town.

“That’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing,” smiled Gerard.

“It’s one of Oscar’s.”

“And you talk about me? You’re wearing a dress that belongs to some guy,” said Frank.

Madison rolled her eyes, “The designer is Oscar, Oscar De La Renta.”

“The designer Oscar,” Frank said mockingly.

Gerard rolled his eyes at his friend, “Those shoes are absolutely beautiful. What kind of fake skin is it supposed to be?”

“It’s real snake skin.”

“What? I bet you wear fur too?” said Frank totally disgusted.

“Well it’s really warm.”

Frank just shook his head.

“All those poor little animals being kept waiting to be slaughtered.”

“But that’s why they’re bred.”

“If people like you would stop buying fur, they would stop breeding animals for that purpose.”

“Gotcha,"smiled Madison, "I do have a conscious I would never wear fur.”

Gerard smiled at Frankie and scrunched his nose. “Isn’t she sweet?”

“She’s a winner Gee,” said Frank.

“You smell really nice,” as Gerard nuzzled her neck and sniffed, “spicy.”

“It’s called Poivre by Caron.”

“Sounds expensive, like a hundred dollars an ounce.”

Maddison giggled a little, “More like two thousand.”

“An ounce?” asked Gerard.

Frank just shook his head.

“So exactly how much for the whole get-up?” asked Frank in disgust.

“The dress is five thousand, the shoes are two, the jewelry is another two. Still less than what you have on your head.”

“Don’t you feel the least bit guilty about all this?” asked Frank.

“Why should I feel guilty?”

“There are children starving in third world countries and you’re spending almost ten thousand dollars on an outfit.”

“I’ll have you know that my father gives millions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He also gives to Make a Wish, The United Way, Live Earth, American Cancer Society, Save the Arts.”

“And what have you given?” goaded Frank.

“I’m a student and don’t have an income.”

“So you volunteer at a soup kitchen, or deliver meals to the elderly, maybe keep them company.”

“Frank enough,” said Gerard.

“Yeah whatever.” Frank said as he walked away.

In one van was My Chem and the girls while in the other was TBS and Derek.

They got to the restaurant and were seated, Bob had the good sense to call ahead. Worm and Gary (TBS security head) stood in a corner making sure that no one disturbed the bands while they ate.

At the table somehow Derek and Elisabeth were seated across from each other. Gerard sat next to Madison holding her hand under the table. Adam sat on the other side of her he just wanted to take in her beauty. He knew Gerard liked her but also knew soon he would probably be occupied once Lyn-z came into town. It would be then that he would make his move. But for now he would just take in everything about her.

Bob watched as everyone except Derek was either watching or listening intently about what Madison was saying about their latest adventure to Europe, he also noticed how Elisabeth was all but ignored.

“Does it bother you your sister is getting all this attention?” Bob asked quietly.

“I’m used to it. She’s the pretty one, the smart one.”

“The not so bitchy one,” said Derek.

They were saved by the food before another insult was thrown at each other.

Bob and Derek decided to split a pizza while Elisabeth had Chicken Marsala.

“That looks pretty good”, said Bob, “can I have a taste?”

“If you wanted a taste you should have ordered your own.”

“What if I didn’t like it, then it would have gone to waste.”

Looking at Worm and Gary Elisabeth said, “I’m sure the human garbage disposals standing over there would finish it off.”

“Don’t you ever talk that way about Worm or Gary again,” Bob said sternly, yet quietly.

“Yes sir,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

Just then he heard mumblings from the other end of the table. It was James their keyboardist, who had to take a later flight due to an uncle’s funeral.

“How are you doing?” asked Ray.

“Okay. It was sad but honestly I wasn’t that close to him.”

James looked around, “You beautiful lady, must be one of our new roommates. Lucky us. Where’s the other one?”

Bob stood up, “James that over there is Madison and over here is Elisabeth. Ladies this is James our plays keyboard and sings back-up.”

He kissed Madison’s hand and did the same to Elisabeth.

“I’m sure it will be a pleasure sharing a bus with you two.”

“Just lock all your stuff up,” said Derek.

“How’d you get here?” asked Adam.

“I came with them.”

James motioned to the four members of Mindless Self Indulgence.

They walked were first seated and then walked over to My Chem and TBS’s table. “Hey guys,” said Jimmy Urine their lead singer. The table laughed at the girls reaction as he seemed a little frightening.

“Well hello ladies” teased Jimmy. Madison snuggled closer to Gerard, which didn’t go unnoticed by Lyn-z. She was really hoping that she and him would finally hook-up the way they wanted to in the past. But obviously he had other things in mind.

“Hey everyone, Gerard,” said Lyn-z.

Bob got up and introduced them to the girls. “This is Jimmy, Steve, Kitty and Lyn-z.”

“Nice to meet you”, said Madison.

Lyn-z started hanging all over Jimmy. Two can play at that game. Gerard squeezed Madison’s leg harder. She looked at him quickly. It was then he realized he was squeezing too tight.

‘Fine,’ he thought ‘if she wanted to be with Urine, fine with me.’ He nuzzled closer to Madison.

Noticing what was going on Kitty said, “I think we better go order. Bye everyone.”

As that drama was unfolding at one end of the table another was unfolding at the other.

“Well if you and your friends weren’t a bunch of fucking snobs that take personal pleasure in destroying other people’s belongings.”

That was it Elisabeth flicked the spaghetti on her fork at him. Derek got up, picked up her plate and dumped it over her head.

“The two of you out in the van!!! NOW!!!” screamed Bob.

Adam went to get up and go. But Bob raised his hand saying I got this. He was pissed they hadn’t seen Bob that mad in a very long time, if ever.
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