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Stigmata - Unexplainable Wounds

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Someone is hurting themself, or someone is hurting them and Maxine can feel and see what is happening. Can she find this person before they or Maxie die? Read and find out.

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Published: 2008-06-15 - Updated: 2008-06-15 - 1034 words

“Um…Jasey. Jasey! JASEY!!” As I kept yelling her name and looking at the blood coming from my wrist, she came running into my room in the apartment we shared.

“What?” it took her a second to realize what I was crying and screaming about. “What the fuck did you do to yourself? Did you cut yourself? Why in the world would you do that?”

“I didn’t cut myself. Do you see a fucking razor blade or knife in my hands? It just happened. I was reading and then I felt this sharp pain in my wrist and I looked down and a line of blood was coming out. What should I do?”

“We need to get you to the campus doctor. Like now!” She grabbed a towel and rapped in around my wrist and she helped me to her car. So, you know I am not so good around blood so when I see blood I just of get sick, light headed and I have been known to black out. Once I was home alone and blacked out from the blood and then went into a coma because of blood lose. “Max, stay with me. Talk to me hun. Ok. Tell me about Adam.”

“Adam is my boyfriend. I have known him almost my whole life. He loves to play the bass guitar but is not in a band because he wants to go into Law. He has curly hair and he once cut it into a mohawk but let it hang to one side. Because I got into Ferris State University, he also sent in an application and got in. So he is at the moment in Pre-Law.” By then we were at the Urgent Care Clinic on campus. We helped me walk in and sat me down. And she went up to the nurse at the desk. I am guessing Jasey told her what was going on because they got my in to see a doctor quickly. I looked down at the towel my wrist was wrapped in and it was soaked with blood. I almost collapsed as we walk back there. They put me in a wheelchair right then and there.

“Hi, Maxine. I’m Dr. Rains. Let’s get a look at what going on here. “ He unwrapped the towel and there were three more cut then before.

“Those weren’t there when I first noticed the blood. What is going on with me?” I looked at the doctor and my vision was fuzzy. I am guessing from the blood lose. After trying to clear my vision and trying to listen to the doctor the all too familiar black snow came and I knew I was out cold.

“Maxie, please wake-up. Just let me know you’re ok.” I couldn’t really tell who that was. But, as it got clearer and clearer I could tell it was Adam. I tried to open my eyes. But, it was hard. So I tried again and I got them open. Once they were open I regretted it. Because I was being blinded by a bright white light. I just blinked a couple times. Adam was sitting there smiling down at me, holding my hand. I looked around and I was in a hospital room. Jasey was there, talking to my mom. There were flowers everywhere. And there was is huge ass card that said get well soon.

“I am so happy you’re up hun.” My mom said once she noticed I was awake. She then left my room. Probably to go get a doctor or nurse.

“So, would one of you like to explain why I am in a hospital?”

“Well, once I got you to the Urgent Care Center and into see a doctor you blacked out because of lose of blood and the whole issue of you not liking blood.”

“Oh yea.”

“After you blacked out the doctor called an ambulance. They took you here and started to give you blood transfusions. And they kind of still are. You lost a lot of blood that night. And in the last couple of day you kept getting the cuts. And no one knows why.” I looked down at my arms and saw more scars, bandages, and IV’s then I had ever seen before.

“Oh my god, oh my, oh my god!” I started to hyperventilate. Adam rubbed my hand as Jasey ran to get a nurse, because my heart rate was getting quicker and I couldn’t breathe. It seemed like a football sized team of nurses and doctors came running in. They shooed the one person, who could calm me down, out of the room. This just made me hyperventilate harder and heavier. They put something into one of my IV’s and suddenly I was falling into a deep sleep.

This isn’t my room. I got up from the bed I was sitting on, found a mirror and when I looked into it I was not a girl I was a guy who looked a lot like me. He had the same cuts as I did. And in his hand he had a razor blade. As I stand there I could hear someone running up the stairs outside the door I was near. And a second later a boy came running in. He was taller, and just as skinny.

“Spencer why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you hurting yourself?” He asked. I answered without even knowing it.

“I don’t know Brandon. I just don’t know. I helps me just get through the pain.”

“Well, you need to stop! We don’t need you offing yourself. Come on give me the razor blade and get you cleaned up.” Brandon came towards me. I gave him the razor blade and followed him into the bathroom. He cleaned up the cuts on my arm and wrapped them up in bandage. “Now, get some rest. I will be back in the morning. Please call me if you need anything. Ok?” I laid down on the bed I was sitting on earlier, and closed my eyes. Right away I fell into a deep sleep.
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