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22 Acacia Avenue

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Frerard based on the song 22 acacia avenue by Iron Maiden - What happens when Gerard accidentally finds himself in a whore house? Love is found in the most unlikely of places...

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London was a cold city. That was the first thing I noticed. We had travelled for months on a creaking ship for this? I felt like slapping Ray for bringing me here, as soon as we stepped off the ship and onto the harbor wall a strong gust of icy wind had almost knocked me backward into the choppy black water and I knew then that I wasnt going to like London. Ray on the other hand seemed to be enjoying himself, we had so far spent two days here and it was currently our third night. Back in America I had been complaining about feeling like there was something out there I was supposed to find, but America just didnt seem to have that thing - whatever the thing was. Ray had already been planning to go to London for a second time and so he invited me, tempting me by saying it held many oppurtunities for me to find what I was looking for.
Yeah, if what I was looking for was rain and rats, and I assure you its not.
We were strolling down the cobbled streets, looking for a place to eat. There was light drizzle mingled in the greenish fog and people bustled past as if they were in a hurry. People in London always seemed to be in a hurry.
I had to hold onto my black top hat with one hand before it was blown away, just like all the other men, the women clinging to their shawls and bonnets. Despite my winter cape the wind was still painfully cold, and my white silk gloves provided no warmth for my numb fingers.
"Ray - Just go into the next inn you see. I cant stand this bloody weather." I had to talk loudly to be heard over the whistling of the wind, and Ray called back an 'okay' before quickening his pace. We rounded a corner into a street named Acacia avenue, lined with big buildings that looked expensive. Each window seemded to have a candle glowing in it, providing a warm light and making me long to be inside the buildings. Surely there would be an inn, or a public house or something. Finally I saw Ray duck past a man and into one of the doorways, I followed him and watched as he slammed the brass door knocker in the shape of a bow on the wood of the door, the number 22 also in brass directly above the knocker.
The door was opened almost instantly by a large woman, wearing a dark purple velvet dress, her breasts bulging over the top of her corset. Her brown hair was streaked with grey and pulled back into a fancy hair style, dotted with jewels. I was wondering why Ray had chosen this particular place, it didnt seem like an inn or pub to me. But when I looked past the woman I saw that there was indeed a bar and gentlemen sat about the room, flirting with the maids and smoking pipes.
"Good evening gentlemen. Is this your first time visiting number 22?" The woman asked, her ruby lips forming the words slowly, as if they were solid things coming out of her mouth. Ray and I nodded at the same time.
"Yes, we're trying to get out of the cold." I added quickly, the womans smile grew wider as she stepped aside for us. We hurried over the threshold, the door being shut behind us.
"Well, allow us to warm you right up." The woman said as she took our capes and top hats from us and hanging them on a hat stand. "My name is Merl and I hope you enjoy your time with us tonight." She added, smiling warmly at us. I thought this was a strange thing to be saying to us but then I decided it must just be a London thing.
"If you follow me I'll run you past the prices and what not." I gave Ray a confused look, but he merely shrugged and followed Merl to the bar, where she sorted us out with drinks before pulling a piece of lead from between her breasts and writing on a peice of brown paper todays date.
"Okay sirs, what are your names?" She asked, looking at us from beneath her thick eye lashes.
"Ray Toro and Gerard Way." Ray answered, the woman wrote our names down and leant her elbows on the bar.
"Well then, to just sit in this room and drink and eat is 2 shillings, flirting is fine but any innapropriate touching of the girls will result in a bigger charge - about 4 shillings. To have a dance from one of the girls is six shillings, for light interaction like kissing, touching etc its eight shillings, and anything more will require you to get a room and pay ten shillings." As she said the prices Merl counted each thing off on one of her fingers, before smiling at me and Ray. "So men, what will it be?" She asked. I looked at Ray, seeing the look of shock reflected on his face. Slowly I turned to look back at Merl, as Rays eyes wandered round the room - noticing the men and women kissing and fondeling between drinking and laughing.
"Excuse me err, Merl but erm... Is this a erm -"
"A gentlemans place of socialising and enjoyment." Merl cut across me. Ray grabbed my shoulder and pushed himself against me so as he could whisper in my ear -
"Its a god damn whore house Gerard. We should leave." I nodded my agreement but stopped when I saw the look on Merls face. She had a strange look of understandment matching her smirk.
"Well, if your not inclined towards the women we do have a few healthy boys here too." Ray and I looked at eachother with looks of horror, she thought we were gay!? I turned to quickly correct her when Ray spoke before me.
"You sell boys too?" He gasped, clearly disgusted. Merl put her hands on her hips and gave Ray a stern look.
"I do not class it as selling them, I merely give them wages for offering their services. Besides, those rascals earn the most in this place, its surprising how many men prefer the same sex." I had heard enough, and by the looks of it Ray had too. It wasnt that I was against gays, I was strong beleiver that people could do what they want - but I certainly didnt want some middle aged slut trying to sell me a night with a boy. Merl picked up the peice of lead and poised it above the paper, ready to write.
"Anyway, what will it be?" She repeated. I looked at Ray who looked at me.
"Well. We'll just stay in this room." He said, Merl nodded and held out her hand.
"Two shillings each then" She said, I was giving Ray a shocked look as he handed her the money. She thanked him and then Ray took our drinks and made his way over to a table in the corner by the window.
"Ray - have you gone mad? Lets just leave here, I did not come to England just to sit in some sleazy pub." I hissed under my breath so that no one else would hear me. Ray glared at me and took a sip of his ale.
"No I havent gone mad Gerard. The way I see it, we already had drinks and its freezing cold out side and I for one do not want to leave this warm place to go hunting for somewhere else for god knows how long. Besides, we can leave as soon as we've drank these." Ray gestured at our drinks before taking another sip of his. I stared at him for a while longer, wanting to argue but unable to. Finally I gave in and began to sip at my ale, the liquid was warm as it ran down my throat and I found myself beginning to relax. Ray started a conversation and before I knew it we were ordering more drinks and acting as if we were in any normal pub.
After a couple of hours how ever bad news struck. Merl approached us and when I looked at her I noticed that the room was almost empty, the fire had burned down to nothing but a few smoldering ashes and a lot more candles had been lit. It was only now that I noticed the pounding of the rain on the window we were sat by, and when I looked at it I could not see outside for the amount of water pouring down the glass.
"I am afraid the roads have all been flooded." Said Merl, a small smile playing on her lips. Ray and I exchanged glances before looking back at Merl. "You will have to stay here tonight, do not worry - unless you wish to share a room with one of the girls... or boys - there will be no extra charge." I looked at Ray who got to his feet.
"No no, that simply can not do. We cant stay here tonight, we will leave now before the rain makes the roads flood even more." Ray began striding across the room, I pushed past Merl and caught up with him at the hat stand as he pulled on his cape, handing me mine. We grabbed our hats and Ray opened the door, as soon as he did a strong gust of wind blew into the room - nearly knocking us off our feet. Rain soaked us and we saw the the roads were indeed flooded, the drains overflowing and murky rain water washing through the doorway and round our ankles. Merl rushed over and slammed the door shut quickly. Lifting her skirts up, clear of the water. She gave me and Ray an annoyed look as she spoke.
"Like I said. You will have to stay here tonight - Follow me and I will show you to your room." I looked at the door, wondering whether we could try to walk through the water. But I knew that was a stupid idea and so instead I followed Ray and Merl through a door beside the bar and up a narrow staircase to the floor above.

A/N: I know not much happens in this chapter but the story will get better :] Just so you know this is set in victorian england (Just in case you hadnt guessed :P) Please reveiw and let me know what you all think of it so far :]
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