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Chapter 1.

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Kinsie Williams has been best friends with the Way brothers as long as she can remember. One day she gets news that will change all of their lives forever. [Sorry, i suck at summaries.]

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Kinsie's POV;
I nervously knocked on the dark green door of the Way's house, praying Mikey wasn't at home today. Just my luck, Mikey answers. "Oh hey Kinz, what's up?" He says brightly smiling at me, giving me the feeling someone punched me in the stomach. I had to see Gerard, this was something I just couldn't tell Mikey, it would hurt him too much. "Um, Mikes, I actually need to talk to Gerard for a that alright?" That bright smile of his slowly faded, and he gave me a slightly hurt look. "Err, yeah. He's downstairs as usual, you know the way.." I wanted to reach out and hug him, and tell him everything that was going on but I just couldn't. That hurt look on Mikey's face would get about 1,000 times worse, and I couldn't take that. I quickly scrambled past my very best friend, and ran down to the basement. "Gee?" I called out as a shuffled down the stairs. "Hey kid, I'm drawing. Gimme a bit. Go talk to Mikey." He said as he drew some kind of vampire. I was on the verge of tears, him not listening wasn't really helping the cause. I sat down on his bed and just let the tears roll down my face. "Gerard..please." I said quietly and he looked over to me, his annoyed expression turning to a worried one. He quickly got up from his desk and walked over to me, putting an arm around my waist. "Kinsie, what's wrong kid?" I just sobbed and he pulled me into his lap, kissing my head. "Was it a guy? I can kick his ass if you want, it's okay." I bit my lip and shook my head 'no', like a little kid. "Gerard..I need to tell you something. You can't tell Mikey, this would hurt him too much." I blurted out, along with lots of tears. "Go ahead sugar, you can tell me anything." Gerard said as he held onto me tightly. The words just began to flow out of me quickly. "Well..I went to the doctor. I've been having bad headaches, the worst I ever have, and I've started passing out from them. The doctor said.." I took a breath, trying to choose my words carefully now. "The doctor said I have a brain tumor." There was an awkward pause. I could practically feel Gerard taking it in, feeling the pain, and it killed me. I couldn't look at him, it hurt me too much. I wanted to kill myself right there, for causing him this pain. He was like my older brother, and I was practically ripping his heart out. Finally, the pause ended, Gerard's voice pulling me back to Earth. " you have?" This was what I was dreading to reveal. I took a breath and slowly said, "6 to 9 months is all I have." Then, Gerard silently layed back on the bed, pulling me down with him. I felt his body convulsing with sobs, as mine began to do. We just stayed there crying for I don't know how long, and we slowly fell asleep, trying to forget the fucked-up world around us.

So I didn't know how to go about starting this out, so I kinda just jumped into it..was that a good idea?
This is my first story, and I'm a little nervous about showing it to people, soo yeah. XD
PleasepleasePLEASE review, and I'll put up more soon. (: ...and I'll make sure it's longer, too.
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