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How My Mistakes Made Your Heart Break.

by XxIceCreamHeadachexX 12 Reviews

Ryan broke his mirror.

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  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) infinite-oddity 2008-07-19 01:30:33 AM

    I find myself, once again, forced to follow Elle's instructions. In, out. In, out. Okay, I think I am ready for this review.

    As your beta, I know what is coming, so I am not completely surprised. But I read it all broken up in single IMs, so when it all flows together it astounds me. Never fails.

    Ry? Poor kid. Wallowing in self-pity again. Back to square one again, I assume. The broken glass, the running. Everything you can do to describe him makes me feel like I actually know Ryan Ross. And at this point in time, I really want to slap him.

    Elle? Damn, I love Elle. Okay, that sounds a bit egotistical. [for anyone beside Paige reading this, HELLO! My name is Elle. That Elle = Me] Anyway, I love her entire thing in this chapter. Her sarcasm with Nicole. AND THEN SHE IS SUCH A HO. So, yes, this was my favorite chapter.
    Although, that might be a tad bit biased.

    Helen? I loved her reaction. I love love love love loved it. Because you very rarely, or never, see that side of her. So it is really interesting.

    Overall, a beautiful piece.
    I loved it.

    ♥ Elle.

    Ps: I saved your ass so many times I am pretty much SUPAHELLE. And my powers? INVISAELLE.

    Author's response

    Ah, thank you oh-so much.

    Ryan? I am torn between emotions for the pook kid. Anger? Sympahty? Sadness? WHAT? He did cheat, but his Brendon is never going to love him, causing me to feel a tad bit sad for him, considering he was hopelessly in love with the jerk.

    Elle? No, it doesn't sound egotistical at all. I am in love with this character as well. She is UBER fun to write and I adore her sarcastic comments. :]

    Helen? Gah, I wish to give her a huge hug. Stupid Ryan. -slaps him-

    (Am I weird to feel for my fictional characters? Probably. Oh well. =/)

    Yes, yes, yes, yes. You have saved me too many times to count. Stupid internet server, always freezing on me. You have no idea how grateful I am to have you. :]

    Oh, and thank you for the review! :]
  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) eileen162 2008-07-19 01:59:26 AM

    nononononono. i thought ryan was getting less cynical!! Although this twist was very good and now i am begging for more.

    poor poor ryan. but ever poorer helen. her heart must be shattered. will ryan ever get over brendon, will he ever stop loving him???

    this is such a great story and your doing an amzing job. keep up the good work!

    xxx Tess

    Author's response

    I'm glad you thought it was a nice twist. I was fearing people wouldn't like it. :]

    Well, Ryan was getting less cynical, until he cheated on Helen and began thinking of himself as horrible once again.

    I believe in the previous chapter, I portrayed something like, "Everyone gets screwed over in the end. Ryan is doing that to Helen, concluding that everyone is horrible, including himself."

    Well, that's Ryan's thinking, anyway.

    Annnnnnnd, you'll just have to wait and find out if Ryan will ever get over Brendon. ;]

    Thank you for the review! :]
  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) webba141 2008-07-19 03:15:23 AM

    omg!! what a rollarcoaster. you sure know how to maniupulate emotions. i mean, i first felt bad for ryan and what he is going through, then happy because the awesome (really awesome) pete wentz came in, then dejected for him (stupid elle, i'll take him! hehe =]) THEN surprise brendon walks in and then i feel bad for helen!! wow, she came out of her shell running... wow, im tired. i'm not good at this, but i really liked the first section with ryans self pity, i felt really into it =) im loving this story, good work.please update soon. =]

    Author's response

    Ah, yes. It is quite a rollar coaster, isn't it? :]

    I'm surely glad to hear that you think I can write emotions well. I'm usually terrified I sound like an idiot and that nobody will even remotely have a good feel for what kind of emotions I'm trying to portray. BUT, I'm happy to hear that you think I can. :]

    Ah, yes, I do feel bad for Pete, since he was rejected by Elle. But, I'm glad someone felt surprised that Brendon walked in, causing Ryan to be like, "OMG?! WHAT IS THIS?"

    And then the sympahty for Helen comes in to play, since Ryan confessed to her and now things are OFFICALLY screwed for the poor kid. And even more so for Helen. -tear-

    I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the first section because that was my favorite part as well. The introductions usually are, though. It's where I can use descriptions and metaphors the most, in which I LOVE doing. I'm not one for much dialogue, though. =/

    Nonetheless, thank you for the amazing review!

  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) rclukins 2008-07-19 01:48:17 PM

    THAT WAS AWSOME! I friggin love this story! and THANK YOU for bringing Brendon back into the picture!

    Author's response

    Well, I'm glad you liked the chapter and that I brought Brendon back in [even if he is an ass.]

    Thank you for the review. :]
  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) iluvsmiliez 2008-07-19 05:03:11 PM

    Poor Helen. I feel so bad for her! [I like Helen's reaction the the confession, as well as infinite-oddity.]
    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan...FAIL!!
    Brendon...I'm kind of worried about him. He's confused. But I'm really pissed at the fact that he gave RYAN'S nickname to Elle.
    Elle- I seriously thought she was gonna say 'yes' to Pete. Like, seriously!!
    Pete...Is important. :)

    I loved it.

    Update soon, my love! :D


    Author's response

    Ah, I did enjoy Helen's reaction as well.
    But, Brendon isn't confused, so there really is no need to worry about him. He's just a jerk.
    And Pete, is a sweetheart and I want to give him a hug. :]

    Thank you for the review. :]
  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) MrSz-Or3o 2008-07-19 07:26:23 PM


    Loved the chapter
    it was crazy and turned and the complete opposite direction that i thought it would

    update soon

    much love

    Author's response

    Thank you for the review.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.... I think.

  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) medicatedlives 2008-07-19 11:37:50 PM

    Oh my gosh.

    I saw it coming, I really did. Do you know how many times I had to scroll up the page because my eyes kept wandering south to find out who Elle's 'boyfriend' could have been?

    And the cookie thing! Genius! You've done an amazing job at making Brendon look like a complete asshole, and that's a compliment because he's just oh-so-adorable.

    AND Ryan finally admitted it to Helen. That must have done wonders for his conscience for that spit second when he thought everything was fine. Poor poor Helen. -tear-

    I really hope they both end up miserable. They're perfect together! :]

    Excellent chapter, truly. I can't wait for the next one!

    Author's response

    Oh, darn. I wanted the whole 'Brendon-is-Elle's-boyfriend-shocker' to be a surprise. ;]

    I'm glad you enjoyed the cookie flashback. It really does pain me to write asshole Brendon, so I had to have something that made Brendon seem a little good [and adorable]

    Oh yes, poor Helen indeed. I wish to give her a hug. :'[

    I'm happy to hear that you liked the chapter. I was fearing that people would hate it.

    Thank you for the review! :]
  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) infinite-oddity 2008-07-20 08:32:27 PM


    And someone saw that coming? Well, kudos to you.
    The only reason I saw that coming was because I was told. :D

    Sorry, Paige. I just needed to get your attention. :D

    Author's response

    Thank you for this lovely review. :]
  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) xoconverse 2008-07-22 02:02:43 PM

    Oh well, i wanted to review this right after i read it, but i started reading the chapter and i had to go so i read the rest of it on my phone lol. Aw, poor Ryan and poor Helen. :(

    Oh and i thought that Brendon giving Ryan and Elle the same nickname really helped explain how Ryan would have felt. I felt so bad for him :[

    Anyways, amazing as always and I am very happy right now because I just saw you updated again so Im on my way to read that now. :]

    Great Job!! :] :]

    Author's response

    Awhe. I'm glad you had a chance to review. I was a little worried you weren't going to, but I'm happy I was proven wrong. :]

    I'm also glad to hear you liked the whole 'cookie-nickname' thing. Even if it made Brendon seem more of a jerk. :]

    Thank you for the review. I always have a big smile on my face when you do. :]
  • You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

    (#) xoconverse 2008-07-23 12:43:38 PM

    oh i know! i had to review late! i was so mad! lol no of course im going to review your story, its too amazing not to! :]

    Author's response

    Awhe, you are so sweet.
    Thank you soooooooo much. :]

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