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You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

by wheresyourheart 53 Reviews

you all know how guilty you are of these... XD

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  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) XxMyChemicalPanicsxX 2008-08-09 08:22:46 PM

    I love reading these things....I'm guilty of 8 of those, lol!

    I got links of two other lists like this one only their both 101 long so get ready to read... a lot X)
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) LoveFAI 2008-08-09 08:43:36 PM

    Ahh god. I do seventeen of those. Shit, I am such a fucking MCRgeek.

    I have like, two, but they're not very funny.

    Have you ever started noticing how whiny Spiderman is since Frankie pointed it out? cause now, I really see what he means.

    And also, if you've listened to a band, just because someone from MCR said they're cool.
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) xCherryRossx 2008-08-09 09:35:28 PM

    I practicaly do like 19 of these. Damn i'm a dork.Oh well I am obsessed with MCR and I don't really care.
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) never0kay 2008-08-09 11:11:14 PM

    You're certified a MCR fan if you love MCR. That's it...

  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) xXemoxninjaXx 2008-08-10 02:02:32 AM

    lol that is a nut shell =D

    i almost pee'd my pants laughing at "You hear one of their songs on the radio and nearly have a siezure." and then i remembered the time i almost gave this lady a heart attack in the supermarket cuz im not okay came on the radio =D

    them were the days when those weird "wannabes" were NOT around. like dude i hate people that are like "MCR ARE EMO...but i love gerard and their song about a black parade!" LIKE FUCK!

    sorry im ranting!



    Author's response

    haha its alright :)
    thats like me and my friend emily. we were on a boat and teenagers came on the radio. we started freaking out and my dad thought he like ran over a duck or something XD
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) alice93 2008-08-10 04:50:45 AM

    Pretty much all of them!
    Especially the Ray's shampoo one-and I thought I was the only one.
    And I fantasize about being in school with them!
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) XxlovefrankieroxX 2008-08-10 04:57:36 AM

    Is it bad that I got 22 of those?... Ah well, its all good :] And I have two suggestions, your obsessed with mcr if...

    You look at the clock, take back four hours to get the american time and then announce to your uncaring friends, "Gerard will currently be having breakfast."

    You sit reading reasons why your obsessed
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) Sassy 2008-08-10 06:50:42 AM

    OMG! So, so many!! lol!

    It's not a suggestion for the list as such, just me daydreaming...

    I wish Bob was my very own personal drum teacher

    Author's response

    omg! i always wish ray was my guitar teacher! hes amazing :)

    omg! i always wish ray was my guitar teacher! hes amazing :)
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) PrayerOfTheRefugee 2008-08-10 09:04:01 AM

    22, I'm so obsessed =D

    "You've stalked a Mikey Way look alike
    in Wal Mart."

    I did that before.I followed him all over the store,and he asked me why i was following him,so i said i thought he was my old neighbor and said some random apartment name and walked away when he said he never heard of them.

    Author's response

    lmfao XD
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) MyFamousLastWords 2008-08-11 12:57:35 PM

    Oh My Bobby Gee!

    I'm Not Even Going To Say How Much Im Guitly Of,Noone Would Belive Me.

    Ha Ha! Theres One I Do All The Time,Theres This CD Shop Called 'Zavvi' And Theres A Guy Who Looks The Double Of Mikey With Glasses And His brown Hair Only The 'Mikey Way-Wannbe' Has His Lip Peirced And I Stalked Him...Ima Loser!

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