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You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

by wheresyourheart 53 Reviews

you all know how guilty you are of these... XD

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  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) XxCRYSTALLINExX 2009-02-15 07:20:06 AM

    Dude, I do every single thing on this list! I should probably be more than a little worried about that, but MCR are so awesome I just don't care. And about the little kid on the baseball team... There's a kid in the year below us at school called Josh, who me and a friend call MiniMikeyWayKid. We're convinced he's Mikey's illegitimate love child. We tried to befriend him, but he just looked at us like we were mental and edged away...

    Author's response

    haha, nice. there seems to be a lot of mikey way look alikes out there...
    like the guy that I like looks exactly the way mikey did during the bullets era. but, I don't like him just because he looks like mikey (actually that's the reason I started talking to him but whatever) .
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) bob_fletch 2009-02-16 05:51:46 AM

    oww i gt like all of em besides like three (because the situation never came around) but yer i think u should add the fact that if gerard way said somthing was cool. you would go out and buy three copy's of it]
    but omg im sent this to all my mates :D this rulz yaay
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) -GuessWho- 2009-02-18 03:10:57 PM

    I got far too many of them xD Rofl! They're all so true! I once jumped up in the air yelling when teeangers came on the radio in the supermarket while I looking at avocados . The lady next to me gave me a quick look and asked if I was kay. And some of my friends can probably recite MCR songs from the amount of times I've quoted them and random quotes from Ray, Bob, Mikey, Frank and Gerard =] mwaha. What an awesome list, I somehow feel nt so aone in my obsession now
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) JustAnotherFacade 2009-02-24 10:41:16 AM

    You know Bob worked at Disneyland.

    XD I found that hilarious :3
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) xxMISSCOFFEExx 2009-02-27 08:11:50 PM

    Oh My Bobby Gee!

    I'm Not Even Going To Say How Much Im Guitly Of,Noone Would Belive Me.

    Ha Ha! Theres One I Do All The Time,Theres This CD Shop Called 'Zavvi' And Theres A Guy Who Looks The Double Of Mikey With Glasses And His brown Hair Only The 'Mikey Way-Wannbe' Has His Lip Peirced And I Stalked Him...Ima Loser!


    I've done that before, but it was in WalMart, and he didn't have a lip ring. I am also a loser.
    I have done all of them except for like...4. I am not only a loser, but also a nerd. AND IM PROUD OF IT!!!!
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) JustAnotherFacade 2009-03-01 10:50:48 AM

    XD I've done all of these. And more. :P It's fun being a fangirl :)

  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) GayFace 2009-05-04 12:39:33 PM

    hehe nice =)

    "Look at my pretty bracelets and tiara, I'm a f*ing princess" Gee

    "I'd date Gerard" Frankie

    "It's me and Gerard on the porch, talking about how Gerard's not cool!” Mikes

    "I get these urges to fuck off sometimes." Bobert

    “C'mon Frankie, you know you wanna f*ck a cow or two.” Rayrow

    Jeez Louise these guys are fucking LEGENDS!
    And yes... I do talk to myself about how INSANE Frankie is on stage and in music videos and laugh to myself.
    Is that not NORMAL?

    =) xoxExox
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) warwornlipstick 2009-05-10 01:44:03 PM

    Sosososo many of these apply to me, aahha :D

    thanks for putting this up, by the way :)
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) jlyEchelonMCRmy 2009-10-25 10:30:30 AM

    Everytime I read this more and more of them apply to me!!!

    (yes i'm so obbessed i've read it more than once!)

    jen xx
  • You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

    (#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-12-07 06:53:56 AM

    It's really funny but.. I actually don't do a lot of these things anymore..though I did at one point in time? LoL

    Oh annnnnd: OCRD is like a weird shortening of my name, Orchard L M A O!

    That't it for this morning..

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