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Darn Good Coffee

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'“Okay, just save her, please.” I was ushered out the room to see her dad walking down the hallway with his sugarbaby trailing along.'

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A/n: thanks for all the reviews again, You guys rock! (: So, here we go, I have a bit of a mental block a.t.m, we’ll get out of it soon don’t worry! Okay, Enjoy my lovelies!

Gerard’s POV
“RHIANNE! RHIANNE!” I screamed her name as the machines started to beep and flash. I knew she couldn’t respond. “RHIANNE!” suddenly a nurse rushed in.
“Look, sir, we’re going to have to ask you to leave for a minute, this is an emergency, she needs help and you’re in the way.” I couldn’t see her face; my eyes were blurred up with tears.
“No, I’m not leaving her alone; I promised I’d stay with her.”
£”You need to leave, the longer we leave this helping her the less chance she has of surviving.”
“Okay, just save her, please.” I was ushered out the room to see her dad walking down the hallway with his bitch trailing along.
“What’s happened?” His face was quizzical as he reached me, I could tell my face was messed up, I didn’t care.
“She’s gone into cardiac arrest. They’re trying to revive her now.” My voice was merely a whisper. His eyes widened at the words.
“She’s, dead?” his voice broke on the last words, you could tell he was trying to be strong but failing.
“Yes, until they revive her. But they’re going to revive her, I know it she’s strong, she can do it and....” My voice trailed off at the realisation of the fact. At the same time Mr Aaron’s penny dropped too.
“Oh my God, she’s dead? My baby girl is dead?” His knees buckled as he let out a sob, He ran to the door of Rhi’s room, opened it and screamed in. “Rhi! Wake up, I’m sorry! I-I-I” he collapsed to his knees and they shut the door again,

Soon enough a woman came walking out, she let out a weak smile.
“She’s stable, she woke up and she is quite happily talking, you can go in and see her.” Her dad eagerly stood up and rushed in, I decided to give him some space, go get a coffee.

It was darn good coffee.

A/N: Sorry it’s so short again, there may be another chapter out again tonight, maybe, if I can get one out I will. Okay, R&R! Thanks!
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