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Auditions for my new story!

by CosmicZombie 27 Reviews

i need a character for my new story to be Frank's best friend. oh, and it's gunna be a frerard xD

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  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) BlueFlare12 2011-04-14 12:26:55 PM

    your name:Hayley

    your appearance: Blue/Black Hair, Short inverted bob, medium hieght, brown eyes, very pale skin

    your style and what you tend to wear: Mixed style, can be unpredictable in style, wears alot of skinnes and hoodies, birght shoes, always has something on wrist(s)

    your likes/dislikes: Likes to play bass, eat sweet things, green tea, colours, any music that isn't just for money, Dislikes, popularity, crowded places, spicy food, being forced to do something.

    your general personality: Kind, Helpful, Shy at first then loud, strong, tends to help others more than self, can sometimes be open but at times closes up. Is very loyal

    anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character: Hates horror movies, only the gory ones though. Can sometimes annoy others even when not trying to, always wants to be part of the plan.

  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) imdisenchanted 2011-04-14 12:35:47 PM

    your name: Georgie

    your appearance: dark brown eyes, very pale skin, dark brown curly hair. kind of short.

    your style and what you tend to wear: skinny jeans, either black, tartan or bright coloured. band t-shirts or cupcake cult t-shirts or david & goliath t-shirts. hoodies. converse. red and black wrist band.

    your likes/dislikes: likes art, blogging, rock music, band merch. dislikes racist/sexism/homophobia, judgemental people. etc.

    your general personality: opinionated, generally nice. good listener. loyal.

    anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character: um. gets annoyed easily, can have weird mood swings.
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) IAmAGraveyard 2011-04-14 01:36:59 PM

    Name: Blaze

    appearance: Medium black hair with long side bangs, Olive green eyes, generally small nose, very pale smooth skin, short.

    Style and what you tend to wear: not a really specific style... Mostly punk/rock band shirts, hoodies, ripped jeans, converse or her signature purple combat boots. She Loves belts! (: Sh has her cartilage pierced on her ear.

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes: punk/rock music, art (drawing, painting, clay making ect.) playing bass, using her
    imagination, French fries, tattoos, photography, singing (even though she thinks she's not especially good, she's not bad!), snakes, cats, el caminos or basically any old-ish car (e.g. Old mustangs, vipers), horror movies, animals, kind of... Disturbing art..? I think that's how I want to describe it haha. Dislikes: jerks, being interrupted, homophobia, racism, sexism, mainstream.. Anything, bugs, being judged, her mom.

    General personality: trustworthy, has a sense of humor, optimistic for the most part, deep thinker, shy, if she's had enough of someone she'll let them know, creative, procrastinator, a lot of times never finishes things she's started (especially songs or drawings!)

    Anything else: has no sisters, only two older brothers that are average brothers. Has no dad (if you choose Blaze you can make up why if you want ), her mom and her are extremely different so they hardly understand each other.
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) IAmAGraveyard 2011-04-14 01:43:14 PM

    Oh yeah, and she doesn't like it when people take pity on her. Or when she does something (e.g. Draw something) and they say "Good job!" when they don't mean it.
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) xDinoRawrx 2011-04-14 01:56:19 PM

    your name:Jasmine/Jazz

    your appearance: shoulder-length messily-cut purply-reddish hair, greeny-brown eyes, pale,

    your style and what you tend to wear: black/red/tartan/purple/denim skinny jeans, band tees, hairbands on wrists, converse, has two earrings in each earlobe

    your likes/dislikes:
    likes: music, cats, bass, drawing, coffee, Death Note, Harry Potter, reading, fanfiction
    dislikes: being told what to do, spiders, bitches

    your general personality: quiet around strangers, loud around people she's close to, can be very moody and angry but isn't usually, acts a bit like an over-enthusiastic anime character

    anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character: vegetarian, bites people sometimes if they piss her off, swears quite a lot
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) XFrankIeroismyheroX 2011-04-14 02:12:49 PM

    your name:Nickie

    your appearance:Natural blond hair, just below shoulders and always straightend, hazel eyes much like Gerard's (hehe), I am only 5" and slender but not too thin.

    your style and what you tend to wear: Skinny jeans of bright colours of black, band t-shirts or slogan t-shirts but I also have 2 smosh ones that I love, hooodies with horns etc i like alot (the ones with faces) or band ones, my nails are always painted usually dark purple, dark blue or black. I always wear wrist bands and either converse or vans because doc martins would NOT suit me.

    your likes/dislikes: I hate the colour baby pink. I hate when people go all "OMG!!" that pisses me off for no reason and I hate people who think they know everything. I also hate the sun when its too bright.

    your general personality:I am bubbly but if something/someone gets me down I get REALLY down. I almost go mute sometimes I just get so upset. I may seem tough but I am easily hurt.

    anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character:Well if I am annoyed I'm a bitch simple as, i love getting band posters and cd's (not that, thats important) and I don't go all fangirl on people I admire/like alot. Also I'm shy unless you know me well.

    Good luck with the writing!
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) XFrankIeroismyheroX 2011-04-14 02:15:24 PM

    OhI forgot likes lol well I like it when guys have that sort of punk look to them (like me :P) Um...I like mini eggs and skittles very much and orange juice, I have a weird thing for orange juice. I have 3 glasses a day or more. Its like my guilty plessure I guess.
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) sourcandy 2011-04-14 04:25:18 PM

    Name: katt
    Appearance: dark brown hair that comes to my middle ribs, straight I guess it would be classed as the scene kid style to most people as it is very big, scarily bright blue eyes, always do my make up to look like I have cat eyes so black eyeliner with flicks, I always wear red, purple or pink lipstick, I would say I'm extremly thin but not anerexic thin if you get what I mean? Im also quite short about 5 ft
    Style and what I tend to wear: skinny jeans (mostly criminal damage bright or black), random t-shirts never baggy ones, I love wearing zip up hoodies not pull over ones, always always always wear wrist bands and bracelets that I find god knows where, big sunglasses in the summer, and random things in my hair like monster cans, haha.
    Likes/dislikes: likes, energy drinks,lemonade, flying saucers, editing photos, roller skating, skateboarding, annoying people I don't like, that perfect temperature between hot and cold but not warm, the smell of damp cardboard.
    Dislikes, the cold, and getting a tan, people I don't like annoying me, meat, homophones, people shouting, I can't cope with that
    Personality: I'm not the most put spoken person but around friends and I can be a bit hyper but I also have a really dark side to me where I can be a complete bitch to people I don't like and I tend to hold grudges, I can tend to go on a bit sometimes, i can get upset easily and I'm a bit over emotional.
    Anything else that will protray my character: I'm bisexual and I'm proud to admit that, I don't really fit in much but I guess people look up to me with in my own friends, there is a lot of people that are convinced I'm actualy a vampire at my school and refuse to even go near me, it might not help that I havent had a tan in 4 years so I'm really pale.
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) weezer-rule 2011-04-14 05:32:41 PM


    Appearance: really curly hair that is dyed green. brown eyes always with thick black eyeliner. about 5ft4 also I'm quite thin.

    Style and what you tend to wear: Black,blue,purple,red or green skinny jeans. Band t-shirts and always wear a hoody (mostly my star wars one)also I wear cons of all different colors

    Likes/Dislikes:Likes, music, my bass guitar, the rain, comics, the dark, horror movies, animals, coffee and rainbows
    dislikes really hot weather, racists, homophobes, pop music, Tom Cruise (don't know why I just have an irrational hatred for him) and frogs (they scare me so much)

    Your general personality: mostly quiet unless you rude to me or my friends, geeky, a bit of an outcast, I also get really bad mood swings.

    Anything else that will portray my character: I play bass guitar, I'm a vegetarian, my birthdays on halloween, I'm bisexual and most people at my school know nothing about me.
  • Auditions for my new story!

    (#) CosmicCollision 2011-04-14 07:32:37 PM

    your name: Nolee Marie

    your appearance: black hair down to back with neon blue tips. Straight bangs and naturally curly. Tan skin, 5'5, slender but a little curvy. Brown eyes. Lip ring. Heartagram tattoo on right wrist.

    your style and what you tend to wear: Edgy and modern. Lacey shirts, skirts, skinny jeans, band tees, cardigans, flats, sneakers, hoodies, shirts with paint splatters on them. Boots with chains on them, I have large variety in the fashion department. Color is my life :P

    your likes/dislikes: movies, rain, candy, techno/rock/Jpop/'some' hip hop music. Nature, photography, reading, writing, astrology, cats, panda bears, and dogs. dislikes : loud people, rude people, slow/crazy drivers, pop music, spiders, or any kind of bug.

    your general personality: charismatic, outgoing, fun, flirty, charming, and can be a little shy. I like to enjoy the moment and say hi to a random stranger. I don't like being depressed, so I just do whatever I can to make the most out of life even though it's hard. I can get really moody but the for the most part, I'm calm. I handle pressure well but pain...not so much. Dorky, collected, intelligent, affectionate. I love giving hugs and pulling pranks!

    anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character: Vegeterian and a serious animal rights activist. Believes in equal rights for each sexual oritentation, love is love man. A little OCD, things can't be cluttered or uneven. I also carry a sharpie with me everywhere I go. Straight edge as well.

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