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Men Are All The Same.

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Mikey opens up.

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Howdy. It's me again. With a new chapter. Oh yes. Sorry it's been a while. This chapter is a little short, and I apologize for that. Still, I hope you enjoy it! Title by The Used, that album is AMAZING. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THEIR NEW ALBUM YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

It’s kind of funny how a single thing can change your perception over somebody you’ve known practically your whole life. Until yesterday, I never realised just how angry and impulsive Mikey could be. Sure, he got upset, the whole thing with Frank and my brother last month showed that, but I didn’t realise how enraged he could get. The fact that I didn’t know this kind of scared me, because everyone knew that Mikey and I knew everything about each other. We weren’t just brothers, we were best friends. Heck, Mikey was one of my only friends.

Waiting for my mother to come and pick me up from the hospital was only bearable because Frank had opted to stay with me until she arrived. I was pretty sure I would have shit my pants were it not for Frank sitting there rubbing soothing circles into my palms and kissing my knuckles softly every so often.

But still I was scared. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t sure if seeing Mikey would make things better like it always used to. He was my muse, my brother. And now he seemed like a stranger.

We had said, long ago, that I would be the one to tell people about my rape. I wanted to be the one who could work out when I was close enough to the person to trust them with it, and not blurt it out to everyone else. I didn’t want to be a pity case, not at all. Mikey had agreed to these terms, in fact he had told me that it should be that way. So I didn’t get why he had said it to Frank.

But at the same time I was kind of glad that he had told Frank. I liked him, there was go getting out of it. I thought he was amazing, and sure he had his hard side, but he was also fucking adorable. He had helped me when there had been no-one around, he had tried to catch me when I fucking fainted, for fucks sake. I knew that I would have wimped out telling Frank about what had happened, so Mikey saying it instead of me had lifted a barrier between the two of us that I had never even knew existed.

I wasn’t really sure what the two of us were to each other. Were we going out? Friends with benefits? I sure hoped that we were a lot more than two guys hooking up, but with Frank I wasn’t really certain. All I knew was that he made me feel safe, which was fucking stupid considering how dangerous he was.

When my mother pulled up to see the two of us in the waiting room, hanging around for her. She raised an eyebrow at the two of us holding hands, and I blushed fiercely, but didn’t let go. It was only then that I realised that the two of them had never met and I stuttered out an introduction to them both. My mum’s smile widened at Frank, and she looked as happy as one could look when one of her sons had just been in hospital and the other beaten up. (I didn’t think, judging from her reaction to Frank, that Mikey had told her who had punched him twice.) Then she wandered off to the front desk to pick up the medicine I needed, leaving Frank and I to say our goodbyes.

“Thank you for staying with me.” I said to Frank quietly, who looked up and stared at me, before smiling slightly and dropping his head back down.

“You’ll be okay, yeah?” He asked, and I nodded. I would be okay… Possibly. “Can I… Can I have your number?” My eyes widened. Frank's face slowly turned a deep red, and he stammered out a “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“N… No, it’s cool. Umm… Do you have a pen?” Frank wordlessly handed me one, and I wrote my number out on his skin. It was kind of funny, I never used my phone, but I still knew the numbers off by heart. “I might not text back immediately.” I said; blushing even more than Frank was. “No-one really texts me so I don’t look at it.”

A mischievous grin grew on his face. “Well, we shall have to change that, won’t we?” he said, before darting in, kissing me soundly on the lips, and jogging out the front of the hospital. I slowly turned around to see my mum standing there with my medicine, looking lightly bemused.

“Well.” She said. “If there is anyway of seeing that your son isn’t entirely straight, I’m guessing that’s the best way.” Before she immediately changed the subject. I loved my mum sometimes.


By the time we reached the house, my fingernails were completely ruined. Mum could see that I was nervous, but she could also see I didn’t want to talk about it, so she kept silent.

As I walked inside of the house, I made my way straight to my room, with my mother fussing around me, making sure I was warm enough. I was loaded with a large mug of coffee, and a duvet, and I was about to watch a film on my crappy tv when the door opened, showing a skinny frame.

I tensed, setting down my mug on the floor by my bed and drew my legs closer to my body, creating a barrier between he two of us. As Mikey’s face caught the dim light out of the tiny window I gasped slightly. Both his eyes were a purple-black, and his nose was still swollen slightly. Mikey just smiled ruefully. “Yeah… He’s a good hitter.” Mikey sat down at the edge of my bed, and then went to move closer. As he did I flinched. I didn’t mean to, but the action was involuntary. I was scared of Mikey at that moment, and when I was scared I tried to get out as quickly as I could.

Mikey just looked hurt. “I'm sorry.” He whispered; his face a mask of sincerity. “I, so sorry I acted the way I did. Just… Shit had happened at the party, and I wasn’t thinking straight, and I can't believe I said that, and… Oh shit. I'm so sorry Gee. I love you, I really do, and when I found out you were in hospital I felt so fucking bad, you can't even imagine.” Mikey took in a deep fortifying breath. I could see the tears lining the edges of his eyes, and I felt so bad that I was the reason why they were there in the first place. I didn’t feel scared of him anymore. I just felt unhappy with him. And curious.

I held out my arms and allowed Mikey to crawl into them, which he did with a sniff and a sigh of relief. Absently, I began to stroke his straightened hair, feeling him relax under my fingers.

“Mikey… What happened? At the party, I mean.” Mikey tensed slightly, before he allowed himself to relax again.

“It’s Olivia… I was just getting some drinks, you know? And then I left her to talk to this guy who she said was a good friend, I can't remember what his name was, and when I got back…” Mikey stopped for a second to gasp in a breath and rub his eyes. I reached over to my bedside table and handed him a tissue which he took gratefully. “And then I saw the guy. With her. They were kissing Gerard. She was kissing him, and she’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh Mikey.” I said softly into his hair, curling my arms tighter around him. He wriggled further into me in response.

“And… And when I asked her why she had done it, she just started crying and saying that she couldn’t help it and it wasn’t her fault. She was fucking kissing him. Of course you can stop yourself from doing that!”

Mikey fell silent, and I just continued to hold him, alternating between reaching back to pass him a tissue every so often, and stroking his hair.

Finally, Mikey sniffled. “I'm sorry Gerard. You're ill; you shouldn’t be worrying about me.”

I sighed and pressed a kiss to the left side of his forehead. “Of course I should Mikey. I care about you more than anything else. I wanted to know what was up, that’s all. Next time though, try not to get in such a bad situation?” Mikey grimaced, but nodded anyway.

A few moments later Mikey stirred and looked up at me. “So.” He said. “You and Frank, huh?” I stiffened.

“How did you know that?” I asked. Mikey smiled briefly.

“Mum told me when she made you your coffee. I know I should be mad and shit, considering he’s a complete psycho who fucking punched me twice, but I can see now how happy he makes you. Shit, you should’ve seen your face when he opened the door to his house. I’m sorry for telling you to keep away, I shouldn’t be so protective. You have your own life.”

I smiled. “Thank you Mikey. I’m guessing you don’t want the details of how we kiss?” I asked teasingly, chuckling when Mikey went “Eww!” And hit me on the arm gently.

“Want to watch this film with me?” I asked quietly, after about five minutes of complete silence. Mikey nodded, pulling the duvet round him as I hit play.

About half way through the movie I remembered what Frank had said about texting me. Reaching over Mikey, I plucked my phone off my pillow and flipped it open, my mouth going dry in excitement at the ‘message 1’ glowing on the screen.

“Your boyfriend?” Mikey teased, and I flipped him off before opening the text from the unknown number.

Hey there handsome. How you feeling Gee? Xo read the text. I smiled, clicked the reply button and started composing a response.

I’m good. Made up with Mikey. Thank you for earlier. Xo I texted back, grin on my face.

Frank replied less than a minute later, to Mikey’s obvious amusement.

Ahh, I'm glad, you seemed really worried and shit. Tell him I'm sorry about the whole punching thing? My hand gets overactive sometimes. Xo

I snorted. Frank was amazing.

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