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Chapter 8

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Hi! So I seem to always say that 'I hope you will like this chapter' and I need to find a new word. I'm really bad with adjectives. Actually that isn't even an adjective... I don't know. Okay, just read please and perhaps(!) you will like it!!!

Chapter 8

I met up with Gerard the next day in school and things were a little awkward between us considering I had kissed his brother and he knocked me out. But after awhile we just started to talk to each other about anything really. Like we used to. It sounds like we had been friends for years but really just a few days but I know Gerard is my friend. I for gave him and he forgave me. And I liked having him as a friend. He was friendly; protective of Mikey ( which I respect completely); able to stand up for himself and we had a lot of things in common.
He told me Mikey got up today and decided to come into school even but he's still not talking apparently. I don't think he should even be in school. Everything is too much for his innocent mind and he couldn't cope with school aswell. What with the bullies taunting and the teachers hissy-fits when he forgets a copy. Especially when neither of us are around him during classes. He's usually the opposite side of the school. I can't even imagine what's going through his mind right now. Is someone hurting him or picking on him? Is he crying for help? Is he bleeding out on the bathroom floor from 50 hits too many from kids who are supposed to be his fellow classmates? And I'm helplessly sitting in Ms. Scollard's English class listening to her drone on about poets Who can't make decisions in life or who have lost a loved one and all they can wish for is the world to end. When I could be right beside Mikey making his world a better place. Yes I will think of myself to be cocky like that because I think, I know that I can make Mikey happy. Just gotta wait til this evening. 
If he can last that long... 
And if he can't then well then he may be just gone forever. Lost out of sight from the tormentors or drowned in his own pool of blood caused by the self-inflicted wounds symbolising his defeat in a battle between him and the bullies/parents, that he didn't have a choice to enter. I don't understand this thing called Life. Is it supposed to be cruel to the undeserving? It certainly is to Mikey. A boy who definitly doesn't deserve it. 
My thoughts are interrupted by the bell signalling next class. Thank... who can I thank if even the most generous person in the world is going to let life destroy Mikey Way?
Weaving through the claustrophobic corridors, smelling the sweat off the sporty jocks and the over-powering stench off of the girls body spray that they acclaim is must-have. As I stroll through the corridors, alot of the students have clear off to class and I walk as slowly as possible to maths. Then when I hear a weak cry for help and loud yelp of pain, I turn quickly into the class room I heard it from and my breathing stops as I try to take in the horrible image infront of me. 
Mikey has blood covering his face and drowning his hair from a very serious looking wound on the side of his head. Right now he is being held up against the wall by his hair by some dispicable idiot who has a small but sharp piece of glass in his hand. That's when I see his glasses are smashed to the floor. None of them have seen me yet and as the Aaron, the biggest asshole around this school, shoves the piece of glass up to Mikey's throat, I decide to stop it before anything more happens. I walk in and Mikey's eyes widen and Aaron must notice as he turns around to face me while keeping a strong hold of Mikey around his throat. 
"Let the fuck go of him before I kick the shit out of you." I threaten knowing I would be able to but not infront of Mikey. 
"I'm not fucking scared of you, Iero." He snarls back at me. 
"I'm telling you, if don't leave right now then that piece of glass will be dislodged in your throat." I really wish he would give up now before I really do have to do something myself. For Mikey's sake. 
He chuckles. "I'd love to see you try that one. Why don't you practice on Mikey?" I could see that hurt Mikey. The thought of me hurting him. That's as far as I take it with threats though. 
I pull him from Mikey and catch him off guard. I continue to drag him out the door and throw him to the ground. I place my foot on his neck a little forcefully. 
"You ever fuck with Mikey. You fuck with both Gerard and Me. And I think you understand that when Gerard is involved, you either learn your lesson or end up in hospital like the other guy   We'll keep this between you and me but I'm telling you, one more time for you and your mates and Gerard will deal with you." I threaten standing harder and harder on him until he nods and I let go. He scurries up off the ground dashing down the corridor. Although I had never seen Gerard fight with anyone, I knew he would and was well able according to Mikey. I hear a groan from the classroom and hurry in to help him. 
I see him collapsed on the ground, covered in blood and just so broken down like he knows it will never stop so what's the point on even trying. 
I kneel down beside him and wipe away the excessive blood around his swollen eye and busted lip. His head looks seriously sore not to mention he can hardly see. 
"Hey Mikes. Oh shit look at you. Do you need some glasses?" 
He nods his head and reaches for his bag which I stand up to get and search for the glasses. I take them And place them on his nose the way he likes them. I hug him just. I felt it was the only thing I could do as I saw the tears fall from his eyes. I think of Gerard who is in class probably wondering where I am. I need to get him here but how? Mikey can't walk and I can hardly leave him on his own. So I send him a text and hope he has his phone. As if ready to receive my message, he sends back a quick 'okay'. 
I looked back at Mikey who just kept his eyes shut tight. 
"Mikey, I'm sorry for everything." I say as I hold him and let him cuddle into me but he just sits still. 
He looks at me with furrowed eyebrows in a confused expression. 
"For not being able to help you when you really need it. I mean I kissed you the other day when I'm sure you really didn't want that happening. Just with everything else I don't think I should have put you under that as well." 
He looks into my eyes and I see a glint in his tear stained eyes. 
"But... B-but what if... I l-liked it?" He mewls back shocking me in complete surprise at his stuttered and nervous reply.
Gerard arrives finally and rushes to his brothers side wanting to help him. Gerard hugs him and I could see tears in his eyes as well. 
"Oh Mikey will they not just give up?" He asks himself more than Mikey really. I notice Gerard brought his bag like I told him too cause there is no way Mikey can stay here in this state. 
"We're going home, Mikey" Gerard announces. 
"Gerard, why don't ye come to mine? It's just that with everything that happened at home..." I trail off and he nods in agreement. We carry Mikey out to the car and it was like we were carrying a bird with a broken wing. He was so broken and fragile and light. We layed him down on the back seat where he fell into a sleep quickly enough. 
"Frank, will it ever really stop for him?"


I think this chapter is kind of short. I don't know really. I cant see it. But I do hope you think this was alright. Thanks for reading. Please leave a review and rate. It really helps!!!
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