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Going Down To Hagrid's

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Ginny has just broken up with Dean Thomas, and Hermione gets her to go to Hagrid's, where they find Fred and George, who have an opinion about who Ginny's next boyfriend should be.

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“Ginny…Are you okay?” Hermione asked tentatively.
Ginny made a tutting noise. “Yeah! I haven’t felt this good since Dean and I started dating! I feel great!”
“Excellent. Would you like to go down to Hagrid’s with me? I absolutely refuse to let Harry and Ron go. They have way too much homework.” Hermione asked.
“Yeah, of course. I haven’t seen Hagrid for ages.” Ginny jumped out of her chair and she and Hermione made their way down to Hagrid’s.
It was March of Hermione’s sixth year at Hogwarts, and Ginny’s fifth. Ginny had just broken up with her boyfriend, Dean Thomas, and had never felt better. Ron had also just broken up with his girlfriend, Lavender Brown. Ginny had never seen Hermione happier.
The two girls made their way through the grounds, down to Hagrid’s hut. When Hermione knocked on the door, they heard the familiar booming barks of Fang the boarhound, before Hagrid opened the door.
“Oh, hullo,” he said in a cheery voice “It’s been too long. Come on in.”
“Hey, Gin.” Came a familiar voice as she walked in. Ginny looked at the giant scrubbed wooden table. Sitting there was Professor Dumbledore, along with Fred and George.
“What’re you two doing here?” Ginny asked them.
“We came to pay Hagrid a visit. What’re you doing here?” George replied.
“Good. Now that we’ve gotten our life plans sorted out, why don’t you sit down.” Fred said to Hermione and Ginny. They both laughed and sat down.
“‘Where’re Harry and Ron? Not in detention again, are they?” Hagrid asked, preparing some tea.
“No. They’re drowning in homework, and I refused to let them come.” Hermione told him. Dumbledore smiled.
“Well, I s’pose thas better than detention.” Hagrid chuckled from the stove.
“Huh, between homework, classes, and...Other things,” Ginny said, glancing at Dumbledore “It’s a wonder Harry and Ron are able to play quidditch.”
“Harry’s really good at quidditch, isn’t he Ginny?” Hermione said, grinning.
“Yeah, sis, wonderful flier, isn’t he?” George said, also grinning.
Ginny looked at them suspiciously.
“What’re you on about?” She asked.
“Well, I don’t know, let’s see. He comes back from practices with bruises all the time because he’s been hit by bludgers. We know he doesn’t get hit by bludgers because he’s a bad flier, because he isn’t. This means that something is distracting him, and I was curious what. So, I went to a few practices, and I’ve come to this conclusion: Harry is distracted by you.” Hermione said, pointing at Ginny.
“Yeah,” Fred began “We made some observations of our own over the summer: Harry’s happiest when you’re around, and you’re happiest when he’s around.” George finished for him. Out of the corner of her eye, Ginny could see Dumbledore grinning.
“I know.” Ginny said simply, only bluffing, because she had noticed none of this.
“What?” Fred asked.
“Well, you see, I’ve grown up with six brothers. I know how boys act when they fancy someone. They get all red, and they can’t meet your eyes, and they stumble over their words, and so on. Well, that’s how Harry’s been acting lately.” Ginny explained.
“Then why the heck haven’t you done anything about it!?” Hermione said, outraged.
“I dunno. I’ve been busy with Dean haven’t I?” she said.
“Yeah, but everyone knew that one was going to blow over. But you and Harry. You and Harry are meant to be.” Said George in a mystical voice.
“Oh, and while we’re on the subject. I would greatly appreciate it if my brothers stayed out of my personal life, thank you very much!” Ginny fired up at once.
“Hey, hey. Take it easy sis. We’re just looking out for our baby sister!” George said, holding up his hands in surrender. Ginny almost retorted back, but thought better against it, and cooled down.
Ginny, Hermione, Fred, George, and Professor Dumbledore spent the rest of the afternoon at Hagrid’s, and just before Fred and George left, George whispered in her ear.
“So, when are you going to bring this Mr. Potter over for us to meet him?”
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