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Harry trains, meets two 'gods' and writes Hermione.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Harry,Hermione - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2007/11/16 - Updated: 2007/11/16 - 3452 words - Complete


  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) rtc5873 2007-11-16 04:43:27 PM

    Dr T,
    Like always a very readable story. It grabbed my interest and hung on.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Jimm 2007-11-16 05:12:54 PM

    Good chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Clell65619 2007-11-16 07:42:39 PM

    Excellent chapter. Truth be told the idea of benevolent horocrux users never occurred to me.

    Author's response

    If there is only a choice of 'good or evil', then they are good. But many are not nice, and they all have big egos

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) whatareyouevensaying 2007-11-16 08:16:15 PM

    I've seen a couple of stories in which the "good guys" used Horcruxes, but never quite like this. I'm looking forward to more.

    I hate canon Ron as much as you do, believe me, but in spite of that I find it refreshing that his lack of communication with Harry isn't due to any deliberate action on his part. I'm sure he'll either prove himself to be either a very good friend or a very poor one later on, but for now I like the way you're taking things.

    Looking forward to more.

    Author's response

    Second-year Ron is pretty clueless, the difference is, this time Harry isn't

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Jondar 2007-11-16 08:22:29 PM

    Another great chapter, T! Well done!

    Though, I think Ron's carelessness is going to have repercussions later on, though I don't know whether they're going to be bad for Ron, or Harry... :)
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Cateagle 2007-11-16 08:23:38 PM

    Now that is quite the excellent chapter. I figure there're going to be a lot of people taken rather by surprise by Harry's new level of knowledge and ability when he returns to wizarding Britain. I admit, I do like the idea of horocucii (or horocruxes, depending on how you want to butcher language ;) ) that can be used for more or less benevolent purposes; in a way that does go back to that comment in canon about there being no really light or dark magic, just power and the will to use it - though I'd add the proviso that the intent of that usage is as important as the will and power.

    I wonder if Ron's going to be put out when he accuses Harry of not writing and Harry tells him that he never responded; this will especially prove true if Harry's letters with Hermione lead to a much closer relationship there.

    It will be interesting to see, when Harry returns to Hogwarts, what the reaction of Albus is to his new lack of a horocrux; I daresay that will be a rather telling reaction.

    The training sounds intense but quite useful and, at this point, I definitely can't see Harry taking Divination in Third Year, esp. if he's had better training among his new friends.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter and the removal of the horocrux.

    Author's response

    I don't know how far the story is going, but I would think this Harry would take Creatures and Arithmancy. Since Hermione snuck in an 11th OWL (presumably Muggle Studies, after taking the subject just one year), Harry might take runes for one year, since he'll already be working at post-OWL levels by then

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Teresa 2007-11-16 09:51:54 PM the story of Osiris and Set involves a horocrux in this universe. That's an intersting way of explaning not only the rivalry between them but Osiris's survival. The correspondence between Harry and Hermione is an excellent way of showing the bond that they share. I like how you are using it to build a stronger connection through friendship, studying, and sympathy. I hope that Hermione has an oppourtunity at some point to meet Harry's teachers, I think she'd like to thank them for helping him and she'd probably love to hear their perspective on history, culture and magic. The same goes for Dobby. That's one thing that bothered me in the canon version; given Hermione's habit of research it troubled me that she's never seen asking the elves for their perspective or finding out if there were any written references on them. Of course, Ron's going to be quite put out at some of the changes in Harry, and if he thinks that he's being shown up by either of them he'll have a tantrum. I'm looking forward to seeing how Dumbledore and company deal with Harry now knowing of his new teachers and allies! But as always Dr. T you are writing an excellent and intriguing story, and I await the next chapters with pleasure!

    Author's response

    Thanks! I'm glad folks are enjoying the fic so far

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) siaru 2007-11-17 04:27:39 AM

    Hm. So the First Acolyte would be Horus, who led the first (literal) Osirian (re)Assembly... But where's Isis now? Did she wander off because Osiris was missing his Set-piece (thus cursed to be a Setter), or was Osiris re-wanded?

    Does Tutmoses have any connection to the Moses of the widely-published children-of-israel fanfic (/Grounds For Disbelief/ brews a bitter but refreshing cup)?

    I'm waiting to see if Zara and Cobra live among the Mountains of Madness. You seem to be binding in every other mythos, why not HPL?

    Harry's scheduled language-and-letters training seems incomplete without some form of Celtic and Ogham. Unless perhaps Mak is short for MacLlyr?

    This is fun!

    Author's response

    No, Tutmoses and Moses are not related (moses in various forms being a fairly common part of Egyptian names).

    Over the centuries, various tales were added to the legend of Osiris, so no Isis or Horus. As for Celtic, the Brotherhood mostly concerns itself with the Nile basin and other parts of north-west and north-central Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East over through India. The Brotherhood and Druids have very different views of the world, and generally leave each other alone and ignore each other's magic as well as ideas.


  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) PerfesserN 2007-11-17 04:43:35 AM

    Will Harry recognize that there really is no such thing as evil power, only evil intent?
    Write on!

    Author's response

    Harry does, Dumbles doesn't, though
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) sparky40sw 2007-11-17 06:12:00 AM

    Such an enjoyable story - I do like the manner in which you are weaving in the legendary figures of the old world to help Harry - since after all - they would be affected by Moldie's actions if he took over.

    Your characterization of Hermione and Ron does seem spot on as well - one a true friend, and the other fickle and thoughtless.

    thanks for the unexpectedly rapid updates - much appreciated

    Author's response

    I would say Ron is more thoughtless and self-absorbed than anything else


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