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I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

by poetictragedy 57 Reviews

not a story.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2008/06/01 - Updated: 2008/06/01 - 719 words - Complete


  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) XxCRYSTALLINExX 2008-06-01 03:36:36 PM

    Amen to that. This is an amazing peice of writing, and I agree whole-heartedly with Every. Fucking. Word.
  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) MonkeyMayhem 2008-06-01 05:03:42 PM

    Thank You!!!!! You have basically agreed with what I have been trying to say for years. I hate that My Chem get blamed for shit all the time. When my sister showed me this article that xxlovesfrankieroxx pointed out I became so upset basically reiterating all that you said.
    It is safe to say that I agree with you 100%.

    Great Job.
    Well said!
    Hold your ground!

    Again Bravo!!!
  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) mad 2008-06-01 06:24:35 PM

    I just came across this and want to say as a mother of MCR's target demographic. I have never and will never believe that this band has done anything to promote suicide or violence and in fact may have saved my son's life. And as for the emo tag it originally was emotional hardcore but became this whole sub genre that the media created to pigeon hole a style choice. It is all BS music should always be about the music and not what stereotype we can fit it in to. Yes I am over 30 and yes I listen to MCR and everything else. I listen to music for the words and the rhythm. Maybe if society in general did the same they would get the message correct.Ok I think I need to get off my soap box now sorry.
  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) ferardxXxgerarnk_tc 2008-06-01 06:26:27 PM

    Definitely moving.
    You basically spoke the words a lot of us have been trying to speak. I agree with you on every level.

    A lot of the media don't even bother to get to know the 'true fans' or the band members. They just jump to the simple conclusion that they're the cause of all the shit out in this world.

    If they would just took a little time out of their lying selfboosting egocrushing lives then perhaps they'd see just how wrong they really are.

    anyways really good post :)
    MCRmy lives on
  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) disturbedangel6 2008-06-01 06:34:35 PM

    that is like so true!!!!
    i mean i was thinking like that but when you kinda explained everything i understood what you said.
    yea like the first review about that chic that commited suicide. i was so fucken pissed off at the fact that they blame MCR. So stupid! I swear. I was having an argument with my mum the other about MCR making teens commit suicide and i won. :D
    Anyways. I'm just gonna steal this and put it on my buletin. Dont worry I'll tell them that this is written by you :D

  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) never0kay 2008-06-02 07:16:20 AM

    You know what I'm gonna say...? I'm gonna say something like, "Man you're right!" or "That's so true!" or "I totally agree with you".

    I'll just say that the comment of the others, are also my comment...

  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) RippedIntoPieces 2008-06-02 10:24:57 AM

    Hallelujah, finally someone has written about this. MCR are NOT a death cult, their music has changed SO many people's lives, so hell yeah lets do this.
    not destoys them.
    Let the MCRmy rule
  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) IeroMyHero 2008-06-04 01:06:31 PM

    Well said, dude. Well said.
  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) Crampy-is-cool 2008-06-04 02:35:04 PM

    Good job man.
    After what we talked about yesterday and all the shit in the media im about ready to scream. Nice use of a rant lol.
    We shall be talking about this further today.
    YAY! and i agree 100 percent with what you have said. You know i do.
    MCRmy :)

    hahaha i still laugh at the interview with gerard and frank and the turning 30 everytime :)
  • I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

    (#) forgottenlostsoul 2008-06-04 06:04:41 PM

    Thank you so fucking much! That is exactly what I think.
    I get so mad when I hear people calling MCR emo and freaks.
    The media is esspecially bad, maby they should listen to what people actually SAY and not something they THINK will get more attention and viewers. That is just my opppinion and evidently the oppinion of a teenager doesn't count. My Chemical Romance is full of the sweetest guys and they don't deserve the crap that people say about them. I don't undertand the term 'emo' I thought it meant 'emotional'? Is that really so bad?

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