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"As You Like It"
I happened to be in Hermann Park this week, and I was fortunate enough to catch the first dress rehearsal of the Outdoor Theatre's Summer run of this play.

The dialogue flowed SO well, and the actors/actresses were perfect for their roles! Sure, the costumes were not propery dated, but I am guessing that they were using what they had. Completely understandable.

So, now I am hopelessly in love with this play (again![always. . .]), and I am dying to see it once more on opening night with someone. It will be this Saturday. crosses fingers Maybe I will be able to locate someone to drag along.

If any of you have seen or read this play, what did you think about it? Did you read/see it for pleasure? As a school assignment? Did you hate it so much that you vowed never to attend a play again? I sure hope not. I laughed and got into the entire storyline. : D

I hope to hear from you soon. love

I studied "As You Like It" for my A Level and enjoyed it -- I didn't like quite as much as "Hamlet", the other Shakespeare play we did, but I sure as hell liked it more than "Jane Eyre". waits to be killed by C. Bronte fans

Mostly I remember how easy it was to find (deliberately) filthy innuendos in the play once we got used to the language.
Mostly I remember how easy it was to find (deliberately) filthy innuendos in the play once we got used to the language.

I know! That's what makes it so funny! Shakespeare had a naughty sense of humor. Even "Romeo and Juliet" is not exempt. If anyone doesn't believe me, just look at the Nurse's lines, a long with those of her husband. : )

I do believe that this same group is doing "Hamlet" this Summer as well. I will let you know how their version turned out.

So far, I've only technically read "As You Like It" in the guidebook "Shakespeare For Dummies". As for Romeo and Juliet, I also played the nurse, though only the fact that I was sick kept me from getting another role.
Interesting. I hadn't expected you to get the part of the Nurse because you were sick.

You really should try to find a good version of "AYLI" being performed near you. I believe that you might enjoy it.

Well, we usually get to choose our parts, unless we're not there. It's pretty much a process of chosing the part you want before someone else beats you to it. If so, good for you. If not, then suck it up and hope to get another part.
Oh, I see what you mean now. Did you enjoy the part of the Nurse?

I spologize about the delay in replying. I haven't come by the site (any sites!) in a few days. I've either beeen working or too tired to make all of my Internet rounds.
since you guys are talking about plays, i am considering trying out for "the rocky horror picture show" this year but i am a little shy. should i just forget about it?