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Dvorak keyboards
On a whim at work today, I switched my computer's keyboard settings to use the Dvorak layout. For those not familiar, the Dvorak layout is a much more efficient one, which puts commonly-used keys in the home row (more information here: http://www.mwbrooks.com/dvorak/). I'm typing this with it now, and it's taking forever. I normally get 65 words a minute, and now I'm doing about 10.

Has anyone else experimented with this, or am I just a great big nerd? Do you find it faster or more comfortable at all? If so, how long did it take to get used to the darn thing?
I'm experimenting with it right now and am actually typing this with Dvorak, but I only know of it because of this post. Been using for less than half a day. It's interesting, but slow-going so far and I tend to cut my replies short because am too lazy to type more.

Keyboard viewer helps but looking down at my physical keyboard makes me dizzy.

Dvorak is either pure evil or pure genius!
I was disturbed by becoming a 60 letter a minute typist. Also, keyboard shortcuts changed! My muscle-memory is wasted. ;_;
60 letters a minute? Aah, if I could only type as fast ;)

The keyboard shortcuts are actually harder to get used to than typing actual words. On the other hand, I never realized how much my wrists ached after a full day of typing until they _stopped_
I found this (http://www.mwbrooks.com/dvorak/layout.html) layout map to be pretty useful. SunTyger, however, ripped all the keys off her keyboard and rearranged them.

Crazy lady. ^_^
I had to stop using Dvorak at work, because it was slowing me down too much, but I've still got my home computer set up that way. Speed has only increased to about 15 words per minute with casual use. It's very strange to have to think about where each letter is again.
re: layout map
Thanks. I need to print that out but I keep forgetting to. g

re: rearranging keys
Whoa! I'll just say 'impressive!' and leave it at that

re: 15 wpm
Oooh very nice. Right now I'm at around 12wpm. There are times I'm in the zone and the words just seem to flow from my fingers, but then I hit a bad letter and start stuttering again. On the good side, I no longer have to think about every letter (the home row advantage, ahh) so backspacing no longer makes me wince.

Ditto on being too slow on Dvorak to as yet use it everywhere, although in my case, it's school and not work.

By the way, anyone else glad that the Dvorak-Q is where the QWERTY-x used to be? (And yes, I had to toggle on qwerty in order to type qwerty easily ;)) Instead of thinking 'quit', these days I just aim for 'exit'.


I almost lost this message and panicked at the thought of having to redo it. Luckily, the browser saved it (otherwise aaaaagh)
Hope I don't get killed for this but . . .
. . . wasn't Dvorak a composer? o.0
Hmmm... interesting. Can you format your computer keyboard to use this format? I didn't know that.

I think if you're used to the qwerty layout it would take a while to adapt to the dvorak layout. Your reflexes are just used to it. Similarly, I think if you get used to dvorak, you might just have difficulty getting adjusted to qwerty again.