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Where is my story?
My He-Man story "New Legacy: From the Inferno Within" has vanished. The description page is still there, but the story itself is not opening. WTF?

I got a similar problem.
I posted a story, the link:


works, but the contents are missing. I uploaded it again, with an added note appologising for it to the 175 people who viewed the story, then waited for a while for it to work.

A few hours later, and the contents are still mising, even though the word count updated to count the new author note as well.

So I'll repeat the words of thew40: WTF?

And how do I fix it?


I had the exact same problem with one of my stories, Ribbons and Lace. No matter how much I tried to put the content back, it didn't work. I had to delete it and repost it.