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The Shepherd's Sex Doll
"The Shepherd's Sex Doll" is a suspense-type film directed by Michael Stein, starring Rosanna Marquette Carlos Leal Joel Basman, and some viewers carefully organized from the Internet. After the view, I hope to help everyone.

The Sense of "The Shepherd's Sex Doll" (1): The Shepherd's Sex Doll

1. The overall feeling is still okay, it is not a bad film, it is not a waste of time, it is a normal suspense film with a moderate level.

2, the basic story is really nothing to say, "sex dolls" is nothing more than an eye-catching gimmick.

3, the two timeline cross narrative this is still very good, it is easy to get confused if you look carefully.

4, there is basically no big irrational loopholes, but it is not a good idea to use the ghost of the boy to guide the corpse. It’s boring if the suspense film is different, but fortunately, the film’s spirit is basically irrelevant to the plot.

5, I can see that the director has some thoughts on this movie. The helplessness is that the story is a bit boring, and the skill itself is not deep enough to make the film a step further. To be honest, it’s ok to make a bad movie. Really, the suspense film is still tolerant. This year, it’s not easy to make a good idea.

: This film is a standard suspense film, and there is no relationship with eroticism. Please choose whether to watch it or not.

"The Shepherd's Sex Doll" (2): Exploring the Deep Story About the real case of the shepherd's sex doll

You can take a look at other film reviews first, because I just don’t understand after reading other film reviews, I’m going to write down this article.


First, have you ever thought about why the police understood everything after seeing the rag doll on the bed?

Second, does the police know the legend of the shepherd's doll?

Third, where did the film mention that the woman is 18 years old?

Fourth, why did the retired sheriff die from a heart attack?

Fifth, why do gypsy women want to burn down the cabin? Are the three dead shepherds killed? Who was killed?

Sixth, why the Gypsy woman and her daughter are afraid of the cross.

Seventh, where did the Gypsy woman’s body go?

We started from the beginning. In 1950, a Gypsy woman got lost and boarded to the herdsmen's house. The three people who died should be a family of three, and have little to do with the legend. The Gypsy woman was seen by the priest when she went to church, raped it, and made the Gypsy woman pregnant. The Gypsy woman told the herdsmen that the herders intended to let the child give birth to the priest. The money, but the priest did not know, the Gypsy woman did not know. Later, the Gypsy woman gave birth to a woman, the herders found the priest, the priest was shocked and scared, so the priest killed three herders and burned the straw shed, and the Gypsy woman ran away with her daughter and fled and fled her daughter. The priest caught up, the Gypsy woman had to let her daughter run, and she was forced down the cliff by the priest. It is estimated that the priest's cross is the same weapon. When the priest promised the herders and asked the herders to swear to the cross, the cross was used to kill the herders. The gypsy woman saw the priest killing the herders with this, so the gypsy woman was afraid of the cross. And her daughter saw this scene, so her daughter was scared when she saw the cross. It is estimated that the daughter should be around 3 years old. She will just run and can understand the meaning of others, but she will not speak. If you don’t receive education when you are born, you can neither say nor understand. Therefore, the age of the girl should be around 28 years old. Because the daughter is the priest's own daughter after all, the priest did not kill her, but hid her, and the priest did not dare to see her, because she would remind herself of her sin. It is estimated that the priest found her body down the mountain after killing the Gypsy woman and hiding it. Or it was dragged back to the wooden house, and she began to ignite. In short, the corpse was destroyed and the disappearance was made.

Later, the police chief suddenly thought of a question that should be asked about the specific circumstances of the dead body and the relationship between the Gypsies and the dead family. Because the sheriff has assumed that the Gypsy woman is the mother of the girl, now he wants to find out who his father is? So the godfather spent money to let the male family doctor give the retired sheriff results.

The sheriff wondered why the girl knew it when she was locked up and went to see the girl, and why did he go to the retired sheriff, the priest took the opportunity to scare the girl away, and why the priest determined that the girl was the devil and used the cross to go Scared her. All of this made the sheriff have to suspect the priest, so he launched a survey of the priest. Eventually, the sheriff found a bed in the priest's secret room with a straw doll on the bed. This should be the mother of the Gypsy sewing to the little girl. Plus the same cross that I saw before with the little girl. All this determined the judgment of the sheriff, so he captured the priest. But the priest finally insisted that the girl's mother is not a human, but a ghost, because the body was not found. Because the priest knows that he cannot convict himself based solely on the inference of the sheriff. Later, the police heard about the trace of the little girl, so they immediately rushed, and the sheriff at this time already liked the girl. Later, I found that the girl really sewed three dolls as I said in the legend, and suddenly felt that the person I loved was terrible. And suspect that this girl is really a ghost. So he finally climbed down the hill to find the girl's body. But the girl grew up with the little doll for 28 years, so the friend she thought was a doll, so she made the three shepherds into dolls. Also feed them to eat and take care of them. Later, the girl found that her beloved person looked at her friend so much that she hated herself so much that she felt that she was disgusted because she was not a doll. Just like she hated the three shepherds, she jumped off the cliff and committed suicide. The sheriff also made himself a doll to accompany the sheriff. Later, the sheriff discovered the girl's body and knew that the girl loved herself deeply. She also knew that the girl was dead, and her own inference was dead. There was no evidence to the death of the priest. Moreover, everyone believed in the lie of the priest, and he had already been rebellious, and suddenly felt that he was stupid. The shot was exhausted.
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