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Anyone who enjoys drawing characters
I need a favor. I have a general vision of Oliver and Aidenn in my piece /Ten Cities/, but I can't quite think of how to convey them. That's where you come in.

I would like to ask someone with considerable skill (you dont have to be a master, but I don't want stick figures) who would mind putting my concept of these two characters into an image. It doesn't have to be grand, just something that does the characters justice.

I'll give brief descriptions of both:

Oliver is sixteen years old, but is slightly tall and thin for his age. He is an introvert, and doesn't like wild-colored clothing. His hair is long and red, falling over his eyes and often getting stuck behind his glasses. His wardrobe consists of natural, basic colors and simple cuts-- the loudest he gets is skinny jeans and camoflauge. Also, he has green eyes.

Aidenn is also sixteen years old, and is on the short and slightly chubby side. She is extremely outgoing, and her style reflects influences from eighties punk and Japanese street fashion. She has long, wavy brown hair with wild blonde streaks, and has eyes that are dark bluish grey. She is basically the opposite of Oliver.

Anyone who would be willing to do this for me would be GREATLY appreciated.