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Hey...I need help naming a story. Anyone interested?
My name on here is Cereal_junkie. I posted a story recently that I have no name for. I'm warning you all right now. To put it bluntly, it is, in fact, homosexual love. If anyone has a problem with that, deal with it because I don't want to hear it. I've heard it all my life. I just want help naming the story if anyone is interested. If you are, comment on it and give me your name suggestions there. If you do comment, and I choose a name from those, I will give the person who suggested it full credit unless you wish otherwise for some reason or another. Anyway, the story is under the title "Not titled yet." It's in the originals section. It might be easier to look up one of my other stories. I have two others in originals, one called "The Price of Sweet Survival" that has chars invented by me, my friends, and my boyfriend. The other is "The Never Ending Storm." It's just a poem I wrote awhile ago. I also have a really short fanfic that I wrote out of pure bordem one day when I had drunk nothing but coca-cola all day, and two days prior to that. It's called "Tea for two." It's a crossover between Full Metal Alchemist, and Inuyasha. It was never meant to be serious. It's just a short story. Anyway, search for any of these and click on my name. Luvs ya to anyone who pays attention to this and tries to help me out. Oh, and I also do requests. If you read my work and like it, I'll write a fic for ya if you request it. Well, I should say, I need to know the storyline somewhat if you want me to stick to it. I need to know the chars somewhat too so I can write them correctly. I'm pretty Anime, Video game, and even Manga savy, but I if I haven't heard of the Anime/Manga/Game, I'll look it up and read/watch/play it. I always love to hear about new games, manga, and anime I haven't heard of before. Or stuff that's been around that I haven't heard of. Either way though, if you read this all the way through, thank you for listening to my long winded explanation. I'm hopping to be published one day, so I'd even appreciate criticism, if it's meant to help me. Oh, and if you notice spelling errors in my work, I'm horrible at that. I know how to use words in the correct context, but I don't always spell them right. Alright pplz. Thanx again, and contact me if you want. Once again, I'm Cereal_junkie.

P.S. If you write yaoi, or just good fanfics, tell me about it. I'll be happy to read them and comment. I won't be a complete ass either. I'll tell you whether or not I liked it. If you want suggestions for anything, I'll give them too if you'll have them. ^.^
I have written some fanfics. Payment is pure shit, but The Oracle has it's good moments. and if you want a beta reader, I'm all for it.
Okay. Sounds good to me. I'll give you my yahoo addy unless you just want me to mail you on here.
Hey, I read your untitled fic, and as a fellow author, I was impressed. I left you a review too. I liked it! :)
Ummm...to let you know, Lyanvis, I didn't write anything called The Oracle. Maybe someone with a similar screen name did or something. I dunno. In any case, Payment was a rush job to begin with. I wrote it mostly because my friend wanted it, and it just sort of poured out onto the page like spilled paint. It was just..there. Anyways, thanx for reading anyway, and I look forward to writing with you. And thanx, No Leaf Frantic. It was my first shot at a story like that, so I'm glad you liked it.
Okay...I'm stupid...yeah...Lyanvis is talking about her (Assuming you are a woman...sry) fanfics, not mine. I thought she was talking about mine because I too have a story called Payment.
i have not read it yet but am intrested... but as a word of advice i would change the title...it is kinda ...weird?
It's titled that way because that's what it's about. It's a oneshot between Hiro from gravitation and an original char. The original char was necessary because I couldn't find anyone else to play the role.