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My first fic.
Enjoy folks.

Ahoy their folks. Sorry I am not allowed to speak my name. But don't worry as soon as you listen to my tale which has humor and well yaoi. So little kids and yaoi haters. There's the door. I say pointing to the door. Well enjoy the story.

It was a cold night in New York and diver Derek Cree was just finishing his job for the day when he saw a note from his boss. "Cree. A customer wants you to find some place called Bikini Bottom. So get on it or no paycheck!" A sigh was all that escaped Derek's mouth before a wave came up and knocked him into the water. "Gahhh!! Help som gugggl!" Derek muttered as he started drowning but not before he grabbed his helmet and tossed it on. "Gahh. Thank god that - oh man! Ahhhh!!!" Derek screamed as he pummeled toward the bottom of the ocean.

Meanwhile... in a certain mean octopus's house was Squidward, the underwater version of Scrooge was busying sucking at his clarinet so much he didn't notice Derek about to land headfirst into his house. "Ahh. Ever since Patrick broke up with Spongebob I have been able to play my clarinet in peace. Squidward said as he looked at his window seeing Spongebob crying and blowing bubbles in his bedroom. Boom! Went the roof of Squid's house as Derek smashed though it headfirst and was kicked out by Squidward right into the sand. "You asshole...." Derek spat as he tried to stand up but fell back down.

"Oh no!!" Spongebob yelped as he saw Derek struggling to get up. Spongebob rushed outside and helped Derek up only to moan when Derek accidentally gripped his well manhood. "Uh dude did you just moan?" Derek asked, dumbfounded. "No. Of course not!!! Dahhhhaahh!! Well my names Spongbob. Whats yours?" Spongebob asked trying to change the subject from his moan.

" Coulda sworn I heard ya moan but oh well. Name's Derek Cree." Derek whispered as he looked at Spongebob with lust but he didn't notice. "Well you look hurt. Come inside." Spongebob said ponting to his house. "Sure." Derek said as he walked with Spongebob inside.

Two hours later.... Derek was shown sleeping with bandages on his chest and Spongebob looking over him with lust. "Wow such a great body. I wonder why he keeps it hidden from the world. "Spongebob said as he stood over Derek with his shirt removed and straddling Derek's chest. "Wow he sure is a deep sleeper. Yelp!!" Spongebob yelped as he felt two arms grip his nipples. " Now you naughty boy you, you know I am hurt. I might just have to punish you." Derek said with lust written all over his face. "Oh please Derek punish me." Spongebob said as Derek rubbed one nipple and sucked on a another one.

"No problem Spongy my pal." Derek said as he removed the blanket showing he was only wearing his boxers. "Hahha. I see your little friend has joined us." Derek said pointing to Sponge's boner. Sponge just blushed and started making out with Derek.

All the while Spongebob was sneaking his hand into Derek's boxers and rubbing his erection. "Oh Spongebob....." Derek moaned as Spongebob smiled and removed his boxers and Derek's. "Hah. You think your gonna be on top. Think again Spongy."Derek said as he flipped Spongebob over and shoved his erection into his hole. "Ohhh Derek... fuck me please..." Spongebob moaned as Derek smacked his ass and kept shoving deeper and deeper till... "DEREK!!!"! Spongebob roared as cummed all over the floor and Derek cumming on Spongebob's ass.

They both sighed and looked at each other with happiness in their eyes and they knew they had a friend forever in each other. Well I hoped you enjoyed the story and the yaoi. Well review and read folks! Bye!
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