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Put yourself in their shoes
There have been a few issues with the site lately and some people are getting quite angry and vocal, and I understand that some of the issues are annoying, but can I ask people to think about how they phrase their complaints, please?

I am not involved in the upkeep of this site at all, neither do I know the webmasters, but this is a free site with no adverts, so they clearly don't make any money from it.

Think about it - if you offered a FREE service and only received angry complaints about it, would you be bothered to carry on? I doubt it!

If there's a problem, a polite email or post is more likely to get a response than an angry one. It's not as if you're paying for this.

Now, I know I'll probably get some nasty replies to this post, but, to paraphrase Bob (and some of you will know who I mean), 'If I only reach one person, then it's worth it.'

I was wondering if the site was still being actively run. Maybe it's not, but I think you may be right. I'd have got fed up a long time ago.
It's almost as if some (and I stress 'some') people have forgotten how to just ask for things. I've had the same thing in one of the places I worked - people angrily demanding to know why something wasn't working and the fact is, if we're not told something is going wrong, we don't know. It's not like we run a diagnostic every day.

On the occasions In the past that I've contacted the administrators, things seemed to get sorted. But that was a while back.

If they have given up, I'm not surprised either.