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Harry Potter story idea
Ok so this is a MADE UP person. I know oh my god a made up person no no no well this ones different
it's about Lilith who's Pansy Parkison's sister. She has been away in France for the past years were she was visting her aunt and her dad who's a death eater whos been teaching her some things. One day her aunt walks in on that and moves Lilith and herself back to England, thinking it will keep Lilith and her dad apart. How wrong she was. Now that Lilith's back her dad has a job for her to do at Hogwarts that involves Harry Potter. On top of dealing with this task, family issues(mostly fights with her sister and aunt), school work, and the normal trobles of a 16 year old girl Lilith realizes that she's starting to fall for her sister's boyfriend Draco Malfoy, who is dealing with some issues of his own.
Now that she's back at Hogwarts things are going to change. Everyone thinks it's odd that she being a Syltheren talks to Harry. But that's not the least of her issues. Latly Draco's been on her mind. Dating him wouldn't be a promlom if it weren't for a few things. One he's dating her sister, two his dad isn't too fond of her and would most likly disinherrit him for dating her, and three Lilith has more important matters then dating to deal with
Let me know what you guys think of this idea
Let me know what you think in a review. I already started the story but I would like to know what people think. I know it starts out slow but that's because it's going to be reallyy long