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As you may, possibly, have noticed, I've been completely ignoring FicWad for a while now, and some things have gone unfixed.

The biggest problem is that email-sending died a while ago, so no-one was getting signup emails or new passwords or whatnot. Turns out that this was because FicWad's hosting provider accidentally disabled the email account in question during some sort of maintenance. I've fixed that, and the backed up email queue is getting processed.

The problem with "everything is getting sent back out" is that there's a big backlog. If you signed up and then asked for a new password because you never got your password email... you'll get the signup email, and then (later) the actual working password.

I'm sorry about that. It may take a few days, but eventually everything will show up, and you'll be in possession of the correct account details.
Great to see you back
i've never been happier seeing dozens of identical mails with new passwords! finally i can browse this site again! great to have u back!
Glad to see you back.
There's been a lot of concern expressed about Ficwad in the various fanfic-oriented Yahoo!groups such as CaerAzkaban. If you've browsed the recent posts in the HarryPotter section, you've no doubt seen that, while there are partial replacements and backups for the site, none are adequately provisioned or positioned to replace it in full. Ficwad is a needed resource for the fanfiction community.

You might want to think about recruiting a codebase cabal to help you work out the bugs and dissatisfactions in the Ficwad code; that, or perhaps open-source the code outright. Either way, you'll have the benefit of having people who care about the code, because they care about the site, applying "many eyeballs" to the codebase's remaining problems.

You might also want to think about recruiting a few admins to help you stay on top of things. That way, when your attention is diverted from the site, it's still being looked after, which has to be a load off your mind. Nobody says you're not allowed to have a life, after all.
Holy crap.. you live!
I know we were all suprised when you went ahead and renewed the DNS registration for Ficwad, we were all expecting it to dissapear when the paid period was up, and no one could figure out how to renew it for you. And then suddenly, it was still around.

Good to see you Kemayo.
you made a whole lot of people happy today when these messages started showing up out of the blue. im one of them.
I finally know whenI get reviews, instead of coming to the site all the time, I know more is still to come. :D
good news! =)
I just got an email from FicWad for the first time in 16 months. Okay, it's the second email I ever got from FicWad (the first being the registration notification), but that's besides the point.

Anyway it's good to see you back, David, even if it's only to fix some bugs and then disappear again. It was a disappointment to see the site gradually getting more and more broken, and what used to be a healthy user-base abandoning it over time. May not be the prettiest or most fully-functional fiction site in the world, but it's a well-respected one that fills a niche to a certain extent, and it would've been sad to see it fall into disuse.

@siaru: Thing with recruiting an admin or two is the admin codebase is likely an all-or-nothing deal as-is, and you have to really trust the person you put in if that's the case. Either that or re-code it. More power you give someone, more likely they'll abuse it, and it may take a fair bit of work on the admin code to mitigate that happening.

Open-sourcing the code is a nice idea, but then again it only allows you to troubleshoot bugs in the code (the email issue wouldn't come under that), and it also increases the possibility of security holes being found and exploited.

...that and it's really old code. I'm not sure I'd like people looking at the horrible stuff I typed out back in the day myself >_>
Thanks for sorting out the alearts mate, now all you have to do is sort out the log in problem. I don't know if others got this problem, but when I click on remember me, once I turn of the computer or leave the site for a long time, it dosen't stay log on when I return